Swamy Koorathalvan and Lord Azhagar at Thirumalirumcholai,

If you try to love God, you’ll gradually realize how much he loves you.

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Swamy Koorathalvan was staying at Thirumalirumcholai  during his exile from Swamy Ramanuja   Swamy was  carrying out pushpa kainkaryam ( Flower service )  for  Lordships  every day.  During  december month ( Margazhi maasam)  azhwar after reciting the 5th pasuram of Thiruppavai and  offering the garland , he  was honoured with  sathari  . Koorathazhwan was  sad  for some reason . As he sat outside his house, a young well built man emerged and asked him what was that making him sad .


He  assured whatsover the  problem, he had come to solve the same  . Despite repeated such assurances, Koorathazhwan, insisted that there was no way his problem could be solved. At this polite reply , the  handsome man got   a bit  surprised  and asked him  Did he really know who he was ? Swamy  Koorathalwan replied with calmness,


Swamin ! ”Adiyen  know you  very well. You are the Lord…

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Thank you very much for your valuable time reading the divine pastime. Please let us know your opinion for any improvements .kazhiyur varadan

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