Wise practices of our wise elders are our best authority…

During the days of Swamy Parasarabhattar , a  vedantin  came to have darshan of Lord Ranganatha . He was very learned in sastras .


While  having darshan he noticed Swamy Parasara bhattar advising a group of devotees .The Vedantin walked near to Swamy  and asked him to explain how a vaishnava is distinquished from a smarta . Swamy Parasara bhattar did not care to enter into an elaborate controversy with the adversary on this query , delicate in as much as it is a bone of contention between the two divisions the advaitins and visishitadvaitins.


He just smiled and called his attention to the signs of chakra and shankha inscribed in both his arms  a sacrament enjoyed by sastras on all vaishnavas .


The vedantin said ..Oh I see !! but what authorities can you quote from the shastras justifying you to set this type of custom ?  of wearing Urdhva pundra and the sacraments.

Swamy Parasara bhattar replied .. I shall not trouble you with all that , for when I shall quote one authority , to which we commonly agree . The first sutra of Apastamba Dharma which says Wise practices of our wise elders are our best authority .  Only after this comes Vedas .. Adiyens father Kooresa observed the sacrament in question and therefore ,  Adiyen does it  .. Hope you to follow your Elders footsteps without doubt ..

The vedantin was silenced ..Though he was elder to Swamy Parasara bhattar , he offered obeisances and moved away quickly…..

Swamy Parasara bhattar Thiru adigale sharanam

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

4 thoughts on “Wise practices of our wise elders are our best authority…

  1. வணக்கம். நன்றி. தம்மிற் பெரியார் தமரா ஒழுகுதல் வன்மையுள் எல்லாம் தலை. (திருக்குறள் 444)

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  2. We need more men like him in India. I would try to emulate him in my life .He has set one of the best examples of behaviour for religious men. Please share it in our group 🙂 .

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Thank you very much for your valuable time reading the divine pastime. Please let us know your opinion for any improvements .kazhiyur varadan

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