I have no place; no properties; no relatives; none other than you O LOrd ….

I have no place; no properties; no relatives; none other than you; I know only your Lotus feet; O Lord of Blue hued sky colour! You only are my refuge. Can you not hear my cries? Is there any one else to save me except you?”……………………..

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The  foremost devotee of LORD RANGANATHA  perumal of Srirangam was Vipra Narayanan  who later called himself  Thondaradi podi Azhwar  ( dust of the devotees of Lord Ranganathar) .  He appeared in a holy dhaam  “Thirumandangudi” in Tamilnadu.He cultivated a beautiful garden and offered the best variety of flowers to LORD RANGANATHA daily  .This service was well liked by him and  he wanted to live in Brahmacharyam throughout his life and always be in service of LORD by offering pushpa kainkaryams  .However ,a divine play was enacted .  Vipranaryana was known for his sincere devotion . In the same village a beautiful dancer lived  who  was very popular for her beauty .

                                      One day she  came to the garden where Vipranaryana was  growing flowers that was to be offered to Lord daily.  (Nandavanam in tamil)  While everyone around  was attracted by her beauty, Vipra Narayanan remained engrossed in plucking the…

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Thank you very much for your valuable time reading the divine pastime. Please let us know your opinion for any improvements .kazhiyur varadan

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