Unswerving loyality to one’s LORD…

jai vittalBeing loyal to HIS LORDSHIPS  at all times is  a srivaishnava’s unique specialty .

He cannot permit violation of that virtue by encouraging any thoughts of submission to devatas / demigods .


An incident happened  few hundred years back at   srivaishnava capital  Sri Rangam . Lord Namperumal was being  carried  in a  grand procession .

  JagathAcharyar Swamy Ramanuja and his disciples  along  with  elders  and  the  paraphernalia were leading the procession .

The sky suddenly turned dark which indicated  some showers and as  predicted  it started raining .

hare krishna

The Lordships entered the premises of another temple dedicated to  Sri Jambukeshwara  another divinity .


Swamy Ramanuja and his disciples who had accompanied the procession , stopped away outside the premises in the rain  unmindful of being drenched .


One disciple humbly asked  Swamy Ramanuja ..


 .. Holy Sire

When our LORD himself has entered the temple premises why should we wait in this pouring rain ?


instead of following our LORD ?


Swamy Ramanuja replied !

My child  ………………………….

Remember LORD is our Emperor and we are his queens .

If Emperor wishes to meet his  chosen,   does it mean HIS chaste queen also imitate her LORD by resorting to others .

We are chaste queens of the LORD and must never interfere in LORDS order .

..and instead wait for HIS order ….

.in serving HIM and HIM ……… only…

sri rama

 Adiyen Ramanuja dasan ..

Pics  credits : google images

VIDEOS :   Deep Gratitude  to SVBC channel

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  1. Hari Om!
    “We must never interfere in Lord’s order, instead wait for HIS order” – Golden tips by Udayavar to be chewed & digested. ‘Srinivasa Gadyam!’ – Honey to be tasted! Bees ringing for the ears! Massage to the whole body! Trickle to the brain nerves! Mind Blogging! Kindles the hunger!
    Varadan Sir, can you help me in hunting the lyrics thus quenching Adiyen’s thirst?
    Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan – Jai Sriman Narayana!

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