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SRI  MUDALIANDAN SWAMY VAIBHAVAM mudaliandaanSri Mudaliandan Swamy-Belur. Glory of swami  Sri Mudaliandan Swamy the first disciple of  Jagath Guru Swamy Ramanujar ( to whose Thirumaligai adiyongal belong to). LORD Sri Rama incarnated HIMSELF as Dasarathi, nephew of Swamy Ramanujar at Purusha mangalam (presently known as Nazrath Pettai in Chennai). Lakshmana’s servitude was incomprehensible and to repay this gratitude,  So Lord SriRama  appeared as  as Dasarathi and served Swamy Ramanujar in Kaliyugam.


  • Swamy Ramanujar appointed 74 simhadipatis (disciples) to propagate Srivaishnavam and  our Dasarathi was their leader.  Hence Dasarathi came to be known as “Mudali “”Andan”.  ( The foremost) Sri Mudaliandan Swamy was entrusted with the job of managing Srirangam temple affairs.
  • Swami Mudaliandan is  also  glorified  as the “paaduka” and “Tridandi” of Swamy Ramanujar.  When Swamy Ramanujar embraced Sanyasasramam, he did not leave Mudaliandan and Kooratazhwan whom he considered as his Tridandam and Pavitram respectively.
  • When Thirugoshtiyur nambi instructed Swamy Ramanujar to come alone to…

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