Lord Rama and the little Frog

There upon the Ocean of Mercy asked, ” My dear , I am extremely sorry to have caused you this pain unknowingly. May you please excuse Me.

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It was the time when LORD RAMA was on the shores of the Indian ocean during the preparations for the cross-over to Lanka . Having supervised the bridge construction for long time , LORD wanted to take some rest. Hence He removed His bows and arrows from His shoulders, dropped them on the ground and lay Himself for some time. Later ,when He got up and took his bows and arrows from the ground, He was shocked to see some blood on the tip of one of His arrows.


The Ocean of Compassion that LORD was, HE immediately knelt down on the shore to find the source of the blood. He found to his sadness a small frog in great pain, with blood oozing out from its back and with its tearful eyes looking at the form of LORD Rama.


There upon the Ocean of Mercy asked, ” My dear…

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Thank you very much for your valuable time reading the divine pastime. Please let us know your opinion for any improvements .kazhiyur varadan

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