BHAKTA ARAVI PERUMAL ( The LORD who is the very life of His dear devotees)

( The LORD who is the very life of His dear devotees

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THIRININRAVOOR  is  located 30 kms from Chennai on Arakonam route – and 5 kms from Thinnanoor station is this  Sri Vaishnava divya desam .As Goddess Maha Lakshmi  arrived from SriVaikuntam and stayed here, this place came to be known as “THIRU” “NINDRA” “OOR”   (THIRU= LAKSHMI,    NINDRA= STANDING, OOR=PLACE).

bhaktaravi perumal

Lord  MahaVishnu and Samudrarajan,  Goddess mahalakshmi’s  father reached Bhoolokam in search of Thayar as without Her presence, Sri Vaikuntam wore a dull lifeless look.   Samudra rajan ,in the course of his search reached this place. He was overwhelmed to see his glorious daughter Mahalakshmi and addressed Her as “ENNAI PETRA THAI” (mother who gave birth to me emphasizing the fact that Mahalakshmi Thayar is the Divine Mother for the entire world). Varuna, the God of rain, who came in search of Samudrarajan as he had to quench the sea water for forming clouds saw Samudrarajan at this place. Hence, Samudrarajan…

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