Madhumangal replied, “I don’t want to play.” I am hungry kanna ……

 This  divine pastime  of Lord Krishna is based on a folk-tale of Vraja shared by a Goswami   during  our recent yatra to Vrindavan.

 Chinni  Krishna was  overwhelmed  that morning. There was lots of activity  going on in the house. The neighbouring milkmaids of Gokul had come to help Yashoda Ma and Rohini Ma with preparations for a special Pooja to be held that night. Of course they brought their cow-herd youngsters along with them . Thus the whole group of Krishna’s friends were together and looking for things to do. Manu, Sudam, Subal, Neel, Anshu and Benu were watching the preparations in the courtyard.


Soon they wanted to help. All of them followed  Chinni Krishna to one side where a milkmaid was readying sandal paste .They pleaded with her,  Maiyaa …”Please! Please! Let us prepare the paste!” She smiled and let them take turns in rubbing the sandalwood piece on the wet circular stone. But the boys soon tired of this and wandered over to the barn where Nanda Baba, along with the other men, were  decorating the horns of cows with garlands. The children helped put the Tilaks (dots) on the foreheads of the calves and garlands around their necks. Then they ran back to the courtyard and sat around the maids who were weaving the garlands. They handed them flowers for some time. Then, tiring of this pastime, they ran towards the kitchens where Yashoda Ma and Rohini Ma were busy making laddus. There were heaps of gram flour bobs fried and soaked in sugar syrup, mixed with almonds and dry raisins and saffron. Maiya and her helpers were shaping them into balls which they put into big trays. Then they covered them with gold and silver foil. It was a day of fast for Yashoda Ma and her friends. In the evening Maharishi Garg would come to do Pooja and then they would offer worship to the moon-god. Only after that would they end their fast. These big delicious and nutritious laddus would be distributed as Prasad.*
When the boys saw those laddus suddenly they began to feel hungry.  Chinni Krishna said, “Ma! We are all very hungry. Won’t you give us some laddus?” Yashoda replied ,  “No, my son, not just now. These you will receive at night after the Pooja.

Come! I will give you Shrikhand (a sweet made of yoghurt and sugar with raisins, almonds and saffron), butter, sugar candy, mangoes and bananas,” replied Yashoda. Krishna insisted, “Ma! Please give us laddus now.” “I surely will give all of you as many as you want, but not  now,” Yashoda tried to reason with Krishna. Krishna took hold of her scarf and again insisted, “Ma! We want laddus only.” “Please, Krishna, don’t insist,” Yashoda replied.


Balaram said, “Come, Krishna, now we will eat Shrikhand and have the laddus later tonight.” Krishna obeyed his elder brother Balaram politely , but a little reluctantly. Rohini Ma brought out many delicacies for the children’s breakfast. The children enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Krishna teased  his friend Subal by taking a bite out of his mango. Subal retorted by putting a pat of butter on Krishna’s cheek. Krishna rubbed some curd (yoghurt) on Subal’s chin. All the friends laughed and clapped in glee. It took Rohini Ma full one hour first to feed the children and then to make them wash.

After breakfast the children wandered everywhere. When they came back to the courtyard Yashoda Ma was putting the big trays of laddus in the store-room. Such delicious laddus would have tempted even the gods and not only Madhumangal who was the oldest and fattest among Krishna’s friends and was especially fond of laddus. Sometimes he ate a dozen of them at one time! Yashoda smiled when she saw the children’s longing glances. She closed the door of the store-room, then locked it and tied the key into the end of her scarf and said, “Kanna ! Do not even think of trying to steal the laddus. They are meant for the worship of  Lord Vishnu. If you steal them Lord Vishnu will be angry.” A secret smile flitted into the eyes of Krishna for he himself was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. But outwardly he pretended to be angry, “Ma! Am I a thief? I will not take your laddus, not even if you ask me to. I will not talk to you.” With that parting remark Krishna joined his friends. Since that day was a holiday the boys did not have to take the cows to Vrindavan. They decided to skip ropes in turn. Two of them swung a rope while one of them jumped. Everyone enjoyed his turn. Only Madhumangal did not join his friends in their fun. He looked sad as he sat in a corner.


Krishna called out, “Madhumangal, come quickly. It’s your turn.” Madhumangal replied, “I don’t want to play.” Krishna, who could not bear his friends to be unhappy even for a moment, went and held his hands and tried to pull him up. But Madhumangal refused to budge. Krishna sat by his side and asked, “Why will you not play? What is wrong?” Madhumangal did not answer. Krishna shook him and said, “You will have to answer.” Meanwhile all the children had gathered around to listen. At last Madhumangal said in a very soft voice, “Krishna! I am hungry.” Krishna was surprised. He said, “How can that be? We have all breakfasted only half an hour ago. Anyway come with me. I will ask Maiya to give you lots of fresh butter and bread and milk thick with cream.” Krishna again tried to pull him up but Madhumangal still did not budge. Other boys also tried to make him stand but he did not. He said, “Krishna, I am not hungry for bread, butter and milk.” “Then hungry for what?” demanded Krishna. “I am hungry for those big laddus Maiya has made.” As soon as they were reminded of laddus all the children began to say, “We are hungry for laddus, we want to eat laddus. We can’t even walk due to hunger.” All the children sat on the ground suddenly feeling too weak to walk.


Balaram pleaded, “But the laddus are meant for Pooja. If you eat the laddus before Pooja, Lord Vishnu will be angry.” Again that secret smile flitted on Krishna’s face. He was in a difficult situation. Yet when he saw the sad faces of his friends he decided to ask Ma Yashoda once more. Maiya answered to Krishna’s pleading on behalf of his friends, “No, once and for all, no. I can give you any amount of butter, curds, bread and fruits but the laddus you will not get before night.”
Krishna became angry, “Why does not Ma understand that my friends are hungry only for laddus?” He argued for the last time, “Ma! Give only one to Madhumangal. He is a Brahmin. Lord Vishnu will not be angry if you give one to him.”

But Yashoda Ma firmly refused. Krishna was not to be defeated. Whatsoever he decided to do he did. He came to his friends and began to plan how to steal the laddus. Yashoda Maiya knew how determined her son could be. On the alert for mischief she sat by the side of the store-house and began to churn curds. All the other milkmaids had returned to attend to their household chores. She was alone.

Krishna and his friends went behind the store-room and began to play ball. But Krishna kept one eye on Maiya. As soon as she put her hands in the earthern pot to gather and take out the butter, he threw the ball into the store-room through its back window and all the children shouted together, “Our ball! Our ball! Look, it has fallen into the store-room.” Yashoda clearly heard their cries. But she could could not leave the butter half gathered because if she did it would not easily rise again. Krishna knew this and had made his plan accordingly. In a moment, along with Sudam, he ran to Maiya and said, “Maiya, quick, please open the store-house and give us our ball.” “My son, wait for ten minutes. My hands are full of butter. As soon as I finish taking out the butter I’ll give you your ball.” “No, Maiya, we cannot wait for so long. You give us the key and we will take out the ball,” suggested Krishna. Yashoda became suspicious. She refused to give the key. Then Krishna said with his most innocent expression, “Maiya! Don’t you have trust in your son? Look, first I will take the key and open the door. Then Subal will tie both my hands with my waist-band. I will then go into the store-room and will kick the ball out. Can I steal laddus with tied hands?” Yashoda Ma fell into the trap and consented to the plan. In one moment Krishna opened the key bunch from the end of her scarf and then opened the lock and the door. Then he tied the key to Maiya’s scarf again. Now he opened his waist-band and asked Subal to tie his hands. Maiya was reassured to see his tied hands. Still she kept looking towards the store-room. She could never be sure of her naughty son. As soon as Krishna entered the store he picked up a laddu very gently with his mouth and ran towards the back window. Madhumangal took it in his hands and Krishna ran back to pick up another laddu. He had to stretch his mouth to get hold of them. Thus in a few minutes he had transferred 12 laddus to Madhumangal — one for each of them. Maiya called out, “Krishna! What are you doing? Come out with the ball, my son.”Krishna had the last laddu in his mouth.


As soon as Madhumangal took it he shouted back, “Maiya! It is not easy to take out the ball with no hands.” Finally he kicked the ball near the door. As soon as he was about to cross the doorway Madhumangal beckoned him back frantically. Krishna ran on tip-toes wondering what the matter could be. Madhumangal reached through the bars and wiped Krishna’s lips because some gold foil was stuck to them. Krishna ran and gave a final kick to the ball. He said, “Look well, Ma. My hands are still tied. Do not complain afterwards that I stole your laddus.” In a trice Subal untied Krishna’s hands and Krishna picked up the ball. Maiya had no suspicions at all. Krishna relocked the door and tied the key back into Maiya’s scarf. Maiya smiled and gave them each a small ball of fresh butter. Popping the butter-balls in their mouths Krishna and Subal ran to rejoin their friends. Each boy was eating a laddu. How delicious they were! Two had been kept for Subal and Krishna. Subal began to eat his share. Krishna took up his laddu and gently shoved it into Madhumangal’s mouth. Laughing, Krishna said, “I hope you are no more hungry, my dear Madhumangal.” Madhumangal was surprised and a little ashamed. He had forced his friend to steal but Krishna had not eaten even a bite. “Has Krishna no desires?” he wondered. Reading his unspoken thought Krishna answered, “Truly, I have no desires.”

While he said this, for a moment his face seemed full of a bright light. Then he joyously called out, “Now let us play a new game.” Strangely, after that day, Madhumangal never felt any greed for food. Krishna’s friends always wondered at the heavenly taste of those particular laddus. There seemed to be something different and special about them. Nothing afterwards ever tasted quite so good as the sweets Krishna stole for them. But don’t forget, they had been touched by the divine lips of our Krishna.


And something even stranger happened. When Ma Yashoda went to the store-room to fetch the laddus for the evening Pooja she found not a single one missing!

  • Adapted from folk tales of Vraja
    Adiyen Ramanuja dasan
    Photos : Courtesy Google, 
  • Videos :  Thanks to Poona mamee 

***** Sanandana to Padmapada ***** …….. Jai Jai Nrsimha …Govinda keshava janardana vasudeva vishvesha-vishva madhusudana vishvarupa shri padmanabha purushottama pushkaraksha narayanachyuta nrisimho namo namaste

Sanandhana was dejected!!  What use of my austerity and sadhana? When a normal person won Lord mercy  by  his sheer love without any iota of pride.  He understood Lord was looking for his innocent and unconditional  love .

Check the appended post for the full story

The spiritual pride of Sanandana  was shattered with that incident …


True!! He recollected  his guru’s teachings …”  when devotion enters a man he becomes humane” .  The hunter was a truly humane.

jaya jaya

He realised it was Lord’s divine will to reveal HIMSELF.  He quickly walked out of the jungle accepting the Lord’s instructions praying continuously chanting  the ” Mantra Raja Pada ”  sloka and humming Lords holy names . It is almost  end of the jungle .Suddenly he hears  a chorus of Hari Naama sankeertanam


Rushing into the crowd, he finds few sadhus chanting “Rama nama” .. Immensely pleased that he reached the right place , he joins the band and sings the holy name.   Attracted by the boy’s tejas, the sadhus ask him  whether he would  join them up to Varanasi.  Sanandana’s only aim was to meet his new Acharyar and for that he was supposed to travel to holy dhams .He readily agreed .


He  just followed the child devotee Prahalada’s instructions of various forms of worship like Sravanam, Keertanam,Smaranam, Vandanam, Padha sevanam, Daasyam, Atma Nivedanam.  Always contemplating on the Lord’s beautiful form and uttering the holy names , he reached Varanasi.

Looking at holy Ganges, he rushes to take a holy dip.  Praying Paramasivan, the foremost Vaishnava who composed Mantra Raja Pada Stotram  to grace him and bless him in meeting his satguru.


He takes  leave of  sadhus to have darshan of Lord Vishwanatha.  Enroute he is attracted to a serene place.  Looking at the temple tower, he pays his obeisances to Lord Paramasivan with a humble prayer to grace him in meeting his satguru .  


He once again returns to the same serene place.  Walking slowly, he hears vedic chants learnt by him from his guru.  Overjoyed, he moves further to see a gurukul scene.  Under a tree he looks into a saint having a divine aura around him.  The saint is young and has  a magnetic personality.  His eyes were so compassionate  which makes anyone sink ..


Sanandhana rushed to the spot.  He just falls at the young saint’s lotus feet like an uprooted tree with tears …Sanandana’s  conscience  announces that he is his satguru.  Thus he waits patiently  for his guru to speak to him..  silently chanting, he stands  there among the disciples.


The young saint was Adishankara.   Reverentially he walks  near his master and submits.



My name is Sanandhana.

 I am coming from the banks of Kaveri.  

I am a disciple of a learned guru and have   completed  my studies in shukla yajur veda .

Adisankara was looking at the boy and could see an aura of a lion faced Lord Narasingha  around him.  By his mere looks, Adi sankara understood he was a staunch Lord Narasingha Bhagavan’s devotee

jaya jaya jaya

Looking at the bright lad he asks !

 Good child !!

Tell me  who is your Ishta Daivam.  

Immediately  Sanandana replies !! Lord Narasingha !!

and narrates  the episode what happened few days back.  The instructions and the mission.

Adi Sankara understood the boy’s dedication.  

He replied..

My child!

In fact I was waiting for you.

 By next Pournami, we must reach Ujjain…. Nice that you joined us ..


Sanandhana liked the place.  He became the most obedient disciple and served his Acharyar  in all means .  Slowly by his sheer service he became , Acharya’s personal servant

He learnt the inner esoteric truths from Upanishads in detail from his Master .  All the while, he was remembering ” Lord Narasingha Dev” chanting silently the Mantra Raja Pada Stotram.


Sanandhana’s mood was always immersed in the divine instructions of Lord Narasingha dev to seek solace from an Acharya. He was eager to have Mantropadesham and have darshan of Lord by the mercy of Adisankara.Thus  he was constantly chanting Lord Narsingha Dev Moola Mantra.

Other disciples were jealous of Sanandhana for his proximity to  Acharyar Adisankara.  Adisankara knew Sanandhana was an advanced devotee who had almost heard  the Lord and was  a realised soul.

jai jai jai

He wished to prove Sanadhana’s devotion  and steadfastness among the disciples .  One evening during the classes, Adisankara instructed Sanandana to go to the other bank of Ganges river and bring dharba grass which was intentional test .  Sanandana managed to cross  the river and was picking up the kusa grass.  Suddenly he was informed that Acharya urgently wanted his disciples to see him.


Sanandhana looked puzzled and simply ran towards the Ashram without bothering that he was literally running over the river  Ganges .  Ganges was flowing with so much ferocity and it would have washed away any one!!

But Sanandhana chanting the Mantra raja Pada slokam simply ran over the water much to the astonishment of all the  disciples. There in the river  they could see a lotus blooming at the place where Sanandhana was to place his foot. When Sanandana put his foot in the river, a huge lotus came up to hold his foot and when he raised his next leg to put the next step , another lotus emerged eagerly waiting to receive his foot.  Sanandana just ran over the bloomed lotus flowers in  the flowing water . Not a single drop of water touched his foot. The disciples were aghast.  Adisankara was silently praying Lord Narasinga deva.

The sight of a devotee walking on lotus flowers amidst  the setting sun was so divine.


Sanandhana ran and fell at he Acharya’s feet and begged to forgive him for having come late. Adisankara could gauge the lad’s steadfast devotion and Lord’s protection on him.

He said, Sanandhana from now onwards you will be known as” Padmapada”-the one who has lotus feet.

Sanandhana fell at acharyar’s feet seeking mercy.  All the disciples could understand the depth of devotion he had to their Acharya .

Years passed!


Sankara with his disciples were returning southwards towards Simhachalam in Andhra pradesh .  It was a thick jungle infested with wild animals.  There was a tribe called “Kaapalikas”.  The kapalikas  used to kill  humans  to appease their demigods for materialistic pleasures.  Human sacrifice was a common ritual those days.

A young Kaapalika notices Adisankara performing oblations near   a hillock . Other disciples were walking far behind .  Seeing the  young sanyasi with effulgence he decides that offering the brahmin will be a great feast to the demigod .

jai jai naarasimha

Shankara  noticed the Kaapalika coming near him .He understood the divine play  about to happen .He smiled at the new entrant .  He asked him what exactly he wished.

The Kaapalika was a dark tall man with an ugly face wearing a garland of skulls.

He said, “Oh holy sire, I had taken a vow to offer heads of pure saints to our goddess so that I can rule this world.

 Please accept my request as with your consent, my goddess will shower my entire tribe to rule the world.

Sankara was  wondering !!!  Did you say saints ..!!

Oh! Heads of saints !!!


The kaapalika replied  Yes,Yes.

Sankara smiled!  and immediately agreed!  In that case let it happen !!!  I am ready …

The cannibal was overjoyed.  He never expected the polite answer !!!

He said Thank you Swamin ….


” Now! Please come along… They entered a cave and Sankara could see a huge idol of demigoddess.  The Cannibal said ..Please  help yourself  swamin … There is that tree ..Please sit on the trunk of it .. as I go and get the sword !!! –.

Sankara did what was told by cannibal.


Meanwhile !!!  Sanandana  along with the other disciples  managed to trace the cave and rushed to see his Master meditating under the tree. The scene was gruesome …

He noticed the cannibal raising a sharp sword to kill his master. Sanandana couldn’t  bear the scene ….

He immediately  jumped chanting                   Jai Narasimha

                                                                                 Jai Narasimha

                                                                                Jai Jai Narasimha

and challenged the cannibal face to face.


Sankara opened his eyes.

He saw Sanandana in a huge form roaring ferociously.
Jai jai narasingha

 He  roared and just walked before the cannibal and  pulled the sharp sword.  

He dissected his head in fraction of seconds amidst  pride of lions following him from no where  …

Sankara was shocked by the sight.  

The head of Kaapalika was gone and lying at his feet.

Sanandhana was still in fury roaring , making all the disciples tremble ..


The Acharya stood up and with folded hands  and went near his disciple.

He was  now worshipping his own disciple..   He could see Lord Narasingha bhagavan in him and  thus  had a  divine  darshan.

Instantly  he composed the holy sloka “Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Mamadehi Karavalambam”  and offered it to Lord’s lotus feet ..

The entire cave was vibrating with the holy chants …


Sanandhana by his sheer love, dedication could dissolve Lord Narasimha bhagavan  in himself.  

It was not him seeking Lord’s darshan.  Instead Lord gave darshan through him.!!  to his Acharyar !!


Sanandana was the foremost disciple of Adisankara ..



Adiyen Ramanuja dasan



Pics credits : Google images

Videos : Advanced devotees of Lord Narasingha bhagavan




Near the banks of the river  kaveri  in a gurukulam   the guru was revealing pastime of the  divine Lordships  .

He was emotionally  charged and was bringing the real situation what  the great devotee bhaktha prahalada was facing and how Lord was taking care of his custody .


The Guru went into the minute details how Prahalada was tortured  by his demonic father every time he chanted the Holy name . There was pin drop silence everywhere as he continued  to describe the appearance of the Lord ….

The demon screamed …Hey Prahalada,   

You say HE is  every where …

why is HE not here!!  in this pillar? With demonic eyes he thundered ..Come on!!


Allow   me to kill you    and let me see how your most worship able  Lord comes to protect you. With terrible anger, the demon stuck his heavy fist against the pillar.

There was lightning  thunder and a forceful sound  that could make the entire universe  into pieces. The demigods thought the planets were about to collapse.  Suddenly from the huge Pillar  a  roaring  sound was heard that could  crack  the universe.

A countless lions roaring together…..The roaring made the earth shiver..

 All the disciples were attentively hearing to their Guru..

jai jai narasimha

The demon   Hiranyakasipu laughed and  looked closely at the form of  Lord from the pillar .

The Lord  was  looking extremely fearsome . His angry eyes like molten gold, shining mane added ferocity to the lovely face. The dreadful teeth,   razor sharp tongue , erect ears  the cave like nostrils , the mouth  slightly parted jaws , a huge  body  that  touched the sky,  short well-built  neck  ,  a  broad chest, thin waist and the lovely  body hairs like the rays of moon. His long arms spread in all directions .


All the disciples were immersed in their thoughts of the happenings there …

jaya jaya

The Guru continued , just as small insects falls forcefully into the fire, the demon got attracted to the lovely form . The  mighty Lord  became  invisible.  Hiranyakasipu attacked the Lord with his mace .Lord  who was full of effulgence allowed the mice to crawl .

The scene was as Garuda plays  with  a snake by slowly releasing and again holding , the Lord left  the demon a little and allowed him to  come back to fight.

jai narasimha1

Making a huge noise, shrill sound of laughter, the  Lord of Lords  Narasinga deva   captured Hiranyakasipu like a mice , and  hit him on the strong chest. With greater  speed,  the demon  was tossed sometimes in the sky and sometimes on the earth.

The demon kept his eyes closed because of fear of the Lord and His  thundering roared laughter.


 Ultimately , Lord Narasinga dev  placed the demon  on HIS lap supporting him with HIS thighs, on  the doorway, at twilight and effortlessly tore open the demon into pieces with HIS  sharp nails thus Lord’s   mouth and mane were sprinkled with blood.

 HIS  fearsome  eyes, full of anger  were just impossible to look at. Licking the edge of the mouth with his tongue he  simply threw the body aside.  Manifesting in full effulgence angrily HE roamed in the corridors and   sat down on the assembly hall on the throne. No one, out of fear could dare  to come near.

jai jai aji jai

Brahma requested the devotee Prahalada … My child !! Lord  Narasingha deva  is extremely angry ..  Please go and appease Him as  LORD has  appeared only for You.

Prahalada  with folded hands walked near LORD  and fell down flat to pay his obeisance’s . The Lord ever compassionate placed his lotus hand on the head thus gracing the child devotee…..

The Guru ended the divine pastime chanting the sloka along with the disciples







 Among the  disciples  , Sanandhana  a young lad  was shedding tears . Who will not shed tears hearing Lord Narasingha devas divine leela. Sanandhana instantly fell in love with Lord Narasingha deva … The sloka what his  Guru chanted dissolved in his memory ..

He was  chanting the sloka and relishing the Lord’s majestic form  . He kept recollecting the divine pastime shedding tears .His mood was stuck to the divine appearance. He recollected Lord’s compassion on Prahalada for every demonic act done by his father Hiranyakasipu.   His mind was contemplating on   Lords’ arrival.  He decided, he must also seek Lord’s real darshan..


The class was called for the day .All the disciples walked out .

Agnihotra was being conducted in the Ashram premises

Sanandhana  walked up to his guru and pleaded…

 Guruji!  Can I also have darshan of Lord like Prahalada ?

The Guru replied ..

Why not my child ..

After all !  LORD is more eager to meet us ..

  Sanandana said then  !

Please bless me so that I can  also have Lord’s darshan like Bhaktha Prahalada . 

The thirst to see LORD grew by leaps and bounds .


 Sanandana was in a different mood . He was bodily present in the class, but his mind was absorbed in the verse his Guru chanted!!

 Mata Narasimha…Pita Narasimha ….

I must…I will meet the LORD ….

But How??  How will HE know my craving?

He waited for the class to end .

He once again walked near to his Gurujee and said !


Acharya!!  Please once again tell me the divine pastime of Lord.  The thirst  is never getting  quenched and please tell me how can I see the Lord face to face .Please instruct me what penance must I do to seek his lotus feet like Prahalada .

Please Gurujee !! I cannot bear his separation …


The guru understood his steadfast devotion to LORD . 

He replied !! My child ! Lord is ever compassionate .

Tomorrow is a Full moon day .

Take a holy dip in kaveri and meet me  in the  Ashram altar  .


Sanandana was eager  and desperate for the sun to set soon. All the while chanting the sloka he thanked the Lord for his mercy in being with a learned Guru who was about to advise him the mantra that shall have his darshanam.


 The next day ,  Sanandana rushed to kaveri for a holy dip . Praying the Lord he rushed into the altar before time,  awaiting his Guru to bless him .

The Guru offered his prayers to his Acharyas  and lordships.  It was full moon day.  He called Sanandana and said , Look my child I am teaching you the holiest of holy Mantra, the Mantra Rajam. 


He said, “My child , This sloka was glorified by Paramasivan himself.  It also is called Narasimha Raja Patha Stotram. Sanandana listened to the mantra carefully and repeated along with his Guru.  He was corrected for the pronunciation and slowly mastered the sloka  repeating it with his guru .

jai narasingha

The Guru glad with his determination said …..

 My child ! The sloka  must be chanted with sincere prayer to seek his lotus feet .  Chant as many times as you can, but with sheer love and dedication. May all auspiciousness follow you and May Lord Narasingha dev  bless you . The Guru blessed the child and offered his prayers to Lord.


 Sanandhana  happily leaves the Ashram  and the surrounding villages.  He finally arrives near a jungle .Walking inside he crosses many bushes and hillocks .Feeling proud about his  Guru choosing his candidature to initiate him with the mantra he is puffed with pride  . The Spiritual pride had invisibly germinated in his mind . 


Silently chanting the juicy sloka ” mata narasimha pita narasimha”  he looks for a serene place  for meditating . 

Somehow he reached  a mud cave.


jayaa caveee

  He finds the place serene and calm .  He decides  to meditate on Lord exactly at the same  spot .Clearing the debris , he makes  a seat for himself .


Composed  with his mind he sits in padmaasanam  pose , closing his eyes he  starts  chanting the mantra. 


The place vibrates  with divine chants …

Suddenly from nowhere, a hunter comes near him  and calls him 

Punditjee …. punditjee…

jaya jaya narasimhaaa

Sanandhana is suddenly woken up from his meditative mood.  On opening his eyes he finds a hunter in a shabby dress holding sharp knives.

 jai jai naarasimha

Punditjee , You are so young and look like ashram boy? What made you come here in this jungle? Are you lost here  by chance ??

Sanandhana was getting irritated with this hunter’s nonstop bla bla.  He looks at him and says ….

Hey Man! Don’t you see I am engaged in an important mission.  Please leave me and allow me with my worship!

The hunter is worried .He innocently appeals  ……..



Do you know there is a man eater roaming here which had killed 64 people past 2 months and just behind that cave I saw those broken skeletons last week.  I am afraid for your life . Please leave this place soon …

jaya jay jaya

Sanandhana thought! It is no use to keep discussing with this useless talk. Instead engage him. He instantly  replies … Look!  Hey Man ….I am here !! looking for a wild animal in this same forest and you know this animal has a lion’s face and a body of normal human being.  He is very ferocious and can handle few lacs of man eaters all alone…and I am in the process of bringing him here in a magic spell by meditating …

Ok!!  Now leave me … 

The hunter was puzzled!! Another animal that can handle more than one lakh man eaters.  Panditji….. Unbelievable.  Unbelievable …

  Yes! He can kill them from a distance… I mean it …..



 The hunter again replied … Punditji! Iam no fool to believe this.  I spent all my childhood in this place and never ever seen such an animal here …

 You mean ….Half lion, half human. 

I swear…..

“Yes, He is there…and

 If HE is here… then! I will catch him the hunter said with confidence. 

 Sanandana replied “You cannot  …

 The hunter replied… Is it a challenge …?

Ok!   Then I accept it….

Punditjee!!   Let me live my life fully…  I too need a change …

What is the fun in catching rabbits, deer’s and fowls all my life …  This is the real hunt…

OK Punditjee , OK…  I am coming with that animal tomorrow exactly at this place!  else, I will quit hunting once for all…. and die of hunger…

Sanandana was glad that the hunter was engaged ……He continued to meditate and chant the sloka with attention ……………………….


 Leaving the cave ,the hunter was anxious! more and more anxious than Sanandana to catch the animal .  He knew every inch of the jungle and checked all the place where lions used to relax. 

Terrains , bushes and near those water falls everywhere he walked  with a hope to catch him …  He was tired and it was almost getting dark……Will the animal roam in the dark ? He said to himself … He looked at the sky and said… An insult to all my tribe. My father, grandfather… If I die of starvation  . …

jai jai narasimhaaa

 The sun has already set … Oh! I am left with just few hours….. come on.. Oh! Animal… I am starving today itself for you, come …. come… please.     He did not go home. He did not sleep at all. He was aimlessly wandering in the moonlight expecting the animal to appear ..

Imagining the animal…. half human… What a sight?? How will his eyes look and how will he walk?  The imagination took him to mystic world.  He fell in love with the animal.  He admired it for the perfect appeal.   He loved it more than Sadananda.


 One time! Please…. come near. He spoke to himself ….. I promise you I shall not harm you… 

No weapons… But !  please…. look !! I am starving and decided I will remain like this until I see you.  He said to himself.   Looking at the stars, he imagined the beautiful form of the animal.   His mind was stuck and he dozed off to sleep on a slanting cliff with the background of waterfalls  . 

He suddenly woke up to the chirping of birds.  He walked near the waterfalls…Refreshed himself ….


He walked  into an old cave where hunters usually offer their prayers before their hunting expedition .  He looked at the ferocious form of demi god there.  With tears he submitted one time please save me and my tribe!  It’s my word and your word too . He became too weak. Deprived of food, sleep waling into the woods,  he pleaded the animal to appear. 


The sun has finished his half way.  He realizes that he was  left with just few hours. 

What a life am I to live without hunting.  Let me accept my defeat in dignity. 

 He feels ashamed! Let me end my life.

  Why must I show this face to Punditjee . 

Feeling disgraced , he walks near the cliff of the huge water falls. 

Putting all his might , he decides to jump in the flowing waters and end his life.


One last time, He meditates on the beautiful form of the animal Sanadana described and submits.

 Oh Animal ..Finally You won ! and I lost but please… show me yourself once to this country brute.   I will end my life thanking you.  His focus was on the lion faced beautiful animal

In fraction of seconds, he heard a herd of lions roaring causing echo all over the jungle . 
Jai narasimha .jpg
He shivered though the feeling was ecstatic.  He looked around. 


Presto !! Unbelievable…. the sight made him cry… what a  divine form.. 


  What a beauty… fearing   crying  .almost weeping with heavy breaths.  He sees the  wonderful form of the majestic animal Sanananda described.


The animal had a lovely lion’s face, soft eyes, and the body was human.  Almost   15 feet tall.  It had  a gigantic form


The hunter was aghast looking at the majestic form.  No hunger,   no fear.   The bewitching smile and the penetrating eyes made a huge difference.

Now hunter had copious chilled tears. 

He could not take his eyes out of the sight of the animal. 


He slipped into a state of timelessness… Suddenly a voice was heard!

My dear! Come on!

You wanted me to come!!

Here I am! Come let’s move… fast!!


The hunter said   but… I said, I will bind you and take you to that cave!!

The animal laughed heartily.  You want to bind me!! Ha Ha… ..


Go on my dear.. 

It said bind me…

drag me too.


The hunter ran shivering thanking everyone , he found few creepers  near the waterfalls .With  deep concern and sobbing continuously, he checked them to see they did not have thorns.  He now fell in love with the animal. 

I must not harm him.. he speaks to himself …

He manages to get the creepers…shivering… he approaches him and says …….

may I    ……….may I….. bind you …

The animal replied… Yeah. Go on…


 Pleading  the animal to forgive him he climbs  a tree and reaches  the animals hands.  Tying the creeper softly like handcuffs all the time looking closer to his marvellous chest and soft eyes… with a low voice…speaks shivering … Oh ! My beautiful animal.  I can’t move my eyes away from you……


Can I walk backwards facing you so that I will not miss your lovely smile glancing me

The animal replied!! Me too my dear….. but be careful while  walking  backside as you may get injured due to the rough stones and thorny bushes ..


The hunter replied! I don’t care for any bruises  , I just want  to see your form. They both walked .The sight was special . 

All the trees moved on their own. 

There was no route followed.  The hunter was aimlessly walking backwards watching the tall animal in the backlight of sunset…

More he saw more he got intoxicated with his bewitching smile

..Chilled tears rolling ..he marched backwards ..

Soon  he reached Sanadhana.’s cave. 

Overwhelmed watching the animal …he screamed ….

Oh punditjee ! As promised I saw that animal and here he is before you ..Come …

 Punditji! You are absolutely right! He is King of Kings!!  Please come and see for yourself..

 Sri Jwala Narasimhar - Ahobilam

Sadananda was disturbed.  He hated the hunters interference.  He though enough is enough.  Let me leave that place and hide somewhere else .  When he opened his eyes he was not able to see the animal the hunter brought but could see the creepers hanging in mid air


Sanandana screamed!  Hey! You country brute! Why are you troubling me?  I don’t see anything except some creepers hanging.


The hunter replied! Punditji don’t lie!!

I am seeing him …  He is exactly as you described – 15 feet tall, lion faced , claws, teeth, beautiful golden  mane and you never said he can speak..  His eyes are so soft..  Punditji. I will protect him.  I am in love with him now ..No harming him at all … I will kill the ones who will harm him …


Sanandana fell down sobbing… He understood Lord had graced the hunter with HIS form … ………………

Featured Image -- 3360

He looked at the hunter with tears! My dear Hunter! I am not able to see anything.  I accept my defeat.  I am a sinner …. I am unworthy …. Sanandana pleaded  If I at least hear his voice am fortunate ..

 The hunter pleaded the animal not knowing he was LORD himself …

The Lordship compassionately replied Sanandhana, my child….. child …

Sanandhana cried… tears gushing uncontrollably..   Lord…  My saviour ..My Lord…

where are you?   He became possessed now!

My child! I was ready to reveal myself to you… But your spitirual pride distanced me away from you.  Look at this innocent tribal.. He has not eaten since yesterday and ready to sacrifice  his life.  I had no option than to come…..


 Look Sanandana … It was due to your association with this loving soul that you had the rare gift to hear me.. 

The hunter was uninterruptedly watching the LORD from close quarters.. 

 He did not understand the conversation at all


Sanandhana fell down ! He prayed Lord, please forgive me!! I have erred… please punish me…

Lord replied! Sanandhana. Leave this forest and go back.   You will meet a teacher soon  who will take you to spiritual glory further.  I shall appear soon … saying so the Lord disappeared……..


Sanandhana   fell at the feet of the hunter and asked to forgive him for his mannerisms ..

The hunter had already left his body watching  LORD’s divya darshanam ..

To be continued ………part (2) link appended below




Adiyen Ramanuja dasan


Pics : Credits Google images

Video credits :  Advanced devotees of Lord

” RISHIMUKHA PARVATAM ” the holy place where Sri Rama bhaktha Hanumanji met Supreme Lord Rama and Lakshmana for the very first time.

The journey for a  devotee of Lord Rama  from Ayodhya to Lanka takes us through many places in India. One such place is Kishkindha  …..


Proceeding ahead with our pilgrimage to LORD RAMAs Holy abodes few years back ,  we reached  Hampi in the state of  Karnataka where the KISHKINDA charitram happened .


RISHIMUKHA PARVATAM  is  the place where Hanumanji  met  Lord  Rama and Lakshman for the first time.  


Sugreeva  had sent Hanumanji  to meet  them in order to make sure that they were not spies of his brother and arch  enemy Bali.


It is said  Hanumanji  carried   Lord Shri Ram and Lakshman on his shoulders and took Lordships   to  Rishimukh Parvat to meet  Sugreev. The capital city of Sugreev “Kishkinda” is also near by..


This kingdom is identified to be the regions around the Tungabhadra river (then known as Pampa Saras) near Hampi in Karnataka.



There is a mountain near to the river (as shown in the picture )with the name Rishimukha where Sugriva lived with Hanuman, during the period of his exile also is found with the same name.


During that  time the whole region was within the dense forest called Dandaka Forest extending from Vindhya range to the South Indian peninsula.


Hence this kingdom was considered to be the kingdom of Vanaras also co relating it to Kishikinda Near the ancient Kishkinda, around four kilometers from the town of Hampi, there exists a Mountain called Malbhavant (Prastravan) where  Lord Rama  has spent the monsoon season. The places to see around this area include Bali Bandara, Anjani Parvat (mountain), and Matang Rishi Mountain .


Matanga Parvata (hill)     where Matanga Rishi’s Ashram was & where Sugriva stayed to escape from Bali ……………..

Malyavanta Parvata         where Sri Rama & Lakshmanji stayed during chaturamasa (the rainy season) ……………..


Anjane Parvata                 where Anjani Mata’s cave is – birthplace of Hanumanjee …….Rishimukha Parvata         Actual site of Kishkindha nagari  ………….


..Kodanda Rama Temple   where Sri Ram anointed Sugriva as King of Kishkindha ……………”Yantra” Hanumanji        where Sri Ram & Lakshmanji met Hanumanji for the first time Temple    ………….


Chakratirtha  where Pampa river (Tungabhadra) turns northwards – where Matanga Rishi,   Shabari Mata, Sri Rama, Lakshmanji, Hanumanji & all the Ramayana characters would  have bathed …………


Sugriva’s Cave where Sugriva hid Sita Mata’s clothes & jewels dropped from the vimana as she was being  taken away by Ravana.

  Chintamani Ashram   is the holy place     from where Lord  Sri Ram fired the lethal arrow at Vali .



Vali Kasta is the place   where Vali was cremated and  his ashes lay for a long time . This place is  very difficult to locate as  the huge pile has been almost fully leveled by the locals for farming………….



Vali Kila     is    Vali’s Fort, behind the Durga Devi temple – where Vali had his kingdom in the Satya Yuga ………

Pampasarovar  is  the Pampa lake, as described in the Ramayana . Shabari Ashram is   where Shabari Mata waited for Lord Rama.


Hanumanjee while returning  from lanka personally submitted the choodamani given by Mother sita to  Lord  Ramar at this place near Malyavanta hill.


River Tungabhadra in full flow at Hampi surrounded by hillocks on either sides is a divine sight to watch .



Lord  Sri Sita Lakshmana Hanuman Sugreeva sametha Sri Kodandaramar, temple at Hampi carved out of a single boulder darshan takes us into those lovely moments of the divine pastime of Lordships


 -Lord Rama crowned Sugriva as Vanara King at this  very spot.Lord gives darshinam as as “Vaikunta Ramar” holding sankhu and chakram.



All the deities have been sculpted in a single rock. This temple is on the banks of Tungabhadra river at Hampi. We move at the banks of Tungabhadra river to have darshanam of Purandaradasar Mantapam in Hampi.


Sri Purandaradasar was incarnation of of Sage Naradar and preached bhakti through his songs which Lord Malayappa Swami along with His consorts listens daily during Sahasradeepalankarana seva at Tirumala.



The great devotee spent his last days at this place.Sri Ramar temple at Malyavanta hill where Lord Rama and Lakshmana stayed for four months during  rainy season after crowning Sugreeva as King of Vanaras..


Hanumar offered the Choodamani  given by Mother Sita  to  Lord Sri Ramar at this place-Malyavanta hill. Hanumanjee conveyed the whereabouts of Mother Sita to Lord Rama.


Sri Sita,Lakshmana,Hanumath sametha Sri Ramapiraan’s sannidhi along with utsava murthis. .Hanuman is in kneeling posture with choodamani in his hand  alsoYanthrodharaka Hanumar temple near Kodandaramar temple, Hampi.



A unique combination of Sudarshana Chakram and Sri Hanumar. (Usually we find combination of Sudarshana Chakram and Narasimhar).



The locals informed that  the great saint  Sri Vyasaraja everyday used to draw a picture of the Lord Hanuman on the rocks before offering  his prayers using a charcoal and the picture disappeared after the rituals were completed. This incident  happened for 12 days in a row.  Sri Vyasaraja  pleaded  Lord to appear…On the twelfth day, Lord Hanuman appeared in front of  his devotee  and blessed him. It is said that the Lord himself asked Sri Vyasaraja to first constrain him in a hexagonal or a six angled amulet and install him in that place.  Legend also says that, this was the place where Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman met for the first time.

The temple is on the top of a hill and on the banks of Tungabhadra river; there are steps leading to this temple. Lord Hanuman here is is in a meditative state and when you closely look at the Lord, you would get to see the carvings of 12 monkeys holding tails of one another as they face backwards. It is a representation of the 12 days of prayers that Sri Vyasaraja did before the Lord blessed him. The crown of Lord Hanuman is his tail and there are seed syllables carved on the entire rock around the statue. Yantrodharaka Hanuman is the first installation of Sri Vyasaraja amongst the 732 Hanumanjee  installations. A  stream  of Tungabhadra that flows in this divine land is known as Chakrateertha. This is the only Hanuman  deity  facing his devotees straight and is in the meditative state. The temple  was constructed by the Vijayanagara emperor Tammaraya.

jai sree ram

The Priest informed  Hanumanjee is  very graceful. The locals say that to honour Hanuman after he  met  Mother Sita, the vaanaras honoured him with holy bath.


 ( Abhishekam ) Thirumanjanam was being performed when we went to have darshan. Yanthrodharaka Hanumar temple near Kodandaramar temple, Hampi. A unique combination of Sudarshana Chakram and Sri Hanumanjee makes one charged to be a soldier under his custody . (Usually we find combination of Sudarshana Chakram and Narasimhar).


You can see the photograph of the closer view of Hanumanjee handing over choodamani to Lord Ramar at Malyavantha Raghunatha temple in Hampi .


We move ahead to have darshanam of Sri Rambhakth Hanuman at Madhuvanam,Hampi. Jubilant Sri Hanumanji after his triumphant return from Lanka along with other vanaras entered Madhuvan , the most favourite garden of Sugriva to satisfy their hunger. While giving aarthi to Hanumar, the priest explained how the vanaras entered Madhuvanam and after taking Angadha’s consent, they drank honey to their satisfaction and trampled the garden out of excess joy .


Sugriva’s uncle who was the guardian , approaches Sugriva and complains about the vanaras indiscipline  expecting Sugriva to punish them severely. But the wise Sugriva understood that the vanaras would have found Mother Sita and were celebrating in joy…


. He forgave them and instructed his uncle to send the vanaras immediately to Malyavan parvath where Sri Rama and Lakshmana were eagerly waiting to hear about Thayar’s welfare.


You can also see the photograph of RISHIMUKHA PARVATAM ..This kingdom is identified to be the regions around the Tungabhadra river (then known as Pampa Saras) near Hampi in Karnataka.


The mountain near to the river with the name Rishimukha where Sugriva lived with Hanuman, during the period of his exile also is found with the same name.During the time of Ramayana i.e., Treta Yuga, the whole region was within the dense forest called Dandaka Forest extending from Vindhya range to the South Indian peninsula.


All glories to the devotees who are reading adiyen’s SriRama Anuyathirai patiently .

May our LORD SITA RAMA always be with us .

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Jai Jai Sree Ram
Adiyen Ramanuja dasan


Cover Picture  courtesy : Thanks to HG BhattaPriya govinda dasa