One day, Paramasivan along with Parvathi , were passing by on their vahanam on the sky. When their shadow was about to touch Thirumazhisai AzhwAr, (AzhwAr an advanced sidha purusha) who was  on some work  notices , he moves away. Noticing this PArvathi requeats Paramasivanar that they should go and meet him. Paramasivan hesitates .He informs Paravathi that Azhwar is a great soul and devotee of SrimanNarayana and he will simply ignore them.



However , Parvathi insists that she wants to go down and meet him and hesitatingly , Paramasivan obliges. AzhwAr does not even bother to look at him as he is trance with Harivibhuthee. .

Paramasivan asks AzhwAr “How can he ignore them , when they are right next to  him ?”. AzhwAr offers his Pranaams and replies “ Adiyen has  nothing to ask you” except Haribhakthi .  Parameshwaran replies “We want to give you some benediction”.
AzhwAr says “I dont want anything from you”. But Paramasivan insists and advises “My visit will be wasted, you may ask for whatever you desire”. AzhwAr with a smile says “Can you give me mOksham?”. rudhran says “I have no authority to give that. Only srIman nArAyaNan can give that”. AzhwAr then asks “Can you postpone the death of some one?” for which Siva replies “That is based on the individual’s karmA. I have no control over that”. AzhwAr then shows a needle and thread and asks rudhran sarcastically “Can you send this thread into the needle?”.



Paramasivan becomes very angry and declares that he will burn him down like he burnt kAma dhEvan. He opens his 3rd eye and fire starts flowing from there. AzhwAr also opens his 3rd eye from his right toe in retaliation meditating on SrimanNarayana and great fire flows from there too. Sivan unable to bear the heat of that fire from AzhwAr’s thiruvadi, at once surrenders to srIman nArAyaNan, and all the dhEvas, rishis, etc also approach Perumal and request him to stop the chaos. LORD , immediately orders the praLaya clouds to bring a great rain and when they ask if they have the power to subside AzhwAr’s fire, emperumAn says he will give them the power.

A great flood gets formed after subsiding the fire, and AzhwAr being fixed on LORD continues his meditation without any disturbance. Paramasivan being amazed at AzhwAr’s nishtai gives him the title “bhakthisArar”, glorifies him and explains to parvathi that “dhurvAsar was punished for his apachAram to ambarIshan. So, bhAgavathas cannot be defeated” and leaves to his place.
Its always a pure devotee who wins by his bhakthee and Lord always proves this repeatedly that HIS bhaktha is dearest to HIM .

Bhakthisarar Thiruvadigale sharanam

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Thank you very much for your valuable time reading the divine pastime. Please let us know your opinion for any improvements .kazhiyur varadan

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