KALIYUGA DHARMA . Chant ..Chant .. the HOLY NAME …….. nAdu nagaramum nangaRiya namO nArAyaNA enRu pAdu manam udaip paththar uLLIr! vandhu pallANdu kURuminE…..

After the mahabharata war , Yudhishthir was ruling the kingdom  .


Bhimasena  was assisting the King in public relations ministry . He used to help in solving the problems of people; therefore whoever had any questions/problems would come to Bhimasena and ask him for help.


 One day,  a person  confessed  Bhimsena that he noticed a strange thing . His fence near the house  was moving into other’s place and he was wondering why it  would have happened .

Bhimsena said ..

Look !  I can help if a demon is troubling you, but not these kinds of  strange puzzles.

As a result , he asked him to approach Yudhishthir Maharaj.

On the same day, another citizen expressed another  strange thing. He  confessed that  he had a big pot with full of water.

  He  distributed this water  into small pots ,  for the citizens to be served .


However as there was not much crowd to distribute , he thought these small pots may leak  so decided to pour back all the water from the small pots to the original big pot  but surprisingly he could fill only half the big pot.


Bhimsena not knowing what to say, asked them to contact Yudhishthir Maharaj.


Another person  too came to Bhimsena  and said that he saw a strange thing – a big elephant  was passing through a needle hole but surprisingly its tail got stuck in that hole. Bhimsena was getting irritated with these unusual stories narrated by them . He was loosing cool .

But as a last resort he  again referred him to Yudhishthir Maharaj.


 Suddenly ,another person  also joined the  group  and said that he saw big rock on the street.  Many  strong people tried to push the rock out  but  were not able to move it.  

Suddenly  a saint entered the gathering  and  he  waved his Sanyasa danda at the rock  And lo !! It moved !


Bhimsena thought that it was a really a bad day for him as he was forced to hear to many cock and bull stories from the citizens .  He commanded his assistant to take all of them to the King immediately ..


They all went to Maharaj Yudhishthir and put forth these questions. Yudhishthir Maharaj  politely heard their versions  and said that, all these happenings shows that kali yuga has entered  .

He meticulously  answers to the strange  incidents and what they really meant  ……


The first case is one of the citizen’s fence is moving into other’s area shows that people are interested in what other’s have and feel unhappy why they don’t have, then start thinking a way to acquire them either by hook or by crook.


The second case the big pot full of water. When it is poured into small pots and pour back into big pot, he noticed only half was getting full, which means that one can expect 50% love/affection/help from others compared what you did to the same person.

The third case is big elephant is going through a needle but the tail is stuck, it means that people are ready to spend a huge chunk of their income/strength/resource for the sense satisfaction of their family, friends and love (Personal sense gratification)but when it comes to Bhagavan and devotee-seva they are not ready to spend a little bit also.


The fourth case is, big rock not moved by persons who are having lot of strength but a sadhu moved that rock just by waving his danda, which means that one can get rid of all their unlimited sins, just by performing Namasankirtanam.


(Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.)
Though there are so many faults in this kaliyuga, the good thing is, just by chanting the holy names of the lord, one can get up to the highest benefit of liberation as mentioned in Srimad Bhagavatham

kaler dosha-nidhe rajann asti hy eko mahan gunah kirtanad

eva krsnasya mukta-sangah param vrajet –”


My dear King, ….

although Kali-yuga  is an ocean of faults, there is still one good quality about this age is by  simply by chanting the holy  name of SRIMANNARAYANA, one can become free from material bondage and be promoted to the transcendental kingdom.”

Just hold the HOLY NAME always and swim across this Kali….

Adapted from a discourse by a advanced devotee

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Video credits : sri velayutha perumal for his upload of HH Sri Muralidhara swamigal and Krishna Bhakti Art  for upload of HG Agnidevadasa chants


Satyam satyam Punah Satyam, YathirAjO Jagath Guru..My means as well as end is Swamy Ramanuja ………

Those were the days where Swamy Parasarabhattar was delivering discourses at his ashram  in  Srirangam  . Many devotees used to attend in large numbers  .


Amongst them a  highly learned pundit and a srivaishnava  used to attend  the discourses daily .


The learned pundit  was received with scant respect and  the  srivaishnava  was received with great attention . One disciple who was watching swamy Parasara bhattar’s   indifference reached his Guru and humbly submitted  ,  Acharya !! This pundit is a famous scholar  with high respect among the people in entire kingdom  .
How could you be indifferent with him considering his scholarship amongst all the people assembled here . Bhattar replied , My child !! Listen to the discourse  now . After  the discourse you will be able to understand .


In the discourse  Bhattar explained the importance of LORD RAMA’s avataram  which was a  divine gift of free grace to all  . LORD  irrespective of caste or creed or condition extended  friendship with  humble folk like Guhan , Sugriva , Vibhishana and many  living beings  .   LORD went a step ahead  in performing the obsequies of a brahman for jatayu the bird .


He was humble   in accepting food from the hands of Sabari  a tribal and partaking food along with  hanumanjee. Bhattar continued  , The Importance of LORD KRISHNA avatar  was  Lord delivering the Apocalypse of the epic Srimad Bhagavadgita with its charama sloka  and  in rejecting the hospitality of Bhishma and Drona for that of Vidura and so forth .

Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Kovil
Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Kovil

The reputation of Srirangam comes to LORD RANGANATHAR having mixed with Tiruppan Azhwar as intimately as body and soul . The reputation of LORD OF SEVEN HILLS was as LORD moved freely with the potter kurumbuatta Nambi and  King Thondaman .


 The reputation of LORD VARADARAJA was his friendship with  his dear devotee Sri Thirukachi Nambee  and our LORD NARAYANA of Melkote for accepting Swamy Ramanuja as his father and himself being called Yatiraja Sampath kumara . The discourse had a message for unconditional surrender to Lord Narayana with utmost faith .

Featured Image -- 38962balajeeee

Once the discourse was done all the people paid their respects to Bhattar and were leaving .The pundit also came along  along with the citizens .  Bhattar casually asked the pundit ..


Swamin !! whom have you settled to yourself as Ultimate Truth ? The pundit who was attentively listening the discourse answered  ! Some authorities speak of Brahma as Ultimate , Few say It is  Rudra and few schools claim it is Lord Mahavishnu .
How can we arrive at a conclusion with so many school of thoughts claiming the supremacy of one over other .


Meanwhile the srivaishnava arrived and paid obesiances to the assembly and took permission to leave . Bhattar casually asked the same question to the srivaishnava . 

The srivaishnava politely replied  Swamin !

Adiyen knows none others than whom devareer daily discusses ..

the only NARAYANA ..maam” EKAM” ….


Bhattar once again asked Swamin ,  Pray what other truth is available to you ? The srivaishnava replied …

For adiyen Means as well as end is Swamy Ramanuja ..

my end of salvation is the lotus feet of Swamy Ramanuja …forever  and  said ..

Satyam satyam Punah Satyam,

YathirAjO Jagath Guru…………………


yO nithyam Achyutha PadhAmbhujayugmarugma
vyAmOhatha: tadhitharANi thruNAya mEnE
asmath GurO:BhagavadhOsya dayaikasindhO:
Raamaanujasya CharaNou SaraNam prapdhyE


 I seek the  lotus feet of Swamy  Ramanuja  who considered all the worldly things and pleasures as mere nothing (grass) because of his love towards the lotus feet  of Achchuta.

He is our Acharya  since he possesses all the auspicious qualities (guNAs) and therefore dayAsAgara  (ocean of  mercy) for uplifting us


Continuing ,  he quotes Embaar’s verse on the divine beauty [azhagu] of Swamy  Ramanuja  and declares in the end

“illai enaaku edhir,  illai enakku edhir, illai enakku edhirE!

“There is none equal to me; none equal to me; none equal to me!”.

True! There is NONE equal to us


Adiyen Ramanuja dasan


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Video :  Melkottai Emprumanar Thirumanjana kattiyam by Prasanna Swamigal                      ( Thirukoshtiyur vembu)



To reaffirm the faith of HIS devotees,  LORD conversed with  HIS devotees  time to time .

There are three incidents which our Elders keep saying about the compassion of the LORD in temples .

Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Kovil
Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Kovil

At  Tirumala – Tirupathi, Lord Venkateshwara  used to converse with the King Thondaman Chakravarthy .  In Kancheepuram, Lord Vardarajar used to converse with his  dear devotee  Swamy Tirukachi Nambigal who used to fan him daily .


Similarly at Srirangam  Lord Ranganathar used to converse with  “Tiruvilakku pichan”the temple servant who used to light the lamps in the temple .


It is a general practice all the devotees surrender to LORD and express their gratitude pain and love for the LORD in this material world.

  Few devotees develop extremely intimate relationship with the Lord conversing   freely  and interact almost daily  treating him as a  human friend.


At Srirangam ,  there lived a man who was serving at temple .    His job was to light all the lamps at the huge temple of Srirangam  .

He used to  keep the lamps topped with oil  and ensure they were maintained in perfect condition . Under constant vigilance he had to ensure the lamps are lighted effectively without any flaws.


He had free access to enter the temple and light all the temple lamps being the temple servant . He had a peculiar habit of addressing the LORD  daily about how his day was and was he treated well .

It was almost routine especially during  festivals when LORD had to be amongst HIS devotees . For his behaviour he earned a title Pichan ( mad person ) . Unmindful of whatever people spoke of him he continued to  greet the LORD and converse  with utmost sincerity and faith .


Lord  Ranganathar also got used to HIS devotee’s greeting .    Days became months .Months turned to years .Lord out of abundant mercy wanted to reply to HIS dear devotee .download

It so happened one day Lord spoke from his Archa thirumeni ,and this also happened regularly .Lord was answering his dear devotees queries .It was more of vatsalya bhavam inquiring the well being of each other . There was no  barrier in the divine exchange of speech .A lowly employee  of the temple speaking to the LORD who was replying too .To the devotees who were witnessing this man standing before the LORD  and apparently talking to himself appeared to be a mad person conversing with himself  and they called him  “Picchan” ( a mad man). Combining his job title and popularity  of remaining , he came to be known as “ThiruviLakku Picchan”. 


One day, while carrying out his daily  chores , Picchan  conversed  with  the Lord  about the  great people and the  huge crowd attending the festival in the temple . 

All knowing  Compassionate Lord  wanted to draw  out  his opinion about the  great  people. Pichan politely replied  Oh Lord !  even all  these great men had their own  weaknesses  and   it was very confusing to follow them. He submitted that  he was very happy with the small service gifted to him by his Elders and seek no favors other than being near HIM always .


There is another pastime which installs absolute surrender to LORD in Archathirumeni . The great Acharyar Swamy  Nampillai was delivering  a lecture in the mandapam inside the temple and as usual our Thiruvilakku Picchan was standing in front of the sanctorum with a lamp in his hand. Lord  was so impressed hearing  Swamy Nampillai’s  divine discourse which made him get up and  wished to be among the august gathering hearing the divine discourse

Suddenly , Thiruvilakku Picchan saw a huge personality near him and realizing that it was LORD himself , he requested LORD to relax  and not do this and  remain  in his original Archa Swaroopam .  LORD politely obeyed his devotees concern……………


vaithamanidhi perumal thirukolur


All glories to this great devotee  who had the  fortune to enjoy such intimate relationship with the Lord  himself  who listened to  Him .


Sri Venkatadri shikaralaya kalamegam

Sri Hasthisaila sikarojwala parijatham

Srisannamami sirasa Yadhusaila deepam

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

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This Srivaishnava Divya desam is located near the shores of Bay of Bengal. Mamallamallapuram now corrupted as Mahabalipuram is Varaha kshetram and a  famous tourist centre.


The sculptures speak volumes about the contributions of Chola,Pandya , Vijayanagara kings to this place  and it was an important trade center.  


This holy place also  glorified as   Thirukadalmallai  is the birth place of  the great Bhoodath Azhwar which is  55kms away from Chennai and one of the 22 Thondai naadu divya desam







VIMANA               :   PUNDARIKA


THIRUMANGAI AZHWAR(20 pasurams-1088-1107),

BHOODATH AZHWAR       (7 pasurams),



Legend reveals about  a  devotee  Sage Pundarika who  was on a piligrimage visiting various shrines, reached this place.  He was amazed to see  numerous 1000 petaled lotuses  in a pond. He immediately desired to offer them to Lord Ksheerabadhrinathan lying  at the milk ocean and this desire was also endorsed by asareeri( heavenly voice).


The sage was so immersed in bhakti that he started his way to Ksheerasagaram and as the ocean, Bay of Bengal was obstructing his path, he left the garland of flowers near the shore and  in the divine mood , attempted to  empty the ocean  which was an impossible task. This is as similar to the devotion expressed by the  the great Kulashekhara Azhwar who marched towards the sea to fight with the rakshasas along with Lord Rama  .


Pleased with the sage’s devotion, Perumal  appeared  as an old Brahmin  and took the audience of the sage .  The sage requested the Brahmin to take care of the flowers and left to Mahabalipuram to fetch some food. 

Bharat Kund,Nandigram

When the sage returned he was astonished to see Perumal lying on the floor on Adisesha with the garland of flowers near His Thiruvadi.  The sage  glorified  Perumal and pleaded  the Lord to continue to stay in this place and give darshan.  Thus, we can see the Perumal lying on the floor and the sage seated near His Thiruvadi.The temple priests were kind to explain about the sthala puranam .Adiyen offers humble obeisances to them .


Adiyen Ramanuja dasan


Sena Nayi  was a barber by profession who lived near Pandharapur  .A  very pious and god loving used to get up early in the morning, have his bath, perform his poojas and only then look at his occupation and other domestic affairs. Sena was also the king’s barber and would have to go to the palace whenever the king called him. One day as Sena was performing his pooja in his house, the king’s messenger came looking for Sena.

Sena was immersed in his prayers . His  wife  knew he will not  entertain anyone disturbing him during his worship to LORD  . She politely told  the king’s messenger that he was not at home.

Sena’s neighbor who was also a barber on seeing his wife lying ,   calmly  went and complained to the king, that Sena was  very much at at home .  He also submitted  to do the job himself.


The  king got angry on listening to  him .He  sent the guards to arrest Sena. Knowing what was in the king’s mind LORD KRISHNA immediately appeared in  the form of Sena and came to  palace. The moment the king saw  him, his anger disappeared.He got attracted to his magnetic personality . Without battling his eyelids he was watching the beautiful form of sena smiling cheerfully and working with the dressing kit .


When Sena touched him ,  the king was filled with amazement.  The feeling was something new . He had never felt the soothing touch . He watched him without any  words . the beauty attracted him . His glance was something divine  . Sena went on  with his job . He  then shaved the king and shampooed his head.  It was heaven for the King .The cool feeling along with the fragrance made the King top of the world .


The king felt very happy and told him that he was  the best barber in town and should remain with him in the palace forever . Sena then started  applying the fragrant  oil to  the body of the  king.

bhaje panduranga

As Sena was collecting  the oil from a  vessel , the king  could see the reflection of Lord Krishna in the  oil. He was amazed on seeing this and unable to understand whose reflection that blue eyed lad was being reflected in the oil   . That cheerful divine smile made him ecstatic wanting him for more and more of his form .  He lost all consciousness and was absorbed in the form of  LORD that he was seeing in the oil bowl. The men in the kings assembly started laughing at the king looking at his stage and told him that it was already afternoon and that he should go and have his bath.


The king  looked at  Sena  and politely pleaded him to remain  forever .  Sena  requested the King for  a break to inform his family home  so that  he would return quickly. The king  pleased with him  gave him  a handful of gold coins . Lord  took the coins, placed it in the bag in Sena’s house and disappeared.

The king after finishing his bath came and  commanded his servants to  get Sena at once as he  was in a  different state  of mind and could neither  eat  nor dress up or  sleep  . The royal servants immediately went to Sena’s house and  pleaded  him to reach  the palace immediately.   The real Sena  was too scared to see the King for his act of non reporting to the King .  Taking his bag, Sena immediately came to the palace. On seeing Sena entering the palace the king got up and greeted him . He pleads him to reveal that divine form he exhibited few hours ago . Sena was  astonished . He then ordered his servants to bring the bowl of oil and saw Sena’s reflection in it, but was disappointed that he could not see the form he had seen in the morning. Sena  understood  what had happened in the morning  His eyes were filled with tears .Sobbing uncontrollably he  told the king that it was LORD  KRISHNA who had graced him .He was sad that LORD had to take his role to save him from King’s punishment .


The king  rushed up to Sena and  thanked him for his devotion and told him that he had the fortune to have darshan of the  Lord due to his association . Sena then saw the coins that god had put in his bag and distributed them to the Brahmans. Sena then took leave from the king and decided to serve the LORD permanently at Pandharapur

All glories to the DIVINE BARBER ..
All glories to Sena …

Hare Krishna
Adapted from Bhaktha Vijayam

.The Temple of Swamy Ramanuja on Tirumala Hills ..”MambazhaEmperumanar.”…. Throva Bhashyakar “…..



Swamy Ramanuja  out of  deep devotion to LORD VENKATESHWARA  instructed his disciple Anathazhwan to proceed to Tirumala and do service to Lord  few hundred years ago .


 Anathazhwan immediately proceeded to Tirumala with family.


Swamy  grew  a flower garden which would provide Tulasi and  all the fragnant flowers for the daily worship of Lord .


Coming to know about the dedicated service being executed by his dear disciple Anathazhwan Swamy  Ramanuja undertook his first trip to Tirumala via Kancheepuram along with his disciples  .

wp-1487470394257.jpgLooking at the  holy hills Swamy immediately falls like an uprooted tree offering obeisances   . 


Swamy Ramanuja   calls his disciples and gives  a discourse about the sanctity of the Hills  referring  several pasurams which our Azhwars have sung on Lord and the Hills .
Watching the gigantic hills ,  glorifying the animate and inanimate  beings who are serving the Lord  Swamy goes  in  a divine trance .
Coming to know Swamy Ramanujas vist to Tirumala ,   the local king Vittala Deva rushes to  have Swamy’s darshan  .
He offers obeisance’s and orders his troupe to take care of the saint and his disciples with royal treatment  .
 A colony named  IlayaMandapam is  instantaneously constructed .  Around thirty families reside  in the colony .  Swamy  also stay  along with them for few days  given sermons and gracing the villagers coming from far off places
           Coming to know about Swamy Ramanuja s visit    , Tirumala Nambi  rushes to the village for welcoming  Swamy Ramanuja .
.Both the Acharyas are  overjoyed to be in the holiest place .  Tirmala Nambi  requests Swamy to join him for the afternoon prayers  at the Hills and leaves  quickly up the Hills
 All the disciples  request  Swamy Ramanuja  to lead them  to the hills for having Lord’s darshan . Swamy refuses to trek the hills owing to its sanctity .
Swamy informs about all the Azhwars  who had remained at the foot of the hills glorifying the Lord  and they never attempted to trek the hills hence  trekking the Hills amounts to overstepping their commands
All the disciples plead Swamy to reconsider his decision as   so many disciples will be  sad  to return without having the divya darshan of Lord .
Swamy Ramanuja  considering the disciples plea decides to trek the hills crawling thus not putting his feet on the sacred Hills  .
  It was those days when the route was very tough even to trek .
Crawling , Swamy  reaches the  steep Knee breaker Hills .
He pauses  to take rest on the step of  `knee-breaker’ hill (`mokalla mitta’). 
Tirumala Nambi and Ananthazhwar,  rush to receive him with the Lord’s prasada — holy tirta and fruits. 
Swamy is  glad to see them .
He honors the prasad offering the same to many of his disciples . 
mango2 He takes one  Mango  fruit and buries the seeds there.  In course of time,  a big  mango tree grew out of these seeds.
On reaching the abode of  Lord  Venkatesa,  Swamy Ramanuja  is  received with temple honours. 
Swamy offers obeisance’s and feasts  his eyes on the  majestic form of the Lord. 
Later he  walks along with his disciples  to see the verdant  ( garden) nandavana, established by Anantazhwar, with a beautiful  tank.
He  affectionately embraces  his dear  disciple,  and announces “Valarthadhanal Payan Petren” (I have obtained the fruits of bringing you up). 
Swamy Ramanuja   decides to remain  for few days   to  deliver  discourses on the Upanishads.
The discourses  were soon compiled in the form of a book, “Vedanta Sangraha”, Swamy  Ramanuja’s  first work on the Vedanta.
Swamy Ramanuja stayed  almost for a year in Tirupati, to study the  essence of Valmiki’s Ramayana under the guidance of revered  Acharya Tirumalai Nambi.
Since he thought it was a sacrilege to live on the holy hill, which he revered as the body of Adisesha, and Tirumalai Nambi could not miss his service and worship of Venkateswara even for a day, they met at the foot of the hills everyday to study the epic..


Lord Venkatesa, did not want to miss the company of His ardent devotees, and joined them.


The imprint of his lotus feet ( Tiruvadi ) can be seen at the foothills where they studied the Srimad Ramayana…



It was Swamy  Manavalamamuni   who identified the spot where  Swamy Ramanuja had rested, and wished to build a temple there.


Kandadai Ramanuja Iyengar (Muni), a trusted lieutenant of Mamunigal, built a temple there and consecrated a beautiful archa  deity  (moolavar) of  Swamy Ramanuja and arranged for regular aaradhanai .


Manavalamamunigal had lovingly referred to this archa form as

“Mambazha Emperumanar”.



Adiyen Ramanuja dasan


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video credits  :  Sri Sudarshan swamin 



It was Namperumal’s divine plan to make Swamy Ramanujar leave Srirangam for a short time , and purify other places by placing his holy feet in Melnadu and retrieve Thirunarayanan who was worshipped by Sri Ramar and Sri Krishna during Tretha and Dwapara yugas .


Peria Perumal thus created a difficult situation by which Swamy Ramanujar had to leave Srirangam after taking Peria Perumal’s consent and thus proceeded towards north accompanied by Sri Mudaliandan Swamy.

After many days of travel and undergoing various hardships following the course of Kaveri, Swamy Ramanuja finally arrived in Karnataka where the local tribals served them. En route he met his disciple kongu piratti and graced her


Check the url below for kongu piratti divine pastime with Swamy Ramanuja


Later he moved near Srirangapatinam.

The local people who were averse to Swamy Ramanujar conspired a plan to do away with him.

Swamy Ramanujar learning their evil intentions ordered Mudaliandan Swamy to place his feet in the drinking water pond in that area now called saligrama near Thondanur , which he politely obeyed.

At salagrama ,by partaking this Sripada theertham, the minds of the evildoers changed miraculously and they fell at Swamy Ramanujar lotus feet seeking forgiveness. Such was the greatness of Swamy Mudaliandan .


Ramanujar named this place as “Saligramam” which is near to Melkote.

Even today this pond is maintained by the archakar family .

There is a small temple opposite to this pond in which Swamy Ramanujar’s lotus feet are worshiped.


Swamy Ramanuja had a large number of disciples at Melnadu .

Vangipurathu Achi , Vangipurathu Nambi , Thondanur Nambi , Marudhur Nambi, Malur Nambi , Anathazhwan were some of them in the large group of disciples he had at Melnadu.



Thondanur Nambi was a great bhagavatha , a saint and most respected scholar as he was close to the Royal family .

Thondanur Nambi , during his pilgrimage to Srirangam was attracted to Swamy Ramanuja .

He loved his approach and the simple teachings which leads to self realisation that takes one to godhead. He was one among the 74 Simhadhipathees .


Thondanur was the summer capital of the Hoyasala kingdom ruled by King Vittala deva who was a staunch follower of Jainism .

They were tolerant to other religions too . The King had a daughter who was possessed with an evil spirit .

No treatment could cure her illness . She was always under the possession of the evil spirit which made her do unnatural things .

She was almost dressed like a madwoman and was a big embarrassment to the Royal family . There was another tragedy , during a war the King lost his finger.

This earned him the name Bitti deva .


The King was very upset due to the deformity and the new worry of his daughter that took shape .

No treatment either medicines or tantric rituals could cure her .


The Jain monks also tried their best but nothing seemed possible to relieve her from the evil spirit .

Thondanur Nambi, the disciple of Swamy Ramanujar suggested to the queen that his spiritual master who arrived recently and staying at Saligrama was capable of restoring the princess to normalcy.


The Jain king pleaded Nambi to invite Swamy Ramanuja to his palace .

He even promises that If his daughter is cured he will adopt Srivaishnava faith and surrender to Swamy Ramanuja..


Thondanur Nambi goes to Saligrama and surrenders to the lotus feet of Swamy Ramanuja and briefs him about the Jain Kings intentions .


It was a wonderful opportunity to grace the King and his people and induct them in the great srivaishnava sampradayam .


Swamy Ramanuja and Thondanur Nambi look for an auspicious time and leave to Thondanur to the Royal palace .

The Royal couple have the divya darshan of JagathAcharyar Swamy Ramanuja .

Both of them fall like uprooted trees looking at Swamy Ramanujas divine aura .

They welcome Swamy to their Royal chambers .

The whole Royal family pay their obeisance’s to Swamy Ramanuja .


The mad princess who was irritating the members few minutes back suddenly leaves into another room when Swamy enters the chambers . With some cajoling the princess who is shabbily dressed is brought before Swamy Ramanuja .

Looking at the pitiable state of the princess , Swamy gives the holy water that was offered to his Lordships and applies the holy turmeric paste offered to Lord on her forehead .


The moment she sips the holy water and makes an eye contact with the great Acharya the evil spirit vanishes and she almost faints before him .


The princess is slowly brought back to senses by sprinkling some water on her .

To everybody’s surprise she gets up , looks at herself feels shy and runs away to her chambers . She dresses herself elegantly and offers obeisances to Swamy Ramanuja amongst all the people .


The Royal couple are amazed with the sudden happenings . They accept that the great seer who is with them is a very pious soul who has incarnated to uplift them . Instantly they surrender to his lotus feet and beg to be taken into his fold .


Swamy Ramanuja asks them to offer prayers at Nambi Narayana Temple and meet him there .


At Swamy Nambi Narayana temple , Swamy Ramanuja conducts a discourse attended by many people . The King along with his Royal family too attend the discourse which speaks about the ultimate purpose of life as a srivaisnava .

. Attracted to his simple teachings the entire crowd adopt srivaishnavism . Amongst the citizens the King , Queen and all his family members are given Panchasamskara initiation .


The King is given a name a Vishnu vardhana after due initiation by Swamy Ramanuja himself . The celebration among st the citizens is multi fold .

All the citizens hail Swamy Ramanujas discourse and accept him as their Jagath Acharya .


Somewhere down the lane the Jain monks are upset with the happenings .

All of them march to the Royal Palace and argue with the king for taking such a foolish step  

They convince the King that their proposed debate with Swamy Ramanuja will prove Jainism superiority and he must agree to their command .

Mudali Vaibhav

The King knew very well that such thing can never happen .

However he along with the Jain monks in huge numbers walk up to the Yoga narasimhar temple located on a hillock as Swamy Ramanuja was staying there .


The Jain monks along with the King meet Swamy Ramanuja and invite him to a debate on the esoteric truths . All the Jain monks assemble and start posing questions .


The euphoria around makes Swamy Ramanuja to command his disciples to surround him with a curtain . Almost 1000 jain monks shoot questions on him without any break .

It is was ONE vs ONE THOUSAND .


The divine incident of Swamy Ramanuja taking over one thousand Jain monks was relished by the disciples . Inside , Swamy Ramanujar was covered by a curtain and with his original form as Adisesha with 1000 hoods, he answers every question of the monk with patience and clarity .


Thus he defeats all the 1000 Jains at a time. One monk was inquisitive to find out why the curtain was put .He slowly managed to peep inside the curtain .


To his shock he could see JagathAcharyar’s viswaroopam and fainted . The Jain monks had no reply and were forced to accept defeat and adopt to srivaishnavism .This incident happened at Lord Narasimha swamy temple in Bhakta nagari (presently known as Thondanur).

Swamy MudaliAndaan who gave us the nectarian sloka DHAATI PANCHAKA in praise of Swamy Ramanujar at this place. This place is on the way to Melkote(about 16 kms) from Srirangapatinam.

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The wonderful opportunity given by Swamy Ramanuja to Mudaliandaan is remembered even today . “Dhati Panchakam” speaks of the victory of Swamy Ramanuja over other philosophies – both those that accept Vedas and those that don’t – and his establishing the Visishtadvaita philosohpy that was built by Azhvars and Purvacharyas.


As the name suggests, it comprises of five slokas The word “DHATI” means “attacking” – as this work shows the attack that Ramanuja carried over the other philosophies that were widespread at that time, it is an appropriate name for it.

Swamy out of his love composed a wonderful composition on Swamy Ramanuja called “DHATEE PANCHAKAM” which starts with the introductory sloka ..


Our  Varthamana swamy descendant of Swamy MudaliAndaan was kind to recite this sloka at our residence during his recent visit , a clip presented below and the sloka

Click to access SreeMudhaliandanThirumaligai-DhattiPanchakam%20-%20English.pdf

Our moksham is not guaranteed only with the sambandham of any other acharya – but Ramanuja”.

Our daily chant is ” RamanujArya divyAgya vardhatAm abhi vardhatAm. ”


It is only he who can command and all our acharyas and we follow his command .

Swamy Ramanuja is the only acharya who was referred with respect and followed by all other schools in vaishnavism like chaitanya, vallabhacharya, Swamy narayan as the margadayee .


Uyya Ore Vazhi Udayavar Thiurvadi!

(only way for spiritual up liftment is to take refuge in Yathiraja Padhuka)



Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Pictures courtesy : Google images uploaded by several devotees


Lord venkateshwara and the poor potter.kummara dAsuDaina kuru varati nambi emmanna varamulella nichchina vADu

t1King Thondaman Chakravarthy  was a great devotee  of Lord Venkateshwara .He was  ruling the region of Tamil Nadu including Tirumala   several  hundred years ago . The King   used to speak to Lord  and by the  mercy of LORD  he was ruling the kingdom  to the satisfaction of the people by all means   .


 During this period   an Asura Simhada started torturing the people which made the king upset .No amount of resistance could drive out this  Asura .The unusual happenings  in the kingdom  was causing fear  among the people . The King was annoyed  and hence surrendered to   Lord Venkateswara  to save the people from the   calamity .  


The Lord  out of compassion to the King  appeared  to him  and lent his  ThiruSankha and  Sri Chakra and  commanded  the King to vanquish the enemy with the divine weapons .  The King  obediently followed the Lord’s commands  and  won the battle . After the  victory, He kept the sankha and chakra in his palace and worshiped them daily  as they were the  representation of the Lord on the Hills!


Later , Jagathacharyar’s  Swamy Ramanuja’s  contribution earned him the title  ” Appanukku Sangaazhi Alittha Perumaal”   in Tirumala .


Poet Arunagiri  also sung in his poem  “Ulageenra Pachai umaiyanan, Vada Venkadathil Uraibhavan, Uyar Sanga Chakra kara Thalan” .


 During this period there lived   another  great devotee  by the name Kurumbarutha Nambi  near the foot of the holy hills  .He   was a potter by profession .  A sincere devotee of the Lord , he  made a deity  of  Lord Venkateshwara  and  worshipped   daily with flowers made of  ‘left over clay’ .

 Kurumbarathu Nambi was worshiping with the mud flowers ,  King  Thondaman chakravarthy  was worshipping   Lord  with golden flowers.   The King   was surprised to observe  every time  he entered the sannithee   of   Lord   he used to see the mud flowers  crafted wonderfully  lying   , instead of the golden flowers that he was offering .


He was  keen to find out  the reason for the unusual happening . No amount of vigilance worked for him to get an answer . He hence  decided to plead LORD to help him in revealing the identity of that intruder  .


The King prayed LORD for helping him to reveal  his identity    . Lord out of abundant mercy spoke to the King about the poor potter ,  his dear devotee  service to him in offering the  mud flowers . The LORD said the  mud flowers offered by Nambi contained  rich fragrance of love than the golden flowers he was offering .

m0Elders say that generally a person develops EGO   if he is good looking ,well educated, has  administrative power and enormous wealth.

A  person birth in upper caste etc  also contributes  to  his ego and Kurumbarutha Nambi  was not attached to all the above which placed him above everything .  The divine pastime shows that the Lord attaches no importance to our wealth or position.


The devotee’s love for the Lord was like the maternal love of Periazhvar, who worried over the Lord, when he sang his glorious  Pallandu pasuram , to ward off evil eyes from the Lord.


It is bhakti that the Lord values; it is often the humblest of us who gets the grace of Lord. While men may value wealth and bow before the rich, why would the Master of the Universe even care for such impermanent things? 

The great saint Annamaya sings a wonderful kirtana in which he mentions the devotees pastime …

kummara dAsuDaina kuru varati nambi emmanna varamulella nichchina vADu ………….dommulu sEsina yeTTi tonDamAn chakkura varti
rammanna chOTiki vachchi nammina vADu ||


Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Pics : Google images

videos : Courtesy  T series Bhaktisagar  , vssn rao’s channel