The EGO is not getting rid of me Gurudeva ! Please help !!

Once a disciple of the great Acharya Sri Periavachanpillai asked his Guru ,

Swamin ! My attempts to control the  EGO is  always ineffective and this EGO is not getting rid of me  .

Few  occasions this is  becoming more prominent and making me to  misconduct myself  repeatedly .

Gurudeva , adiyen is enslaved by my nature and am scared.

 Is there still any scope for me to attain the  Supreme Lord ?? or will this behaviour of mine throw me in the deep pit of hell .

The disciple was in distress .


The revered Acharya replied  ,

My Child !!

It is wrong for the jiva to think that he is the enjoyer or that he is totally independent . Once Lord decides to save the Jivahe  makes him do good things and If  HE  wishes him to push him down  HE  makes him to do the evil deeds ….


 Pride is an alternative name for EGO .

The feeling  that  I am Independent , strong , wealthy , intelligent  , handsome etc compared to others invites this EGO with open arms .

 Such EGO is responsible for disrespecting Elders .

  The one who keeps EGO at a distance is alone eligible for God Realisation .

The paramour that accompanies the EGO  is the feeling of I ness or the feeling of mine .Whenever any attractive thing is perceived the mind wants to claim it or possess it .This feeling is  the wife of the EGO and as a chaste wife she will never leave her husband EGO .The children born to this couple are anger and jealousy .

The mischief created by these kids destroys the peace of the Jiva .

And to get rid of this couple  !!!! the jiva suffers ….


Its like this my child !!

The head of the family is EGO .

If one has to destroy him the wife will also end her life .

Due to their absence the kids jealousy and anger  also will vanish .

Whatever the Jiva does is under the control of the LORD .

Just as the minister  functions under the limited delegation conferred  by the King  even  the jiva  is   totally dependent  on Paramatma .

The jiva enjoys only the fruits showered by the Lord .

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Just as the independent one and the one who confers the rewards is the King , the totally Independent Lord is the complete enjoyer .

The Lord who creates this universe is constantly at work and enjoys  the fruits also  .

We enjoy only the balance that is given to us , because we have served the Lord  in full faith and love .

We do not have  a life  of our own ( that is independent of hIM ) We are there to be used , where and when as required by HIM ..


The Lord is the principal enjoyer  .

It is to be understood that we are here to be enjoyed by Him .

Assume , a  person has  gifted a Jack fruit to a King .

The King receives  the entire fruit together with the skin and the fiber  .

But when he desires to eat the fruit the King enjoys the inner kernel after removing the fibre and the skin which are not needed .

In the same  manner LORD  who is the principal enjoyer accepts the Jiva even though he may have qualities that are not favoured for his up liftment .

When the LORD wishes to enjoy the offering he removes the offending qualities of the jiva  .He accepts whatever is offered with joy .

A pasuram from Divya Prabhandam by  revered  Nammazhwar  goes as below

Theernda adiyavar  thammai thiruthippani kollavalla ardnapugal achuthan

says Nammazhwar….


It means LORD is an ocean of mercy with a big heart ….


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HE accepts all those who have a desire for liberation and even though they are covered with evil qualities which are sticking to them like dirty mud , HE ensures the same is cleaned  thus correcting  them (thiruthI ) and accepts them to HIS presence .

And finally he who has offered himself to LORD in his Saranagathi  has nothing to fear at all .

The LORD himself will rid the person of the undesirable qualities and being the real enjoyer will accept him .


The devotee was pleased and was relieved to receive the  advise .

It was a eye opener for him too to surrender his Freewill and accept the divine will .

The lesson was simple but crystal clear .

Any act of kindness , devotion , charity , cheerfulness obedience , love makes us near to LORD and  its  reverse  takes us  away from LORD .


Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

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  1. Hari Om! Varadhan one kind request. Can we expect Vedanta Desikars ” Subhashida Neevi” from your good self? Thank you,
    Adiyen Ramanuja Dasyai
    Jai Sriman Narayana

  2. Hari Om!
    Ego, Desire, Anger Jealousy – The whole Family process well explained. It’s a pity the present generation is unaware of these nor interested to know which results in divorce & suicides…Sri Ramanuja’s Gatya Trayam – the only solution for all diseases applicable even after 1000 years! Alas! Even to enjoy these scripts, one needs Perumal’s will which will result only after elimination of one’s evils by Him. Tiruvarangadamudanar repeats this in Ramanuja Noorandadi :”Erunilathil Opparilatha valvinaiyen…vancha nengil….en seivinai thenpulathil poritha apputhahachumai porukkiyapin…..Nalathai poruthathu.”
    Very vital topic well brought up!
    Adiyen! Ramanuja Dasan- Jai Sriman Narayana!

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