‘Sri Alwarnath’ the ‘lord of the alwars’ temple at Puri

t is believed that those who cannot worship Lord Jagannath during his stay in the sick chamber can get the blessings of Lord Alarnathjee if they visit this temple. During this period the temple servitors offered holy rice porridge, known as ‘Kheer’ ( Akkaraadisil ) in local language, to the lord. During the present anavasara period of every year thousands of devotees visit this temple to get the blessings of Lord Alarnath and to taste the mahaprasad ( famous holy ‘Kheer’).

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Swamy Ramanujar  during his yatra visited the holy shrine of LORD JAGANNATHAR  at Puri dhaam located some 28 kms south of Puri, known as Brahmagiri. It is said that during Satya Yuga, Brahma performed great tapas  seeking blessings of  Maha Vishnu, and pleased with the aradhanai instructed Brahma to construct a temple . This place came to be known as Brahmagiri.


It is said that Swamy Ramanujar visited the temple during his Orissa visit.  Swamy   was delighted to  have darshanam of chaturbhuja ( four armed) Lord  Sri Maha Vishnu, with conch, discus, mace and lotus flower. It is also believed  by the locals that he glorified  the deity  as ‘Sri Alwarnath’ or the ‘lord of the alwars’ giving the message of Sri Vaishnava Sampradaya. The place which housed Lord  Alwarnath hence also came to be known as Alwarpur. And today the words have been shortened with  passing time, the temple known as…

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Swamy Koorathalvan and Lord Azhagar at Thirumalirumcholai,

If you try to love God, you’ll gradually realize how much he loves you.

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Swamy Koorathalvan was staying at Thirumalirumcholai  during his exile from Swamy Ramanuja   Swamy was  carrying out pushpa kainkaryam ( Flower service )  for  Lordships  every day.  During  december month ( Margazhi maasam)  azhwar after reciting the 5th pasuram of Thiruppavai and  offering the garland , he  was honoured with  sathari  . Koorathazhwan was  sad  for some reason . As he sat outside his house, a young well built man emerged and asked him what was that making him sad .


He  assured whatsover the  problem, he had come to solve the same  . Despite repeated such assurances, Koorathazhwan, insisted that there was no way his problem could be solved. At this polite reply , the  handsome man got   a bit  surprised  and asked him  Did he really know who he was ? Swamy  Koorathalwan replied with calmness,


Swamin ! ”Adiyen  know you  very well. You are the Lord…

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