…You might feel offended if I say this. But, I cannot resist telling the truth for your own good……. Will you hear me?

Before the one omnipotent Lord , all the devas ( demigods) tremble and crouch . One such incident happened during the time of Pillay Uranga Villi dasar .

Long Shot of Main Gopuram

Pillai Uranga Villidasar  was  a favourite disciple to Swamy Ramanuja .He became very close to his Master so rare that was his piety  though belonged to a lower caste he had privileges conferred upon him .

 He was previously a wrestler who by grace of JagathAcharyar turned to become Swamy Ramanuj’s disciple .


His turning into disciple can be read in the appended blog post




  One of  Villidasar’s  land tenant was put into torture by the village deity called Aiyanar .  


“Aiyyanar” shrines are  located at the peripheries or boundaries of rural villages, and the  village deity is seen with a sword riding a white horse who eternally ,fight against demons and evil spirits vigilantly who threaten the villagers .


 The deity was asked by the villagers  to mention what measures would serve him to propitiate it and appease its wrath .

The village deity replied , Serve me milk , fruits , smear me with sandal paste …

Dress me nicely.

Deck me  with jewellery  and  put  an umbrella    over me .

Celebrate and offer me the best dishes .


The Villagers consented and went to their master Villi dasar’s house , borrowed all the things listed above and offered to the village deity as directed and retired after the propitiation ceremonies .


That night however the torments for the obsessed tenant multiplied .

Aiyanar was pleaded by the villagers, reason  for the unexpected backlash …


The Village deity replied ..

You fools !!

You have committed a great offense !!!

You have brought the articles used by the great devotee and disciple of Swamy Ramanuja  .


You have placed an umbrella  meant for the great Lordships  and forced me to go under  which million suns were radiating ..

I am able to feel the heat by your smearing  with the sandal paste . You have hung heavy irons over my shoulders by decking me with jewels .

For all this grave act …

I shall never forgive you …


The village deity was really ferocious ………

It continued  ….

You fools !!!!  

Villidasar is a great disciple of Swamy Ramanuja  …………

Now remove all these articles ….. 

Go and seek his refugee immediately  ……


All the villagers rushed to Villidasar’s  place  who was meantime explaining to his wife Ponnachee  about the wonderful pasuram of Nammazhwar

Sonnaal virOdam ithu aagilum solvEn kENminO
Ennaavil in kaviyaan oruvarkkum koDukkillEn
Thennaa tenaavenru VaNDu mural tiruvEnkatathu
Ennaanai ennappan emperumaaLuLan aagavE

The above pasuram  meaning goes like this ……………..

 Azhwar addresses us …….

You might feel offended if I say this.

But, I cannot resist telling the  truth for your own  good…….

 Will you hear me?

You folks are running after petty  pleasures and silly satisfactions, wasting your energies by singing  tons  of praise of unworthy entities…………………..

 I,      for one, would never misuse my tongue in  such pursuits .., 

but would dedicate all my hymns at the  lotus feet of my father, the  Lord of TiruvEnkatam ( Tirumala )

 who is majestic like the mighty elephant and in whose  place bees hum his glory?


Villidasar continued ,

 Our  Azhwaar  advises  us that we should use the faculties granted to us by the Lord……  

ONLY for HIS purpose and  not  on others.

He feels sorry for those who  use their literary talents to invent non-existent qualities in people and  suppressing their defects ?

all for some small  favors and silly gains  from them.


Azhwar asks them to give up this unholy habit and turn to sing about the Lord who has all the auspicious qualities , totally devoid of any blemishes who alone can grant more than what one  could wish for even in their wildest imagination.


Seeing the apathy of  people to this appeal, he turns to himself and says at least for his part,  he would practice what he preaches.


The villagers were convinced  that the only sovereign salve for God sick souls is

Lord himself and chanting HIS holy names .


Adiyen Ramanuja dasan


Pics credits : Google images and thanks to all the devotees who uploaded in social media