JagathAcharyar kataksham and Moksham to devotees

Once Lord Ranganathar  declared that all the riches of the Kingdom of Heaven as well as of earth were placed at Swamy Ramanuja’ disposal.


Lord Srinivasa  also re confirmed this grant by His  divine  words .  And to prove that this was not mere flattery, it is written in our poorvacharyas works  that  one incident happened when JagathAcharyar  Swamy Ramanuja was in  Tirumala  .


During those  few months stay , a milkmaid by name Tumbaiyur Kondi  used to  supply   milk  and curds to the deities of Swamy   Ramanuja in his ashram . When he was  about to take  leave  from  Tirupati, the woman appeared and presented her bill for payment.  Swamy Ramanuja  advised  Kidambi‐Acchan to give her   prasadam and settle her bill   in the Mutt . She was pleased with Acharyar’s  words . She proceeded to the Mutt and had her Prasadam . She  went to Swamy Ramanuja  and prostrated to him and submitted to him that she had a favour to ask.


 She said, “Holy sire, I desire not payment in coins for my  milk and curds, but grant me Moksha instead!”  Swamy Ramanuja  replied , Mother !! that power I  do not possess ! Only  Lord Srinivasa alone can grant your prayer,

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Then !!  Swamy Kindly give me a written assurance that for the curds and milk supplied  this  woman  let her be given  Moksha !


 Swamy Ramanuja, over‐come by her faith, gave her the written deed  . She forthwith ascended the Sacred Mount, but  had hardly reached the summit,


the Lord Himself met her on the way, and receiving the permit gave her Moksha on the spot.


Another similar  incident happened  during revered Swami Nampillais days .  Those were the days when Swami Nampillai was managing the affairs of srivaishnavas at Srirangam . Many disciples , scholars used to come to the Ashram for  Acharayar’s advise .  Next to the Ashram there was  a vacant space and another house which was owned by an old lady a nice devotee .


This  vacant space adjoining the Ashram could cater the additional guests arriving  frequently . Swami Nampillai informed his disciples to request the owner of the land to donate the same for a noble service . The request was placed before the old woman but ended up in ambiguity . Swami Nampillai then asked his disciples to call the old woman .


The old woman  prostrated the Acharyar and said , Swamin !! I am fortunate to posseess  this vacant land at Srirangam because of my elders  and would not part it as long as  I am   alive . However as a faithful follower she could accept for accommodating the devotees under a small request . Swami Nampillai  allowed her to speak .


The old woman continued , Acharyar kindly arrange to grant me an equal piece of land at  Srivaikuntam  .  Swamy Nampillai replied , Mother ! I shall submit my prayer for the same . Lord will grace you for sure .

Unsatisfied with the Seer’s words she said , Swamin , I am an old illiterate woman and wish to have an written assurance instead of an oral assurance.

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Swamy Nampillai happily agreed .   He got the deed drafted and  made his disciple  recite  before the old woman  which stated that she would be reaching the presence of Lordships on  a particular date and time and will be given the required space in the heaven honouring the deed  which was attested by Swamy Nampillai himself  .

The old lady with tears prostrated Acharyar and happily donated the land .

Few days later she passed away peacefully on the date and time as per the deed  and reached Sri vaikuntam  .

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

 Pics Credits :  Sriman Sree Krishna

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  5. Thanks for sharing the Jagath Acharyar Katasham. It shows true love and faith towards God.

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