Unswerving loyality to one’s LORD…

jai vittalBeing loyal to HIS LORDSHIPS  at all times is  a srivaishnava’s unique specialty .

He cannot permit violation of that virtue by encouraging any thoughts of submission to devatas / demigods .


An incident happened  few hundred years back at   srivaishnava capital  Sri Rangam . Lord Namperumal was being  carried  in a  grand procession .

  JagathAcharyar Swamy Ramanuja and his disciples  along  with  elders  and  the  paraphernalia were leading the procession .

The sky suddenly turned dark which indicated  some showers and as  predicted  it started raining .

hare krishna

The Lordships entered the premises of another temple dedicated to  Sri Jambukeshwara  another divinity .


Swamy Ramanuja and his disciples who had accompanied the procession , stopped away outside the premises in the rain  unmindful of being drenched .


One disciple humbly asked  Swamy Ramanuja ..


 .. Holy Sire

When our LORD himself has entered the temple premises why should we wait in this pouring rain ?


instead of following our LORD ?


Swamy Ramanuja replied !

My child  ………………………….

Remember LORD is our Emperor and we are his queens .

If Emperor wishes to meet his  chosen,   does it mean HIS chaste queen also imitate her LORD by resorting to others .

We are chaste queens of the LORD and must never interfere in LORDS order .

..and instead wait for HIS order ….

.in serving HIM and HIM ……… only…

sri rama

 Adiyen Ramanuja dasan ..

Pics  credits : google images

VIDEOS :   Deep Gratitude  to SVBC channel