Thiruvarangathu AmudhanAr’s ” PRAPANNA GAYATHRI “

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SREEE Swami  AmudhanAr was known as Peria Koil Nambee earlier .  Swami appeared at a place called ThirumUngirkkudi on ( March )  Panguni Hastham day near to Srirangam. He was one of the dear disciple of Swamy Ramanuja . However , before becoming a devotee of Swamy Ramanuja  , being the the Priest for Lord SriRanganAthA  Temple he was filled with rajO guNam and had ill feelings towards AchArya RaamAnujA for the boons granted to him by Lord RanganAthA. He used to get  upset  with Swamys popularity  and placed many obstacles in the way of Swamy  during the temple administration, This caused deep pain to Swami RaamAnujA. Swami RaamAnujA wanted to somehow relocate him in other service  which will help in continuing the service to LORD  and thus  achieve the smooth running of the affairs of the temple.


Lord RanganAtha appeared in  Swami RaamAnujA’s dream and  commanded that the temple priest  Periya…

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