Sri Vathsa Chinha Mishrebhyo Namah Ukthi Adheemahi
Yathukthaya: Thraiyee Kante Yaanthi Mangala Soothrathaam
( Meaning )
“I salute the great mahaan Sri Srivathsa Chinha Misra (Swamy Koorathazhwan)
whose sri sookthis became the thirumangalyam of the mother Veda (The 4 Vedas also named as Thrayee as mentioned in the above thaniyan)”

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Swamy Koorath Azhwan  the great sri vaishnava acharya , earned his daily bread by the traditional means prescribed for a Vedic “grahasta” (householder) viz. “unchavratti” ( the practice of going around one’s neighborhood  for daily alms and sustaining oneself solely by such means)


Nothing was accumulated… be it food or clothes…nothing more was collected than what Kuresan considered as sufficient to satisfy the wants of his family in the space of a single day… that was kuresa the most advanced srivaishnava …


One day it rained heavily and the time for going around on his “unchavratti” came and passed. Kuresan and Andalamma  his dear wife  went without any food that day except for a sip of the holy water offered to the household deity. They skipped supper too. Kuresan was unmindful of his hunger since he kept reciting the  hymns “tiruvoimozhi” ( Nammazhwars hymns on LORD ) throughout the rainy…

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