The place of unity of Saivism and Sri Vaishnavam ……… Thirukkazhi seerama Vinnagaram

Thirukkazhiseerama Vinnagaram

The Thirivikarama Perumal Temple  is located near  Seerkazhi of Tanjore district in Tamil Nadu. It’s about half mile away from the Seerkazhi Railway station. Lord Srirama Vinnakara Thadalan, Lord  graces the devotees  as  Lord Thiruvikrama as he did in Thiruvekka and Thiru uragam divya desams  of Kanchipuram.


 Lord in Thirukovilur  has shankhu and chakaram as abharanam ,  and in Thiru uragam of kanchi he is unarmed and lift’s his left and right lies up in order to scale the whole world by his foot,  a majestic darisanam . But here in Seerkazhi, Lord Narayana poses as Thirivikrama with all his five weapons with his left hand extending upto the left foot, which is folded upwards. Listen to the temple priest explaining about the divine pastimes

The Moolavar of this Divyadesam is Thirivikaraman also glorified  as Thadalan and Ulagalanthan. One can have Lords Ulagalantha sevai. (ie) in the Nindra Thirukolam .

Goddess ( Thayaar)  in this  holy place  is glorified as Loga Nayaki. The Utsavar Thaayar is Mattavizh Kuzhali.  An interesting incident took place at this  place .

Once the great Parama shivan devotee ,Thirugyana Sambandar, one of the four Shaivakuravar was staying  near to this temple in a mutt .

Our  Thirumangai alwar along with devotees were passing by the mutt .


Glories of the Azhwar was being sung by his Azhwars followers .

The disciples  of Thiru Gyana Sambandhar asked the followers of Thirumangai azhwar to maintain silence till they crossed their mutt and wished their guru is not disturbed  .


Azhwar  over hearing  the discussion  walks  straight into their  mutt.


The guru Sambandar  is spell bound looking at Azhwar’s majestic  appeal .He welcomes  him and cordially invites him for a  devotional debate . Azhwar with abundant glow  begins with  a song on the Lord  Sriman Narayana  the cause of all causes ….


Azhwar  continues to glorify  the LORD of the same holy place  by quoting the divine verses “Oru Kuralai Iru Nila Moovadi Mann….” regarding the majestic  posture of the Lord at this Divya desam .

Hearing the thundering voice and the terrific  command of Azhwar in the glorification of the LORD ,  Sambandar was  shocked  and  naturally tears  flowed  out of his eyes . The sweet music along with the  intricate meaning made him immune .
Tank Thiruneermalai

A true devotee he was ,  at once prostrated  Azhwar and presented  him  the spade (vel) which was  honored to him by Goddess Aadhiparashakti.   Pleased with Azhwar’s entry , he immediately commanded his disciples to glorify the Azhwar.


Both of them embraced  each other and bore good bye in a sad mood and paved way to the unity of Saivism and Sri Vaishnavam.



Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Video credits : Thanks to Araiyar Sevai STD Pathasala

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