Soon after hearing the whereabouts of Mother Sita from Hanumanji ,  Lord Sri Rama marches from Kishkindha(Hampi) towards  Lanka along with Vanara army and reaches the sea shore at Thirupullani in Tamilnadu.  Looking at the ocean , Lord Rama decides to summon Samudrarajan  ( the king of the sea ) to pave way for HIS army .


Lord Rama  like any ordinary human being  submits a prayer to Samudrarajan . Lord Rama  further  sitting on dharbam ( kusa grass )  fasts  for three days to invoke  Samudraraja’s  attention.

thiruppulanee v

However , Samudrarajan puffed up with ego does  not  turn up . Lord  Rama decides to teach Samudrarajan a lesson and takes a sankalpam to dry up the ocean with HIS  mighty kodhandam.

jai sree ram

Samudrarajan  noticing LORDs   mood  repents for his folly and seeks forgiveness and pleads  LORD  Rama to build a bridge with rocks over the sea waters. (NASA has proved the existence of a bridge from SEthukarai) The ever compassionate  Lord  Rama who is a “saranagatha vatsalan” forgives him but as the arrow cannot go waste,  Lord Rama aims at Samudrarajan’s enemies at Durmagulayam on the North-western part of India at present day  “Rajasthan”  on Samudrarajan’s request and destroys them. That place got dried up immediately and is the present day can be seen as  Thar desert.

jai jai jai

Geological Survey of India during their recent excavations have proved the presence of rock salt in huge quantities. This is the evidence that water body existed at that place. It is a coincidence that nuclear scientists have chosen this place for conducting Nuclear Tests .

jai j
Jai Sree Ram

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