Those who insult my devotees, are never excused by me even after the passage of millions of years……….

Once the revered Acharyar Nadathoor Azhwan was on the way to  a nearby temple . He met a learned srivaishnava friend who had  come to  accompany Azhwan upto the  temple . En route they were discussing  the  divine experiences of Azhwars and Poorvacharyas .


Suddenly they  came across  another srivaishnava with Tilak but was belonging to a lower caste . As was the custom those days on seing the two revered Acharyas he moved to  another side of the road and waited obediently for them to leave .


The learned vaishnava friend  who was accompanying Azhwan  looked at the passerby and started shouting at him for trespassing …….. and  was too harsh on him …..

thirukovaloor (1)

Nadadoor Azhwan who heard his  shouts , fell down in a swoon . He was brought back to consciousness  . The learned Vaishnava asked Azhwan If his health was fine and why did he swoon ?

Azhwan who was already in a deep shock explained ..


My dear scholar .. Do you know , who  was that  srivaishnava  whom you misbehaved with ?  ……………….

————-The learned vaishnava put a blank face .

Azhwan continued….  That great soul belonged to the family of Thiruppan Azhwar who with his just 10 verses of  Nectarine Amalanadhipiran pasurams   merged  in  Lord’s lotus feet and got liberated .


 My dear Swamin !! It has been repeatedly said and  proved  that If one indulges in a transgression involving a devotee ( Bhagavatha Apachara ) even the brahmavidya will be rendered ineffective in combating the effects of the karma.


Among   the different  types of transgressions for a devotee  the first arise out of disrespectful reference to another’s birth .It is a severe offence to brand a person for his low caste  as all vaishnavas , without reference to caste are worthy of worship .


This vaishnava is also a great devotee who has qualities of abundant mercy and compassion  and that was the reason  he respected you and  just moved away . Do you know , He can recite all the 4000 Divya Prabhandams pasurams . He is so fortunate to be born between the two cauveries . You have misbehaved with a great soul just because of his appearance and caste …..


Am I not a low caste person when I claim I am Independent ..  Azhwan listed out several pastimes from Poorvacharya’s works to drive his point  and   takes a verse from anthimOpAya nishtai………..


madh bhaktham svapachamvApi nindhAm kurvanthi yE narA:  padhmakOti sathEnApi na kshamAmi kathAchana

Those men who insult  my devotees, even a chandala , are never  excused  by me even after the passage of  millions of years

yA prIthirmayi samvruththA madhbhakthEshu sadhAsthu thE ……….                                   avamAnakriyA thEshAm samharathi akilam jagath

My love for My devotees is ever increasing, so much so that it would go to the extent of destroying the whole world if they are disrespected…..

 Azhwan   submitted , ………………..
Will Lord ever forgive us  for this great transgression for which he was a mute spectator…

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan …


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5 thoughts on “Those who insult my devotees, are never excused by me even after the passage of millions of years……….

  1. Very beautiful pastime explaining how Lord is protective of His devotees ✨🙇🏻‍♀️🙏

  2. Hari Om!
    Never Baghavatha apacharam! Perumal depicts by all means that a man truly becomes Great more by his Devotion & Charity!
    Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan – Jai Sriman Narayana!

  3. thank you sir these stories are teaching us very good lessons and helping us to refine our character om namo bhagavathe vasudevaya

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