Lord Rama and the little Frog

It was the time when LORD RAMA was on the shores of the Indian ocean during the preparations for the cross-over to Lanka . Having supervised the bridge construction for long time , LORD wanted to take some rest. Hence He removed His bows and arrows from His shoulders, dropped them on the ground and lay Himself for some time. Later ,when He got up and took his bows and arrows from the ground, He was shocked to see some blood on the tip of one of His arrows.


The Ocean of Compassion that LORD was, HE immediately knelt down on the shore to find the source of the blood. He found to his sadness a small frog in great pain, with blood oozing out from its back and with its tearful eyes looking at the form of LORD Rama.


There upon the Ocean of Mercy asked, ” My dear , I am extremely sorry to have caused you this pain unknowingly. May you please excuse Me. But why is it that you did not cry out immediately when My arrow fell on your back? I could have immediately removed your suffering.” The little frog said “LORD whenever I am afflicted by the threefold suffering that is natural to all embodied beings in Samsara, I am used to crying out to you
as ‘Hey Rama, Ocean of Compassion, Refuge of the refuge less’.

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When the arrow dropped on my back, I was about to cry out in the same manner when I chanced to look up to see what had hit me. But when I found that it was You who had inflicted upon me this suffering, I took Your arrow-hit as Your prasadam and silently withstood the


Moved on hearing the response of the frog, the sole Refuge of   the Universe found tears welling up in His eyes. And with His  sin-destroying hands He caressed the back of the frog with great  affection just as He had caressed Prahlada eons back…..

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For a frog LORD was so compassionate , and just imagine for humans how our LORD feels for us .. Its unconditional love to HIM that works magic …

Just keep chanting the HOLY NAME always

Jai Jai Sree Ram

Adapted from a mahant’s discourse