The great devotee of LORD NARASINGHA ” Swamy Annavilappan”

Swami Annavilappan , Thirukumarar (son ) of Appachiaranna Swami had a divine dream. The Lord of Singaperumal Koil Pataladhri Narasimha, appeared in the dream of Swami Annavilappan and ordered him to set right His abode which was covered under sand dunes and establish a place with agraharam and kainkaryaparas and to live ever in His Service. Accordingly, Swami Annavilappan followed the divine order and lived his full life time in the service of the Lord of Singaperumal Koil

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Lord SrimanNarayana out of abundant mercy  sent  Azhwars who appeared at different parts of South India during kaliyuga  to spread Srivaishanvism and steadfast faith and devotion to Lord  for their own up liftment .


They expressed their divine experience of  Lord  and His glorious kalyanagunas in their mystic outpourings in chaste Tamil language which are collectively known as “Nalayira Divya Prabandham”.


These divine  pasurams (songs)  contain rich philosophical and religious thoughts drawn from the Upanishads and Ithihasa Puranas. They cover all the essential teachings of SriVaishnavism and thus made a very great contribution for futher development by our Purvacharyas like Sriman Nathamunigal, Sri Yamunacharya,   Swami Ramanuja and other  advanced acharyas who came after the Azhwars.


Swami Ramanuja made the most significant contribution to the development and propagation of the Visishtadvaita Philosophy and Srivaishnavism Religion.

Being a Philosopher and Scientific thinker, Swami Ramanuja systematized the system of thought of Srivaishnavism religion and…

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Thank you very much for your valuable time reading the divine pastime. Please let us know your opinion for any improvements .kazhiyur varadan

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