Lord Rama and the little squirrel

Oh Lord ! i did not perform any service that an ordinary man can do. i did not even attempt as little as a squirrel did.

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The scene  near the ocean was very different . Few squirrels suddenly noticed an army of vanaras marching near the mountains and lifting  boulders  and handing it over to the chain of vanaras  who  were carrying them to  put in the ocean with valour . Few vanaras were uprooting the trees and a few making way for collecting the boulders . All squirrels  residing near to the mountains  were wondering what was going around .

a4They could hear all the vanaras  doing the work with enthusiasm and were chanting . The sweetest name RAMA reverberated the entire area . Slowly they came out and found the  vanaras were in fact constructing a bridge over the ocean  ,.They understood that the bridge is being constructed for them to march to the other end of the ocean .  Inquisitively  few squirrels moved further to see the mammoth work being undertaken  along with the Nama sankirtana . To their utter…

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