Oh ! Rama…. How tasty is your name? Bhaktha Ramdas relishes in his kirtan

O Rama nee naama memi ruchira!
One of his compositions



O,Rama Ninamamu Emi Ruchira ,Enta Ruchira?
( O Rama How tasty your name?)
O Rama nee naama memi ruchira
O Rama, how tasty your name is
Sri Rama nee naama mentha ruchira


Sri Rama, how delicious your name is
Madhu rasamula kante dadhi ghruthamula kante adhikamou
It is sweeter than nectar and sweeter than yoghurt or ghee
nee namam emi ruchira
Your name is so tasty
Draksha phalamula kanna ikshu rasamula kanna


It is tastier than grapes and tastier than sugar cane juice
Pakshi vahana nee namam emi ruchira
O lord who rides on an eagle (Garuda), you name is so tasty
Anjana thanaya hruth kanja dalamulandu ranjillu
O Rama, your name resides in the petals of a lotus flower which is the heart of Lord Hanuman who is the son of Anjani
nee namam emi ruchira
Your name is so tasty
Sada sividu madi sada bhajinchedi Sadanamdamagu


Parama Shiva chants your name all the time, chanting your name gives happiness all the time namam emi ruchira
Your name is so tasty
Saramuleni samsaramunaku Shanthakaramagu
To this flavourless life, your name gives peace namam emi ruchira
Your name is very tasty
Sarananna janamula saraguna rakshimchu
You come straight away to protect people who ask for your help
Birudu kaligina namam emi ruchira


That is what your title is and your name is so tasty
Kari raja Prahlada Dharanija Vibhishanula kachina
Kari raja (Gajendra), Prahlada and Goddess Sita who is the daughter of goddess earth were saved by saying your name
nee namam emi ruchira
your name is very tasty
Kadali Kharjura phala rasamula kadhikamu



Your name is tastier than the fruit juices of banana and dates
pathitha pavana nee namam emi ruchira
You save people who are unfortunate (or unlucky). Your name is very tasty.
Thumburu Naradulu dambu meeraga
Sages like Thumburu and Narada very proudly
ganambu chesedi nee namam emi ruchira
sing your name(or sing your stories). Your name is very tasty.
Araya Bhdrachala Sri Ramadasuni prema nelina
O Rama, you looked after Bhadrachala Ramadasu with affection
namam emi ruchira
Your name is very tasty.


Most of   the Bhakta  Ramadas’ moving kirtans were penned during the twelve years  he spent in the lonely  prison cell.  Ramadas sings, “Deenadayalo! Deenadayalo! Deenadayaapara Deva Dayalo!” — Oh! Compassionate one! Oh! compassionate One! — At the time when he has been imprisoned by the Nizam…….

. Ramadas sings this Kirtan calling his Prabhu Rama as a Compassionate one. The hot sun is like the furnace — bound inside the prison cell — he had been whipped severely — he lived for 12 long years in this jail all alone — living in that cell one cannot know if it was day or night —


It was then that he sang, ‘Oh! Compassionate one! Oh! Compassionate one!’

What deep love (‘priyam’) must he have possessed for Rama?

He built the temple for Rama.

But he was imprisoned and whipped frequently.

And he sang, ‘Oh! Rama! I cannot bear Your Grace!’ — ‘Deenadayalo! Deenadayalo!’

 The depth of his worship is seen in that with his fingernails he has carved on the rocky wall of the prison the form of Lord Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman.

He started  worshipping these deities . The prison is still to be seen in Golconda (near Hyderabad) and one gets to see this carving of Ramadas even today!

Ramadas has written about 16000 Kritis on Lord Rama though what we know and sing is much less.

All the 16000 Kritis of Ramadas have been painted on wooden boards and hung on the marble walls in a ‘dhyana mandap’ built by the Government in memory of the great Rama Bhakta.


At the entrance of this mandap is a big statute of Ramadas in the attire of a Diwan while outside on top of the entrance wall is a small statue as the humble servant of the Lord!



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Jai Jai Sree Sita Rama
Adiyen Ramanuja dasan


4 thoughts on “Oh ! Rama…. How tasty is your name? Bhaktha Ramdas relishes in his kirtan

  1. Hari Om!
    Fast food, rich delicacies, amirtha sagaram, dishes that taste different – what not to call – RAMA NAMA – Bakta Ramdas converted his pains to Raman Nama – Example for us to pursue. So Varadan, You have provided delicious dishes – In return all Adiyen can offer is my Dasan’s – RAMANUJAYA NAMAHA!
    Ramanuja dasan – Jai Sriman Narayana!

  2. The depth of his worship is seen in that with his fingernails he has carved on the rocky wall of the prison the form of Lord Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman. He started worshiping these deities . It really shows his pure Bakthi towards Rama. Rama Bakthi can be only felt by oneself and it can not make others to feel like that it unless they should also have some Bakthi towards Rama.
    Jai Sriram
    Sita Ram. Janaki Ram, Jai Jai Ram.

  3. Thanks for sharing it. Definitely when we call, sing, chant his name “Rama”it will not only tasty but also more sweeter than anything else, I am used to calling my husband Ram, Ram, he would ask me why you are telling my name, I would say that by calling your name, I would get some virtue, since my lovable god name also Ram, so don’t feel that I am calling your,

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