***** Sanandana to Padmapada ***** …….. Jai Jai Nrsimha …Govinda keshava janardana vasudeva vishvesha-vishva madhusudana vishvarupa shri padmanabha purushottama pushkaraksha narayanachyuta nrisimho namo namaste

Sanandhana was dejected!!  What use of my austerity and sadhana? When a normal person won Lord mercy  by  his sheer love without any iota of pride.  He understood Lord was looking for his innocent and unconditional  love .

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The spiritual pride of Sanandana  was shattered with that incident …


True!! He recollected  his guru’s teachings …”  when devotion enters a man he becomes humane” .  The hunter was a truly humane.

jaya jaya

He realised it was Lord’s divine will to reveal HIMSELF.  He quickly walked out of the jungle accepting the Lord’s instructions praying continuously chanting  the ” Mantra Raja Pada ”  sloka and humming Lords holy names . It is almost  end of the jungle .Suddenly he hears  a chorus of Hari Naama sankeertanam


Rushing into the crowd, he finds few sadhus chanting “Rama nama” .. Immensely pleased that he reached the right place , he joins the band and sings the holy name.   Attracted by the boy’s tejas, the sadhus ask him  whether he would  join them up to Varanasi.  Sanandana’s only aim was to meet his new Acharyar and for that he was supposed to travel to holy dhams .He readily agreed .


He  just followed the child devotee Prahalada’s instructions of various forms of worship like Sravanam, Keertanam,Smaranam, Vandanam, Padha sevanam, Daasyam, Atma Nivedanam.  Always contemplating on the Lord’s beautiful form and uttering the holy names , he reached Varanasi.

Looking at holy Ganges, he rushes to take a holy dip.  Praying Paramasivan, the foremost Vaishnava who composed Mantra Raja Pada Stotram  to grace him and bless him in meeting his satguru.


He takes  leave of  sadhus to have darshan of Lord Vishwanatha.  Enroute he is attracted to a serene place.  Looking at the temple tower, he pays his obeisances to Lord Paramasivan with a humble prayer to grace him in meeting his satguru .  


He once again returns to the same serene place.  Walking slowly, he hears vedic chants learnt by him from his guru.  Overjoyed, he moves further to see a gurukul scene.  Under a tree he looks into a saint having a divine aura around him.  The saint is young and has  a magnetic personality.  His eyes were so compassionate  which makes anyone sink ..


Sanandhana rushed to the spot.  He just falls at the young saint’s lotus feet like an uprooted tree with tears …Sanandana’s  conscience  announces that he is his satguru.  Thus he waits patiently  for his guru to speak to him..  silently chanting, he stands  there among the disciples.


The young saint was Adishankara.   Reverentially he walks  near his master and submits.



My name is Sanandhana.

 I am coming from the banks of Kaveri.  

I am a disciple of a learned guru and have   completed  my studies in shukla yajur veda .

Adisankara was looking at the boy and could see an aura of a lion faced Lord Narasingha  around him.  By his mere looks, Adi sankara understood he was a staunch Lord Narasingha Bhagavan’s devotee

jaya jaya jaya

Looking at the bright lad he asks !

 Good child !!

Tell me  who is your Ishta Daivam.  

Immediately  Sanandana replies !! Lord Narasingha !!

and narrates  the episode what happened few days back.  The instructions and the mission.

Adi Sankara understood the boy’s dedication.  

He replied..

My child!

In fact I was waiting for you.

 By next Pournami, we must reach Ujjain…. Nice that you joined us ..


Sanandhana liked the place.  He became the most obedient disciple and served his Acharyar  in all means .  Slowly by his sheer service he became , Acharya’s personal servant

He learnt the inner esoteric truths from Upanishads in detail from his Master .  All the while, he was remembering ” Lord Narasingha Dev” chanting silently the Mantra Raja Pada Stotram.


Sanandhana’s mood was always immersed in the divine instructions of Lord Narasingha dev to seek solace from an Acharya. He was eager to have Mantropadesham and have darshan of Lord by the mercy of Adisankara.Thus  he was constantly chanting Lord Narsingha Dev Moola Mantra.

Other disciples were jealous of Sanandhana for his proximity to  Acharyar Adisankara.  Adisankara knew Sanandhana was an advanced devotee who had almost heard  the Lord and was  a realised soul.

jai jai jai

He wished to prove Sanadhana’s devotion  and steadfastness among the disciples .  One evening during the classes, Adisankara instructed Sanandana to go to the other bank of Ganges river and bring dharba grass which was intentional test .  Sanandana managed to cross  the river and was picking up the kusa grass.  Suddenly he was informed that Acharya urgently wanted his disciples to see him.


Sanandhana looked puzzled and simply ran towards the Ashram without bothering that he was literally running over the river  Ganges .  Ganges was flowing with so much ferocity and it would have washed away any one!!

But Sanandhana chanting the Mantra raja Pada slokam simply ran over the water much to the astonishment of all the  disciples. There in the river  they could see a lotus blooming at the place where Sanandhana was to place his foot. When Sanandana put his foot in the river, a huge lotus came up to hold his foot and when he raised his next leg to put the next step , another lotus emerged eagerly waiting to receive his foot.  Sanandana just ran over the bloomed lotus flowers in  the flowing water . Not a single drop of water touched his foot. The disciples were aghast.  Adisankara was silently praying Lord Narasinga deva.

The sight of a devotee walking on lotus flowers amidst  the setting sun was so divine.


Sanandhana ran and fell at he Acharya’s feet and begged to forgive him for having come late. Adisankara could gauge the lad’s steadfast devotion and Lord’s protection on him.

He said, Sanandhana from now onwards you will be known as” Padmapada”-the one who has lotus feet.

Sanandhana fell at acharyar’s feet seeking mercy.  All the disciples could understand the depth of devotion he had to their Acharya .

Years passed!


Sankara with his disciples were returning southwards towards Simhachalam in Andhra pradesh .  It was a thick jungle infested with wild animals.  There was a tribe called “Kaapalikas”.  The kapalikas  used to kill  humans  to appease their demigods for materialistic pleasures.  Human sacrifice was a common ritual those days.

A young Kaapalika notices Adisankara performing oblations near   a hillock . Other disciples were walking far behind .  Seeing the  young sanyasi with effulgence he decides that offering the brahmin will be a great feast to the demigod .

jai jai naarasimha

Shankara  noticed the Kaapalika coming near him .He understood the divine play  about to happen .He smiled at the new entrant .  He asked him what exactly he wished.

The Kaapalika was a dark tall man with an ugly face wearing a garland of skulls.

He said, “Oh holy sire, I had taken a vow to offer heads of pure saints to our goddess so that I can rule this world.

 Please accept my request as with your consent, my goddess will shower my entire tribe to rule the world.

Sankara was  wondering !!!  Did you say saints ..!!

Oh! Heads of saints !!!


The kaapalika replied  Yes,Yes.

Sankara smiled!  and immediately agreed!  In that case let it happen !!!  I am ready …

The cannibal was overjoyed.  He never expected the polite answer !!!

He said Thank you Swamin ….


” Now! Please come along… They entered a cave and Sankara could see a huge idol of demigoddess.  The Cannibal said ..Please  help yourself  swamin … There is that tree ..Please sit on the trunk of it .. as I go and get the sword !!! –.

Sankara did what was told by cannibal.


Meanwhile !!!  Sanandana  along with the other disciples  managed to trace the cave and rushed to see his Master meditating under the tree. The scene was gruesome …

He noticed the cannibal raising a sharp sword to kill his master. Sanandana couldn’t  bear the scene ….

He immediately  jumped chanting                   Jai Narasimha

                                                                                 Jai Narasimha

                                                                                Jai Jai Narasimha

and challenged the cannibal face to face.


Sankara opened his eyes.

He saw Sanandana in a huge form roaring ferociously.
Jai jai narasingha

 He  roared and just walked before the cannibal and  pulled the sharp sword.  

He dissected his head in fraction of seconds amidst  pride of lions following him from no where  …

Sankara was shocked by the sight.  

The head of Kaapalika was gone and lying at his feet.

Sanandhana was still in fury roaring , making all the disciples tremble ..


The Acharya stood up and with folded hands  and went near his disciple.

He was  now worshipping his own disciple..   He could see Lord Narasingha bhagavan in him and  thus  had a  divine  darshan.

Instantly  he composed the holy sloka “Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Mamadehi Karavalambam”  and offered it to Lord’s lotus feet ..

The entire cave was vibrating with the holy chants …


Sanandhana by his sheer love, dedication could dissolve Lord Narasimha bhagavan  in himself.  

It was not him seeking Lord’s darshan.  Instead Lord gave darshan through him.!!  to his Acharyar !!


Sanandana was the foremost disciple of Adisankara ..



Adiyen Ramanuja dasan



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Videos : Advanced devotees of Lord Narasingha bhagavan



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    Instantly he composed the holy sloka “Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Mamadehi Karavalambam” and offered it to Lord’s lotus feet ..

  2. Reading this divine story really uplifted my spirits and gave me the strength to totally surrender at His feet. I have been meditating on the Karavalamba sthothram for a few months. But i realised the significance of ‘mata narasimha pitha narasimha’ today while chanting the same. That is how i searched and reached this story… Truly divine and its quite difficult to explain what i am feeling right now on knowing the story. Jai narsimha! Prayful obeisance at His Holy feet🙏

  3. Thanks for sharing the same. Very interesting sto read the story of Sanandana to Padmapada.
    God is everywhere and all who is thinking and chanting him. Lord Narasimha had saved the Adisankara in the form of his disciple Sanandana.

  4. Hari Om!
    Sanandana to Padmapada……..Very motivating that True Devotion devoid of paraphernalia pays one rich Dividents! Jai Narasimha!

    -Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan- Jai Srian Narayana!

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