The great devotee of LORD NARASINGHA ” Swamy Annavilappan”

Lord SrimanNarayana out of abundant mercy sent Azhwars who appeared at different parts of South India during kaliyuga to spread Srivaishanvism and steadfast faith and devotion to Lord for their own up liftment .


They expressed their divine experience of Lord and His glorious kalyanagunas in their mystic outpourings in chaste Tamil language which are collectively known as “Nalayira Divya Prabandham”.


The divine pasurams (songs) contain rich philosophical and religious thoughts drawn from the Upanishads and Ithihasa Puranas. They cover all the essential teachings of Sri Vaishnavism and thus made a very great contribution for further development by our Poorvacharyas like Sriman Nathamunigal, Sri Yamunacharya, Swami Ramanuja and other revered acharyas who came after the Azhwars.


Swami Ramanuja made the most significant contribution to the development and propagation of the Visishtadvaita philosophy .

Swami Ramanuja systematized the system of thought of Srivaishnavism religion and the Azhwar’s pasurams to propagate among the masses.


Swami had thus established the Seventy Four (74) Simhasanadhipathis all over.


Swami also initiated in touring extensively all throughout the country visiting all the Srivaishnava Divya Desams where the presiding deities were praised by our Azhwars.


The foremost among the Seventy Four Simhasanadhipathis instituted by Swami Ramanuja was Vadhulakula Tilaka Swamy Mudaliyandan , the priya Bagineyar (nephew ) of Swami Ramanuja.


Swami Appachiaranna was the direct descendant of Swami Mudaliyandan and occupies the nineth (9) position in the order. Swami Appachiaranna was addressed by Swami Manavala Mamunigal as “Nam Appachiarannao” .

It is said that swami Mamunigal gave him Sri Ramanujas Thirukkaipathram ( vessel ) to make two similar vigrahas ( idols ) of Mamunigal, one for the worship of Sri Appachiaranna Swamy himself and the other for Sri Vanamamalai Jeer Swami, the acharya of Sri Appachiaranna.


Sri Manavala Mamunigal also gave Appachiaranna the idol of

Ennai Dheemanam Keduthar” ) worshipped by Sri Atkondavilli Jeer.


As directed by Swami Manaval Mamunigal, Appachiaranna lived at Kancheepuram in the Thirumaligai of Kandhadai Thozhapper performing Nithya Thiruvaradhanam to Lord “Sri Azhaithu Vazhvithavar” one among the shad bheras of Kanchi Perarulalan Perumal .

Check this post appended about Swamy Appacharianna ..

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In the foot steps of Swami Ramanuja, Appachiaranna also spent his life time doing the Salaikinaru Kanikaryam ( The well from where water was taken for worshipping LORD VARADARAJA in Kancheepuram ) for the thirumanjanam of Perarulalan and Perundevi Thayar.


Swamy Appachiaranna Swami, the nineth descendant in the Vadhula race was sincerely serving Kancheepuram LORD VARADARAJA as per his Acharyars directions .


Swami Annavilappan , Thirukumarar (son ) of Appachiaranna Swami had a divine dream. The Lord of Singaperumal Koil Pataladhri Narasimha, appeared in the dream of Swami Annavilappan and ordered him to set right his abode at … Narasimha Vinnagaram…which was submerged in the sand dumes in the past ….


His abode which was covered under sand dunes and establish a place with agraharam and kainkaryaparas and to live ever in His Service.


Accordingly, Swami Annavilappan followed the divine order and lived his full life time in the service of the Lord of Singaperumal Koil

The present “Singaperumal Koil” was built during 8th century by the kings, Mahendra Varman and Narasimha Varman.


It was known as “Narasimha Vinnagaram” in those days, and belonged to Chengundram Village. Later the temple was eroded by sand.

Swami Annavilappan renovated this temple in later 15th century and established it to be the most visited temple by devotees .


The appearance day of this great Acharyar Swami Anavillapan is celebrated in a grand way at Singaperumal koil at chennai


The great acharya Swami Annavilappan’s Thirumasikettai Thirunakshatra Mahotsavam is celebrated in a grand way at Singaperumal Koil at Chennai during the tamil month of Maasi , Feb- March . Today March 6th 2021 is the appearance day of our Swamy .

Singaperumal Koil is about 25 kms from Tambaram and the temple is just 100 meters off the GST Road.

jai narasinghak
Jai Jai Narasimha

Sri Annavillappan Swami Thiru Avathara Mahotsavam (Maasi Kettai) is celebrated at Sri Mudaliandan Swami Thirumaligai (Singaperumal Koil) in a grand way.

Thiru Maasi kettai Satrumurai will be celebrated on March 6 2021


Swamy Annavillappan Swami Thanian ( Glorification )

Vaadhoola Varadhacharya krupaapoorna manoratham |

Shri venkata gurum vandhe sheelathi guna saagaram ||

Devotees interested in participating in the seva may

Contribute by M.O/D.D/Cheque to the below address

In favor of “Sri Dasarathy Trust”,

Sri Mudaliandan Swami Thirumaligai,

4/345, Sannadhi Street,

Singaperumal Koil (near Chengalpet),

Kancheepuram District,

Pin Code – 603 204

jai sree ram


Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

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