Swamy Pillai Lokachariar …. The most revered Acharyar of Universe …..

 Manarppakkathu Nambi   was an ardent devotee of  Lord Devaraja Perumal  of  Kancheepuram.  Nambi  was  residing  near the temple   and was   performing several  divine services daily  .  


For his unstinted devotion and service ,  Lord of Kanchi   Devaraja Perumal out of abundant mercy  taught him  few  esoteric truths  in his dream and  commanded Nambi,   My child  !! “Now that you have absorbed esoteric subjects from   me,  please  go to the  holy land between two rivers and await for the rest ……  


  (iraNdAtthukku naDuvilE centru kEtkkalAm)” 

 you  shall get the rest from there       .    


  Manarpakkam Nambi  was overjoyed with Lord’s  abundant  grace . He  faithfully  moved to           Srirangam and with the locals support built a small temple  for  Lord Varadarajar . As done earlier he  quietly lived there worshiping  the LORD    reflecting on the esoteric  meanings revealed by  Lord .


One day ,  Swamy Pillai  Lokacharya   the most respected Acharyar  along with disciples visited  the small  temple for having darshan of LORD   . Acharyar  was very pleased to see the ambiance around . Offering his obeisance’s  to LORD VARADARAJA  he felt like spending some more time inside the temple .

Observing   the quiet nature of the place  he began teaching his disciples   few  meanings of  esoteric truths .  Nambi  who was serving the Lordships  inside  the sanctum  was listening to  the discourse . He noticed Acharyas command in the subject  and related  the  meanings  quoted were  almost the same as revealed  by Lord Varadar in his dream .


Overjoyed ,  he rushed to the dais  amongst the advanced devotees and  bowing at  Swamy Pillai  Lokacharya’s  lotus feet, offered obeisance’s   and asked him…


Swamin !!

    avarO nIr?! avarO nIr?!      

(are you him? Are you the one?)……………………

To that    Swamy Pillai Lokacharyar  replied smilingly

    AAm.       seyvathu En?        

Yes, my child !!  and why do you ask?”. Manarpakkam Nambi  submitted  his dream to him. .


Pillai Lokacharya  was glad to note about his  unstinted devotion to Lord . He showered his blessings at the young devotee  and took him as his disciple.  Swamy  advised him to join the assembled group of devotees and  taught  him the meanings  in detail .  


 The entire summary of these esoteric truths turned  out to become  ” Sri Vachana Bhushanam  ”  the most  important book  for all the  srivaishnavas .


“however  lower in caste one is born doesn’t matter for me, if he is a bhAgavathOththaman,  he is my swAmi”. Having these meanings in mind the  divine outpourings are summed up …..


Pillai Lokacharya’s primary disciples were Koorakuloththama Dasa, Manarpakkam Nambi, Kollikavala Dasa , Kotturilanar and Vilanjsolai  Pillai.

Pillai Lokacharya authored several works including the eighteen rahasya granthas known together as Ashtadasa  Rahasya and Gadyatraya Vyakhyanam.


Pillai Lokacharya  expresses in his works , that  LORD  sees this sorry state of affairs of  jivatmas  and thinks of  simple  ways and means of correcting  them who have strayed  in the wrong path.  Lord’s abundant  mercy  blesses them  to seek salvation by making them understand the real purpose of life . They seek a good  teacher  in understanding the esoteric truths and start serving LORD  .The dangers  of this life with its temporary pleasures but permanent derailment in taking repeated births  makes them  worried . They realize that life in this world is comparable to the life of a helpless frog caught in the mouth of a snake . A doe caught in a forest fire running hither and thither not knowing where safety lies. Realising  their fate is none better than that of a helpless ant caught between the two ends of a burning stick and  torn  by the five senses seek refuge ..Swamy Pillai Lokacharya wrote 18 rahasyas books expounding the fundamental vaishnavite philosophy and shastras. The Archiradhi is one such rahasya   .Swamy  Pillai Lokacharya’s magnum opus  “Sri Vachana Bhushanam”  is  an ornament of  divine outpourings from  our revered Poorvavacharyas. This great work consists of  almost 465 aphorisms which all sri vaishnavas must strive to follow by Acharyars  krupai and revelation .The master piece of the work discusses in detail about Lord , Goddess, bhakthi and   Prappathi   ,  service to Acharya and Acharyar as a means to obtain the  goal , the greatness of the ones who follow the above path , the great ones who are scholars in the scriptures and their joy in attaining the desired goal.


Lokacharyar Sri Pillai Lokachariar was instrumental in saving our rich legacy of darisanam by  taking the most privileged service of bringing  Namperumal safely out of Srirangam during the  tyrant Malik Kafur  invasion during the year 1323.


Lokacharyar along with many disciples went through the rough terrains, forests, and so on, carrying our LORD safely  .

When they reached Jyothiskudi, near to  Madurai , Swamy Pillai Lokachariar realized that he cannot carry on any more, so he decided to stay in Jyothishkudi itself serving the LORD incognito . He  advised  his  disciples  to  remain devoted to LORD always . Lokaacharyan was rightly glorified as ulagAriyan – ( teacher of the universe).

While Swamy was about to leave this world and reach  Acharyan’s Lotus feet, he started touching the ants and other such insects near  to him with compassion … ( as all  such living beings  will get to reach Sri Vaikunta if they have got that service  done by a Sri Vaishnava).

Such was Sri Pillai Lokacharya’s Karunya towards the living beings.

Tomorrow November 4th is Appearance day of our Acharyar


Lokaachaarya gurave krSHNapaadhasya soonave |
samsaarabhogi sandhaSHta jeeva jeevathave namaha ||


Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

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