Sant Namadeva feeds a dog with ghee ….Bhajey Pandurangam


The great  devotee of Lord Vittala , Namadeva  used  to go to a  nearby village Gopalapur  to pen  his  emotional filled   divine abhangs on Lord without any disturbance.  

One day ,  it was  getting delayed and he did not turn home for lunch.



Namadev’s  wife who was concerned  for the delay ,  walked along with the  lunch to Gopalapur.  She requested her husband  Namadeva that he should have his lunch as it was getting late . But Namadevar was in a different mood completely .His thoughts were filled with Lord Vittala .

He advised her to leave the lunch in the basket and  carry on with her daily works

jai jai


Rajayi his wife   with respect   kept  Namadeva’s lunch in a bag near him and left the place .   A dog  quickly  got hold of the chapathis  in the lunch bag and ran away with the food .  Namadeva  who was filled with thoughts of Lord Vittala watched the animal . He   immediately took  some ghee  and sugar along with  milk  got up and ran behind the dog. This surprised the passerby’s .
jai nama deva

The dog unexpected this and hence  ran as fast as it could.

jai nama deva 

Namadeva  too chased it as fast as he could  by calling

…Vittala ..Vittala …..

and finally succeeded in trapping the dog near a bush with caution .


 He  offered obeisances to the Lord he  saw  in the  animal  .He fondly took him  on his lap  and  attempted to feed  him  with sugar and ghee and later some milk . He  brushed him with affection  and said

“Panduranga! My Lord !!!  This  raw  chapathi will make your throat dry. Please have ghee, sugar and milk  along with this .” Saying this , he opened  opened the animal’s  mouth to feed him.

That very instant,  a wonderful thing happened .He could have darshan of  Lord Panduranga there itself !



With tears he said  ‘Oh!  Vittala !!! My Father !!!   Why should you take this  form ”and make this old man run …..

Lord Panduranga replied, ” Namadeva, I am free  enough to take any form I desire. But,  what is surprising and  amazing  me is  that, you are able to  recognise  me  irrespective of the form that I take.”

 Another great saint ,  Sant Jnaneshwar  was ridiculed by the villagers and the pundits for his  plain devotion when  he requested a  buffalo   to recite Sama veda to prove the omnipresence of Lord ….

Watch the below clip recorded at Paithan where the incident took place few hundred years back..




The buffalo began to recite vedas  and this place is  located at  Naag ghat near  Paithan in Maharashtra .

sant gyaneshwara


 Another   revered saint Sant  Tukaram  saw  Lord Vittala  in all  the creatures. Out of divine will once he was asked to guard a corn field. He enjoyed  this job as it did not hinder with his daily routine of chanting Lord’s holy names .  Earlier ,the birds would see human presence  in the field and  fly away without eating the corns. But as  Sant Tukaram got immersed in his  emotional out pourings abhangs, the birds started to feed on the corns. Seeing   Lord Vittala  in all the birds, he, instead of scaring the birds away, fed the birds with more corns from the field that he was supposed to guard, thus gaining the wrath of the owner which later made the owner realise the saint was not a very ordinary human.

The saints  believed that God is within all living beings .An important spiritual practice followed by them  was the chanting of Lord’s holy names . Remembering Lord and repeating his Holy Name  was most important . Another  ingredient for the spiritual life was kirtana or bhajans, the singing of hymns of praise of the Lord . All these spiritual practices helps in  transforming  the body, emotions, thoughts, and one’s very existence into expressions of the soul, our true identity and spiritual essence. This makes it  easier to have enough peace of mind and  enter the world of the supreme soul  seeking bliss .

 sant tukaram


 More information about the advanced saints of Maharashtra is available in the appended blog post

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Credits :  The black and white pics have been borrowed from the paintings of Painter – Mr  Raghuveer Mulgaonkar