Kazhiyur Adhikesava Perumal Vaibhavam

  Kazhiyur village is located near Cheyyar in North Arcot district  about 81 km  towards east of Thiruvannamalai and about 103 KM from Chennai . Almost  130 years ago  Sri vaishnavaite Aiyyangars  migrated from Mannargudi another holy place in Tanjavur and came to settle down in this village. It is said that a plague like epidemic made … Continue reading Kazhiyur Adhikesava Perumal Vaibhavam

“Neer Veesiner, Naan Pessinen”..Swamy Thirukachi nambhigal vaibhavam

Swamy Thirukachi nambhigal while continuing his fanning service to Lord Sri Varadaraja Perumal his aalavattam (fan) slipped and fell on Lord. Thirukachi Nambhigal immediately realized that the time for him to leave this materialistic world had come. Nambhigal requests Perumal to grant him Moksham. Lord Varadaraja Perumal says that granting Moksham to Thirukachi Nambhigal is … Continue reading “Neer Veesiner, Naan Pessinen”..Swamy Thirukachi nambhigal vaibhavam