Chinni Krishna’s butter cup ( Dhonai leela ) at Vrindaavan

The association of Kadamba tree with Lord Krishna is  most memorable . The Kadamba tree is  consecrated by all the  the devotees of Lord Krishna and its flowers are used as offerings to LORD at various temples.


Several legends that are related to the Kadamba tree  are famous to relish . Under the Kadamba tree, Lord Krishna used to swing from the branches and dance in festivity with all the gopikas of Vrindavana. 


while grazing the cows along with the gopas near GOVERDHAN near a village Sammai our little krishna saw a elder gopa distributing kheer ( payasam ) to bhagavathas .


Our little krishna approached  the elder  gopa and asks Bhayya !!

what about my share ??


The elder gopa smilingly asks  ( chinni krishna ) kanhaiyya to get a cup for collecting the Kheer  not knowing what  our chinni krishna can do  ..



 The butter thief he was   goes near the Kadamba tree and asks for a leaf Cup .  

Yes Master !!!  

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The Kadamba tree  with all obedience  bows  down  to the Master and  gives its leaf in the form of a small cup for kanhaiyya to have that Kheer .

butter cup

This  divine leela  which was enacted few thousand years ago  still continues in the sacred dhaam of Vrindavan near  Giriraj Goverdhan  .


As a part of our Vraj Dhaam yatra ,  during Sri Goverdhan Parikrama  , we were eager to have darshan of the divine cup .

jaya jaya

We had to go inside the village from the Goverdhan parikrama marg upto  almost 3 kms  in search of the kadamba trees .  


Praying LORD for his grace we were trying  to request vrajwasi to help us in having a darshan of the leaf cup which is rarely visible .

A brajwasee passing by entered the scene , but was not very sure about the location .


  Our chant of the Holy name somehow attracted a dark skinned young boy who suddenly appeared under a tree  smiling at us . He was nowhere around when we searched .


It was all of a sudden he appeared and the miracle happened……..


 He  called another vrajwasee ( who was also not seen for few seconds ) , and told him to go to a particular Kadamba tree and come with the divine cup .


Within seconds the divine cup arrived  and it was a blessing to  have a darshan of the butter  leaf cup from the kadamba tree which was  graced by a vrajwasee himself   .


This  divine anubhutee can be felt even after 5000 years the kadamba tree gives that divine cup to the lovable brajwasees ..

We later spent some divine time with this young lad (!) discussing some esoteric truths on Premabhava of gopikaas and Lord’s love to his devotees ..

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All of us were in tears for the mercy LORD showered on us …


 All glories to the Divine leela
Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Jai Sree Radhey shyaam

Hare Krishna