The soul is for the sake of the Lord ….

 During the last days  of his illustrious sainthood ,  Swamy  Nanjeeyar the great disciple of the legendary Swamy Parasara bhattar   was  bedridden.


Swamy Nanjeer was one of the foremost pillar of Sri Vaishnavism after the period of our JagathaAcharyar Swamy Ramanuja .  Before our beloved Jagath Acharyar  Swamy Ramanujar left for heavenly abode he expressed his wish to his disciple  Parasar Bhattar about bringing this Vedanthi into srivaishnava fold.(Namjeeyars original name was Madhvachariyar ,and swamin was expert in veda shastra and hence was addressed as Vedanthi).


As instructed by Acharyar , Bhattar travelled to Melkote metthe Vedanthi                 (  Namjeeyar) and  for  almost nine consecutive days a debate took place on vedantam . On the tenth day Vedanthi  understood the proficiency in Bhattars  knowledge and surrendered  to  the True Knowledge and submitted himself at the feet of Swamy  Parasara Bhattar. Bhattar out of utmost compassion performed Pancha Samaskaram to Vedantin and returned to Srirangam.  


One new  disciple  came to him and pleaded Acharyar “May I now request you Swamin,  to chant the  “Dwaya Mantra”?

fb_img_1457658525654Nanjeeyar looked at him and said  Child ! “Why do you recommend the chanting to me? Do you not want it?” Is the holy mantra  be chanted only by a bedridden man and not by a wandering soul?” The disciple on hearing this became dumb founded and felt ashamed of himself. Nanjeeyar continued



“Dwayam Mantra”  must  be chanted by all times irrespective of  any condition of the body . As  body  needs oxygen to survive , soul needs Dwayam to progress ..


Another disciple of  Nanjeeyar  was  hearing the conversation .He thought that there was some  unfulfilled  wish  of  Acharyar .   He humbly  approached his Acharyar   and asked respectfully Swamin ! Kindly give us the opportunity to fulfill  your desire .. what  was  longing….


NanJeeyar replied,  My Child   I need the entire wealth of this world .. The disciple was confused … The Acharyar smiled and said  …My dear ……“I have a strong desire to behold Sri Namperumal’s Archavatara body in my mind  forever . This is what I think that He can give me and it is equal to the wealth of the entire world.


The disciple immediately  rushed to the  main temple and conveyed  Acharyars  wish to the chief priest . The priest   reported this wish with utmost devotion  to Lord Namperumal.  All compassionate Lord Namperumal  agreed through asuri voice . All arrangements were made . Lord accordingly set out of his Sanctorum with  pomp and grandeur and arrived in front of his favourite disciple  Sri Nanjeeyar’s  Mutt .


 The arrival of Lord to Nanjeeyars mutt was very special . Lord Namperumal  had just come directly to see his devotee as per his request . Nanjeeyar was overexcited  . With copulent tears he was looking at Lord   who  graced him with  very exhilarating divine darshana  that was “Sarvasvam”(the wealth of entire world)  . It was a one to one seva .  NanJeeyar  was overjoyed and was having uncontrollable tears all through .  He turned round and looking at Swamy  Nampillai  and other disciples  addressed them. 

My dear children .. …


Our “Namperumal has fulfilled my wish by  his cool grace  which is the world wealth for me.


Dear Children …… 

Now I am prepared to do reveal  whatever knowledge I came to possess by the blessing of my learned Acharya Sri Bhattar.  Those who have thirst for knowledge can quench their thirst….


 Swamy  Nampillai  submitted  him,  Acharya ! Tell us something which I should ever remember as the sole refuge”. NanJeeyar  replied …..

Do not think that the Lord is for the sake of the soul but think that the soul is for the sake of the Lord…..


Further  Swamy NamPillai  submitted  another question humbly ,Acharyaa    “What should be the  behavior of Srivaishnavas when they get separated from the company a Srivaishnava by his departure to Sri Vaikunta Loka from this mortal world?”


 My dear Nampillai , answered the great Acharyar  .. Adiyens Acharyar  Sri Parasara Bhattar   advised me with few  essential  esoteric truths  relating to the welfare of my soul  which I shall reveal  exactly  as said by adiyen  Acharyar  ,


Do listen carefully ….

 “Do not be popped up with pride for the following reasons

I am by name Vedanti (one who has learnt vedantas to its core).

I have for my Acharya, Sri Parasara Bhattar

I have given by way of Guru Dakshina   plenty of wealth to Acharyar .

The I ‘ness …. dissolution is a must for the souls progress …..


Therefore think always that Swamy  Ramanuja’s lotus  feet are the sole means of salvation and take refuge unto him. I tell you now in a similar fashion – you also take refuge under  Swamy Ramanuja  .  Do not be elated that you got the fame of Lokacharya and you are capable of bringing out the esoteric meanings of 4000 hymns of Azhwars and the propagator of Sri Bhashya        (Beware of these pitfalls)”.


He advised few more essential truths to all his disciples . Nanjeeyar humbly spoke Dear Children ….. I  beg your pardon  for any fault if committed unknowingly, as it is very difficult for a soul with this body to be free from any fault . Blessing all of them ,  having “Sri Pada Thirtha” (the holy water after washing their holy feet) of Srivaishnavashe hosted (Tadiyaradhana) dinner for all the disciples ..


 Subsequently,  He showered his blessings on all the disciples ..Keeping his  head on the lap of Sri Senapathi Jeeyar and his holy feet on the lap of Sri Pinbazhagiya Jeeyar facing towards the temple inside his mutt  meditating on  his Acharyar  lotus feet of Swamy  Parashara Bhattar, he  began his journey to Sri SriVaikuntam


Adiyen Ramanuja dasan.

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    Swamy Nampillai submitted him, Acharya ! Tell us something which I should ever remember as the sole refuge”. NanJeeyar replied …..

    Do not think that the Lord is for the sake of the soul but think that the soul is for the sake of the Lord…..

  2. Acharya Thiru Nanjaneeyar Thiruvadigale sharanam! Bhagavad Ramanuja Thiruvadigale Sharanam!
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  3. Hari Om! “Oxygen for the Body to survive
    Dwayam for the SOUL to survive”
    “I”ness Dissolution a must for the Soul to progress! Golden Epithets to be enshrined in one’s mind & soul.
    Adiyen Ramanuja dasan – Jai Sriman Narayana!

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