.The Temple of Swamy Ramanuja on Tirumala Hills ..”MambazhaEmperumanar.”…. Throva Bhashyakar “…..



Swamy Ramanuja  out of  deep devotion to LORD VENKATESHWARA  instructed his disciple Anathazhwan to proceed to Tirumala and do service to Lord  few hundred years ago .


 Anathazhwan immediately proceeded to Tirumala with family.


Swamy  grew  a flower garden which would provide Tulasi and  all the fragnant flowers for the daily worship of Lord .


Coming to know about the dedicated service being executed by his dear disciple Anathazhwan Swamy  Ramanuja undertook his first trip to Tirumala via Kancheepuram along with his disciples  .

wp-1487470394257.jpgLooking at the  holy hills Swamy immediately falls like an uprooted tree offering obeisances   . 


Swamy Ramanuja   calls his disciples and gives  a discourse about the sanctity of the Hills  referring  several pasurams which our Azhwars have sung on Lord and the Hills .
Watching the gigantic hills ,  glorifying the animate and inanimate  beings who are serving the Lord  Swamy goes  in  a divine trance .
Coming to know Swamy Ramanujas vist to Tirumala ,   the local king Vittala Deva rushes to  have Swamy’s darshan  .
He offers obeisance’s and orders his troupe to take care of the saint and his disciples with royal treatment  .
 A colony named  IlayaMandapam is  instantaneously constructed .  Around thirty families reside  in the colony .  Swamy  also stay  along with them for few days  given sermons and gracing the villagers coming from far off places
           Coming to know about Swamy Ramanuja s visit    , Tirumala Nambi  rushes to the village for welcoming  Swamy Ramanuja .
.Both the Acharyas are  overjoyed to be in the holiest place .  Tirmala Nambi  requests Swamy to join him for the afternoon prayers  at the Hills and leaves  quickly up the Hills
 All the disciples  request  Swamy Ramanuja  to lead them  to the hills for having Lord’s darshan . Swamy refuses to trek the hills owing to its sanctity .
Swamy informs about all the Azhwars  who had remained at the foot of the hills glorifying the Lord  and they never attempted to trek the hills hence  trekking the Hills amounts to overstepping their commands
All the disciples plead Swamy to reconsider his decision as   so many disciples will be  sad  to return without having the divya darshan of Lord .
Swamy Ramanuja  considering the disciples plea decides to trek the hills crawling thus not putting his feet on the sacred Hills  .
  It was those days when the route was very tough even to trek .
Crawling , Swamy  reaches the  steep Knee breaker Hills .
He pauses  to take rest on the step of  `knee-breaker’ hill (`mokalla mitta’). 
Tirumala Nambi and Ananthazhwar,  rush to receive him with the Lord’s prasada — holy tirta and fruits. 
Swamy is  glad to see them .
He honors the prasad offering the same to many of his disciples . 
mango2 He takes one  Mango  fruit and buries the seeds there.  In course of time,  a big  mango tree grew out of these seeds.
On reaching the abode of  Lord  Venkatesa,  Swamy Ramanuja  is  received with temple honours. 
Swamy offers obeisance’s and feasts  his eyes on the  majestic form of the Lord. 
Later he  walks along with his disciples  to see the verdant  ( garden) nandavana, established by Anantazhwar, with a beautiful  tank.
He  affectionately embraces  his dear  disciple,  and announces “Valarthadhanal Payan Petren” (I have obtained the fruits of bringing you up). 
Swamy Ramanuja   decides to remain  for few days   to  deliver  discourses on the Upanishads.
The discourses  were soon compiled in the form of a book, “Vedanta Sangraha”, Swamy  Ramanuja’s  first work on the Vedanta.
Swamy Ramanuja stayed  almost for a year in Tirupati, to study the  essence of Valmiki’s Ramayana under the guidance of revered  Acharya Tirumalai Nambi.
Since he thought it was a sacrilege to live on the holy hill, which he revered as the body of Adisesha, and Tirumalai Nambi could not miss his service and worship of Venkateswara even for a day, they met at the foot of the hills everyday to study the epic..


Lord Venkatesa, did not want to miss the company of His ardent devotees, and joined them.


The imprint of his lotus feet ( Tiruvadi ) can be seen at the foothills where they studied the Srimad Ramayana…



It was Swamy  Manavalamamuni   who identified the spot where  Swamy Ramanuja had rested, and wished to build a temple there.


Kandadai Ramanuja Iyengar (Muni), a trusted lieutenant of Mamunigal, built a temple there and consecrated a beautiful archa  deity  (moolavar) of  Swamy Ramanuja and arranged for regular aaradhanai .


Manavalamamunigal had lovingly referred to this archa form as

“Mambazha Emperumanar”.



Adiyen Ramanuja dasan


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video credits  :  Sri Sudarshan swamin