……….” AZHWAR’S DIVYAPRABHANDAM FESTIVAL” ………… …..Thiru Adhyayana Utsavam ….

Thiru Adhyayana Utsavam  is  an enlightening  festival  for all  vaishnavas   and is  an assembly of devotees   reciting of Vedic Verses.

 This  divine incident is celebrated as the  Thiru Adhyayana Utsavam in all the  Sri Vaishnava temples  starting on Margazhi Amavasai  ( Dec-Jan ) with the Divya Prabhandam pasurams of  Thirunedunthandakam (10 days before Vaikunta Ekadashi).


The 4000 Divya Prabandham  are the out pouring of the Azhwars who appeared in various divyadesams   few  thousand  year ago as per the divine commands of Lord Sriman Narayana  and composed the divine pasurams which all srivaishnavas make it a law  to recite .


The  Divya Prabhandham has 4000 divine verses (Pasurams) and is  the Dravida Vedam   popularly glorified  as “Nalaayiram Divya Prabhandam “  in Tamil. It is also  glorified as  Dravida Tamil Veda.



 Once at Srirangam the capital of Srivaishnavas , the last of twelve    Azhwars ,  Thirumangai Azhwar sang one of his divine prabhanda       (Thiru-Nedun-Thaandakam ) glorifying Lord Ranganathar .


 Lord  was pleased by  Azhwar’s recitation and thus  granted two boons to Thirumangai Azhwar.

The Azhwar  overjoyed ,  prayed Lord Ranganatha for his  grace  in giving equal status  to the 4000 Divya Prabhandams in terms of authority as Vedas.  He also pleaded audience in listening to the divine pasurams of   Swami NammAzhwar  which was granted .


 Azhwar  overjoyed  with Lord Ranganathar’s command proceeded to Azhwar Thirunagari from Srirangam with his followers  on Thirukarthigai in Karthika month(Nov-Dec) to Azhwar Thirunagari    to invite Swamy Nammazhwar to srirangam.

It was almost 350 kms travelling from Azhwar Thirunagari (which is in Tirunelveli) to Srirangam  .


The day  when Thirumangai Azhwar along with Swami Nammazhwar arrived  at Sri Rangam was  Vaikunta Ekadasi.


 Swamy Nammazhwar was received with due honours   and  was  adorned with Muthangi seva and  Namperumal with Rathnangi.  Thus this divine festival was conducted with pomp and show  singing  Lord’s kalyana gunas .


Starting from  Vaikunta Ekadasi  succeeding   next nine days, Azhwar along with the devotees  recite Swami Nammazhwar’s  Thiruvamozhi  in  the royal presence  of  Lord Ranganathar.


 This was followed for several years…

However after Thirumangai Azhwar disappearance , the practice was slowly  overlooked  .



It was  JagathAcharyar Swami Ramanujar, who started the practice  once again.  And as the practice of welcoming  Swami Nammazhwar’s Thirumeni from Azhwar Thirunagari was cumbersome ,

Swamy Nammazhwar Thirumeni  ( deity ) was installed  with all the purificatory rites  at Srirangam .


Swamy Ramanujar  further   advised  to glorify Lord’s Kalyana gunas by reciting the entire Naalayirum Divya Prabhandam  and hence added ten days before the Ira Paththu and called them Pagal Paththu.  

  These ten days, the divya sukthees  of other Azhwars  are  recited.




As a mark of recognition to Thirumangai Azhwar’s divine service , the day before the Pagal Paththu Uthsavam first day, Namperumal listens to Thirumangai Azhwar’s  ThiruNedunthandagam pasurams .


 It is also said that  Swamy Parasara Bhattar in the process of  bringing  the great Vedanti Madhavacharyar  in  srivaishnava fold won a debate and  thus convinced him  joining  our sampradaya by   the  esoteric truths contained in the thirty verses of Azhvar’s “thirunedundhaaNdhakam”.


Upon Bhattar’ triumphant return to Srirangam, Lord Ranganatha asked Bhattar how he was able to defeat the great  scholar .


Bhattar explained that it was through the Thirunedundhaandakam. 

 It happened to be one day before the pagal patthu arambham,  and hence  in Srirangam, there is a special recitation of the Thirunedundhaandakam before the regular Adhyayana utsavam begins, because of Bhattar’s great service in  bringing  “Nanjeeyar” to our sampradaya .


The great festival started as ten days festival by Azhwar and was later  celebrated  as Twenty one day festival  (+one day for ThiruNedunthandagam) by  Swami Ramanuja.


Unlike other Divyadesams Thiru Adhyayana Utsavam is celebrated for  23 days in Tirumala. This is  usually held from the night of AmAvAsya preceding Vaikunta Ekadasi in Dhanurmasa.

This video doesn’t exist


 In the absence of  Swamy Nammalwar’s deity  at Tirumala, the vigraha of Nammalwar’s Acharya Sri Senapathi Alwar  along with Swamy Ramanuja conduct this festival . 

Lord  Venkateshwara  exclusively listens to Ramanuja Nootrandhadhi on the last day as a mark of respect to the great acharyar who offered Thiru sankhu chakram to the Lord of the Universe and thus re-established  sri vaishnavism.



The Lord thus fulfilled Anantazhwan’s, (the dearest disciple of Swamy Ramanuja) desire to have sannidhi for Ramanujar and honour our JagathAcharyar .


To  equate the Divya Prabhandams with the Vedas Adhyayana and Anadhyayana kalams are issued as in the Vedas and   during a specific period (during a year) they are not chanted  and this period is  called Anadhyayana kalam .


Also another reason cited by elders is that during  Swami Nammazhwar  journey from Azhwar Thirunagari to Sri Rangam most of the devotees were in the process of welcoming  Nammazhwar and the troupe carrying the Lordships and the euphoria was focussed at one place .


The devotees of  Azhwar Thirunagari  waited for Swamy Nammazhwar to  return from Srirangam before they resumed the chanting of  the divya prabhandam  which happened to take some time and when they arrived it was almost  one month Thai Hasta Nakshatra  the appearance day of the most advanced srivaishnava Acharya Sri Koorathazhwan.

The Anadhyayana kaalam (period of non-recital of prabhandham) is observed from Karthigaiyil Karthikai(from Karthika Pournami) to Thai Hastam(which happens to be Sri Kooratazhwan’s appearance day).

 This is observed   in houses of  all Sri vaishnavas .

During the 21 days around Vaikunta Ekadasi, prabhandham is recited in temples only.  During this time, srivaishnavas at home glorify acharyars works like Naalayira Thanians, Desikar prabhandam , upadesarathinamalai , thiruvamozhi nootrandadi, Aarthi prabhandham etc.




Adiyen Ramanuja dasan..

Photos  credits : Sri Vakulabharan ,  Sri kesava bhasyam and other advanced devotees

video  credits :   with humble  obeisances to sri kesavabhashyam



Oh ! Rama…. How tasty is your name? Bhaktha Ramdas relishes in his kirtan

It was then that he sang, ‘Oh! Compassionate one! Oh! Compassionate one!’ What deep love (‘priyam’) must he have possessed for Rama? He built the temple for Rama.

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O Rama nee naama memi ruchira!
One of his compositions


O,Rama Ninamamu Emi Ruchira ,Enta Ruchira?
( O Rama How tasty your name?)
O Rama nee naama memi ruchira
O Rama, how tasty your name is
Sri Rama nee naama mentha ruchira


Sri Rama, how delicious your name is
Madhu rasamula kante dadhi ghruthamula kante adhikamou
It is sweeter than nectar and sweeter than yoghurt or ghee
nee namam emi ruchira
Your name is so tasty
Draksha phalamula kanna ikshu rasamula kanna


It is tastier than grapes and tastier than sugar cane juice
Pakshi vahana nee namam emi ruchira
O lord who rides on an eagle (Garuda), you name is so tasty
Anjana thanaya hruth kanja dalamulandu ranjillu
O Rama, your name resides in the petals of a lotus flower which is the heart of Lord Hanuman who is the son of Anjani
nee namam emi ruchira
Your name is…

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On the day of garuda vahanam early morning he took a dip at thakkan kulam ( pond ) . He felt very sad and prayed to Lord Devaraja at the bank of the tank chanting his Holy names . Lord Devaraja was very much pleased with his deep devotion and he flew to Ghatikachalam on Garuda and gave darshan to his dear devotee . Dhoddachar was overwhelmed with emotion and his eyes were filled with tears of joy and gratitude. He prostrated before the Lord repeatedly and praised the Lord with five slokas which is known as Devaraja Panchakam. Even now on Garuda vahana sevai day early morning when Lord Devaraja comes out of the entrance of the temple, he stops for a few minutes and He is covered by an umbrella to symbolize this incident marking the incident of LORD giving darshanam to his dear devotee .

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Sholingur is a small town in Vellore district  in Chennai city in South India. Lord Narasimha temple and Hanuman temple are  located on top of two separate hills in this town and  are  the most popular Sri Vaishnaivite temples in India. Located about 90kms west of Madras (and about 25kms from Arakkonam and 40kms from Tiruttani), atop a hill on a single rock  is the Lord Narasimha Divya Desam in Sholingur, also called Chozha-Simha-Puram and Thiru Kadigai.


The Yoga Narasimha Swamy temple is situated on this  hillock is  at a height of 750 ft, and there are 1305 steps. This is also referred to as UtheeCheerangam(North Srirangam).There are two temples of significance here- the Yoga Narasimha temple at Periya Malai (the big hill) and the Yoga Chathurbhuja Anjaneyar temple at Chinna Malai (the small hill). Bhaktha Anjaneya also was doing thapas (penance) here. The Lord  pleased with him  gave His Shanku…

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Alavandar was happy and sad at the same time. Happy that he had such a loving disciple and sad because he was forced to give so much of pain and suffering to such a nice man.

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Those were the glorious  days when the  most revered  Acharyar Swamy Yamuna Acharyar was living .  A great devotee Nambi also  lived near srirangam . One day,  Swamy  Yamunacharya was on the way to a  village . To his surprise he saw  Nambi  who was working in the field was drinking the mud water in the field  with his two hands. Yamunacharya was amazed to see this action of  Nambi. He sent one of his disciples to  inquire  about his  strange act with Nambi .


Nambi with all humility  answered  Swamin !!  philosophically  this body  goes into this mud (earth)  after  our death  and this body  made up  of Panchabhootas has to rest at the place it originated ,  hence my taking mud water should  not amuse you . 


Swamy Yamunachary was hearing his statement with interest .  He understood that  Nambi was almost like 

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Oh! My Lovely Lord! My Chella piLLaay! Please come and sit on my lap!”

Filled with emotion he called him, “You are my Chella Pillai! You are my treasure (Sampath)”The Delhi Badsha was spell bound to see the scene. He cried, “Achcha! Achcha! You are really the great guru! Even the Lord loves you and I can understand He came and sat on your lap when you called Him! It shows your greatness!

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During his short exile from Srirangam , Swamy Ramanujar was staying at Thondanur in Karnataka . Once , Swami Ramanuja found that there was no Thiruman to wear he was naturally upset and sad. He was praying Lord to show him the place where he could get the white clay ( Thiruman ) .The Lord who always comes to the aid of His true devotee, appeared in his dream. LORD told him to go to Yadhavadri where there was a tank called Kalyani Pushkarani where he could locate the ThirumaN.

melkoHe also expressed that there was a Thulasi vanam nearby. Under the Thulasi plant he could find the Lord buried underneath. LORD advises Swamy Ramanuja to bring the deity and after all the purification rites , construct a temple for Him. R Swami Ramanuja was very happy and at once started to the place to find LORD and Thiruman. With…

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Yogakshemam vahanmyaham”

Lord had come to keep up the words of his devotee (as Swamy Ramanujar told the temple servant that he will get his prasAdam without fail directly at his residence …This is how LORD also keeps up his words “Yogakshemam vahanmyaham”.

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An interesting episode took place during  Swamy Ramanuja’s time at Srirangam .  One day a   kainkaryapara ( temple servant)   was  murmuring  in front of the  thirumadapalli (temple kitchen) of Srirangam temple in a strange way .  Amused by his speech   many onlookers  and devotees assembled there .  Acharya  Swamy Ramanujar   was proceeding  to temple from  his Ashram  .


Looking at the  huge gathering near the kitchen   , Swamy enquired what was the reason for this gathering . A disciple came forward and  replied that  a kainkaryapara ( servant ) was dejected for some reason and hence he  was  murmuring .   Swamy Ramanuja  instructed  his  disciple to call him . Pleased with Acharyar’s invitation   the kainkaryaparar  introduced himself as a servant  of the temple  and offered  his humble obeisances .  Swamy Ramanuja  asked him why was he dejected ?? He submitted  , Swamy !!  adiyen was content  with  Lords prasadam  which was taking care…

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The  HOLY DHAAM  “Damodar Kund”  (lake) is situated   under a rain shadow of High Himalayas north of Annapurna range. The elevation of the Damodar Kund  is approximately  4890 meters  . Being at a great altitude the area  is  too  cold and windy place. The Damodar lakes are located three days walk north east of the main Mustang trekking route & very close to Tibetan border and Mukthinath . However nowadays as per the locals there is a mote able road also  .

En route we can have darshanam of Saligrama kshetra (Muktinath) which is situated at a height of 3,800 metres . Jomsom  airport is at 2713 metres. The distance to Muktinath from Jomsom by walk is 21 kms (via Kagbeni) Another short-cut which involves climbing of a steep mountain that  would save about 3-4 kms. Presently   Jeeps and motorbikes are operated for easy travel of the piligrims …

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Samudrarajan noticing LORD RAMA’s mood repents for his folly and seeks forgiveness and pleads LORD Rama to build a bridge with rocks over the sea waters. (NASA has proved the existence of a bridge from SEthukarai) The ever compassionate Lord Rama who is a “saranagatha vatsalan” forgives him but as the arrow cannot go waste, Lord Rama aims at Samudrarajan’s enemies at Durmagulayam on the North-western part of India at present day “Rajasthan” on Samudrarajan’s request and destroys them. That place got dried up immediately and is the present day can be seen as Thar desert.

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Soon after hearing the whereabouts of Mother Sita from Hanumanji ,  Lord Sri Rama marches from Kishkindha(Hampi) towards  Lanka along with Vanara army and reaches the sea shore at Thirupullani in Tamilnadu.  Looking at the ocean , Lord Rama decides to summon Samudrarajan  ( the king of the sea ) to pave way for HIS army .


Lord Rama  like any ordinary human being  submits a prayer to Samudrarajan . Lord Rama  further  sitting on dharbam ( kusa grass )  fasts  for three days to invoke  Samudraraja’s  attention.

thiruppulanee v

However , Samudrarajan puffed up with ego does  not  turn up . Lord  Rama decides to teach Samudrarajan a lesson and takes a sankalpam to dry up the ocean with HIS  mighty kodhandam.

jai sree ram

Samudrarajan  noticing LORDs   mood  repents for his folly and seeks forgiveness and pleads  LORD  Rama to build a bridge with rocks over the sea waters. (NASA has proved the…

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Swamy Ramanujars Panchasamaskara vaibhavam at Madurantakam

Every year the holy Panchasamaskara Vybhavam of Swamy Ramanujar is celebrated at Madhurantakam in grand manner during Avani Month in Sukla Paksha Panchami Thi-thi. ( the very next day after the Vinayaka Chathurthi ).

The Pancha samaskara Vybhavam is enacted under tree very same Maghizam tree where original event took place long long ago every year .




videos  courtesy : Sriman Ranganathan Srinivasan

Pics courtesy  : Shared by several devotees in social media


The great devotee of LORD NARASINGHA ” Swamy Annavilappan”

Swami Annavilappan , Thirukumarar (son ) of Appachiaranna Swami had a divine dream. The Lord of Singaperumal Koil Pataladhri Narasimha, appeared in the dream of Swami Annavilappan and ordered him to set right His abode which was covered under sand dunes and establish a place with agraharam and kainkaryaparas and to live ever in His Service. Accordingly, Swami Annavilappan followed the divine order and lived his full life time in the service of the Lord of Singaperumal Koil

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Lord SrimanNarayana out of abundant mercy  sent  Azhwars who appeared at different parts of South India during kaliyuga  to spread Srivaishanvism and steadfast faith and devotion to Lord  for their own up liftment .


They expressed their divine experience of  Lord  and His glorious kalyanagunas in their mystic outpourings in chaste Tamil language which are collectively known as “Nalayira Divya Prabandham”.


These divine  pasurams (songs)  contain rich philosophical and religious thoughts drawn from the Upanishads and Ithihasa Puranas. They cover all the essential teachings of SriVaishnavism and thus made a very great contribution for futher development by our Purvacharyas like Sriman Nathamunigal, Sri Yamunacharya,   Swami Ramanuja and other  advanced acharyas who came after the Azhwars.


Swami Ramanuja made the most significant contribution to the development and propagation of the Visishtadvaita Philosophy and Srivaishnavism Religion.

Being a Philosopher and Scientific thinker, Swami Ramanuja systematized the system of thought of Srivaishnavism religion and…

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Acharya Devo Bhava ……………….

If a man wishes sincerely to save his Acharyar by sacrificing his body , wealth and life , he will be saved by LORD SRIMANNARAYANA himself
Acharya Devo Bhava ………….

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Swamy Nampillai was the disciple of Sri Nanjeeyar and the acharya of Sri Vadakku Thiruveethipillai and Sri Periyavaccan Pillai. Once , Swamy Nampillai  went to Thiruvellarai for Lord Pundarikakshan darshanam  .


Swamy along with his disciples were returning  to  Srirangam .

Featured Image -- 56849998

It was raining heavily past few days . Once they reached  river Kaveri , they were shocked to see the flow of the river trees  uprooted  and  the fury of the floods created confusion  in the disciples mind .


To cross the river they had to board a strong boat and they were worried about the water flow .   It was getting darker and the diciples were perplexed  .  They managed to get a small boat   quickly for crossing the small stretch of the river .

aa Swamy Nampillai  also joined the disciples  and was contemplating on Lord’s  kalyana gunas mentally . They boarded the small boat…

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