Swamy Ananthazhvan  with the instructions of Jagatha Acharyar Swamy Ramanujar had taken the task of serving Lord Venkateshwara at Tirumala .


His Acharyar bhakthi was well noticed .His fame spread far and wide to the southern parts of India for his Acharya bhakthi in moving to Tirumala and serving the LORDSHIPS with pure devotion during those olden days .

Many Srivaishnava disciples were keen to meet him and to get his blessings. Hence they undertook a pilgrimage to the seven Hills from Srirangam .


On their way, they were taken care by of a chieftain by name Valarttan Mangalamudaiyan in a village of the same name.

vvvHe was pious and charitable and endowed with material prosperity. After serving prasada looking at their devotion to LORD the chieftain started following them to Tirumala . He begged them to allow to join them and take blessings of the mahaan Swami Anathazhwan.

They did not respond to him immediately. However out of affection they allowed him to join them . The vaishnava disciples called him as Srivaishnava dasar due to his pure devotion to the bhagavathas. All of them went up the Hills and prostrated before Swami Ananthalvan .



The chieftain also followed praying for the Acharyars katakshaam. And when he was looking at the Tejas of swamin sincerely prayed to LORD , May I become his disciple and serve him to be blessed by the LORD .

He requested his vaishnava disciples to request swami to accept him as disciple .

They pleaded swami to accept the chieftain for doing some service as pleaded by him .


Pleased with his devotion ,and the keen desire to be his disciple, Ananthalvan told him that he could not be given upadesa (the teaching from the Acharya to the disciple) because that was given only to those who had conquered the five senses and one who had controlled the mind.

The Srivaishnavas who brought him to Swami Ananthalvan pleaded with him to take him as a disciple pointing out how he did service to the Vaishnavite community.


There was none else who was fit enough to be the acharya for such dedicated person . They explained that they did not respond to his entreaties all the time because they felt Swamy Ananthalvan alone could decide on the matter. Ananthalvan relented and took the chieftain aside.

He told him that if he wanted to be his disciple and take upadesa, he should forego all his materials wealth in favour of the servants of God and ensure that the income and wealth were utilised only for such pious purposes.


If he were to do that, he would accept . The disciple left home and sold all the property by himself and gave one part to his mother and one part to his father.

He considered the rest as his own and returned to Thirumala Hills with the same . He surrendered the wealth at the lotus feet of Ananthalvan.

Swami Ananthalvan blessed and appreciated him for keeping up his word remembering the promise made at the time of becoming a disciple.


But then Srivaishnavadasa reminded Ananthalvan that his part of the bargain alone had been completed and that that Ananthalvan should bless him to get the grace of the Lord as he himself had received in abundance from the Lord. This was the second part of the deal.


Ananthalvan agreed and took him to sanctum sanctorum of Lord Srinivasa.

He surrendered all the wealth , gold and silver brought by Srivaishnavadasa at the Lotus Feet of the Lord and told the Lord how, on his advice, Srivaishnavadasa had agreed to spend his wealth in the service of God and the devotees.

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He also explained that Srivaishnavadasa was to get in return the Grace of God. Ananthalvan reminded the Lord about the Charama Sloka in the Gita.


Sarva dharman parityajya Mam ekam saranam vraja Aham tva sarva papebhyo Moksayisyami ma sucah” (Surrender all your Dharmas unto me. Come to me with utter faith. I am here to take care of you) Ananthalvan prayed that the Lord should bless Srivaishnavadasa as per the promise “ma sucah” ..

The Lord obliged to Ananthalvan. After honouring him with Thirtha and Srisathakopa the Lord promised that , Srivaishnavadasa would reach Paramapada. Both were thrilled at the benediction of the Lord Srivaishnava dasa returned with Ananthalvan to his abode immediately pleased at the turn of events. Ananthalvan taught him all the had come for him to ascend paramapada.


Supremely happy, he prostrated before the Lord saying that he desired to be the sole of His sacred Feet and heard the Lord declaring

‘Nayami Paramam Gatim’(I take you to the Highest State)


Thus Srivaishnavadasa came to receive the Grace of the Lord because of his being a disciple of Swami Ananthalvan. A few days later, the Lord’s grace was to be bestowed on Srivaishnavadasar. The time was propitious Srivaishnavadasa had attained all the qualities necessary for Mukthi.

At a festival time, the Lord was in procession along the Four Mada Streets. From his abode, Swami Ananthalvan along with Srivaishnavadasa emerged to worship the Lord .


Deeply immersed in LORDS holy feet he left his mortal coils .

Swamy Ananthalvan was wondering at the extreme Daya (Audaryam) of the Lord and

……………………..TRUE !!

Dayasatakam by Swami Desikar on LORD VENKATESHWARA expounds this truth . He performed the Caramakainkarya for Srivaishnavadasa.


Swami Anathazhwar Thiruvadigale sharanam
Srivaishnavadasar Thiruvadigale sharanam


Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

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  1. Sapthabadri Yatra details was a treatise by itself. It was very thrilling. I had been to Bhadrinath temple twice but not to other six. The write up with the videos and snaps has given me the glimpses of the other six temples which has satisfied me. A DVD of the Saptha Bhadri travelogue with dialogue, snaps and video priced suitably would be great treat for many of us. Many thanks to you. Adiyen Veeraraghavan

    1. Adiyen Ramanuja dasan .. Its Sri BhadriNarayana ‘s abundant mercy .Adiyen is just an instrument .All glories to LORD . Planning to make a DVD for all the 106 Vaishnava divyadesams anubhavam .With pranaams .

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