Lotus feet !! tad-vishhNoH paramaM padaM, says the Upanishads meaning the Divine feet are the supreme..

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The absolute sense of surrender echoes the feeling that we have none other to protect us  other than our divine parents and seek their lotus feet .Our karmic parents , husband , wife friends even the demi gods will not be able to rescue us  and it is LORD SRIMAN NARAYANA alone who can take care of  us all the time .The divine feet constitute the ultimate solace for all sorrows.


Peria Azwar expresses his musings about Lord Krishna’s  stay at Gokulam , Mathura and Vrindavan in his divine out pourings Naalayira Divya Prabhandam ( Appended link below about the divine pastimes )

Chinni Krishna and Peria Azhwar

The holy feet which walked on the ground had impressions they called it as  samrajya lakshanam .

All those divine marks on the soles of his lotus feet , those lovely impressions were visible on the ground in gokulam .


Azhwars and Acharyas have expressed their divine thoughts about the lotus feet of Lord Krishna in several slokas . The holy feet is so tender that even when the goddess mahalakshmi the divine consort massages with love and tenderness the feet becomes red .

Jagath Acharyar Swamy Ramanuja surrendered to the lotus feet of  Lord Ranganatha

Swamy Desikar surrendered to the lotus feet of  Lord Varadarajar.


 In the Holy Epic ,  Srimad Bhagavatam at one place the great devotee   Akrura comes to Vrindavana to meet Lord  Krishna.

  He  has the darshan of the the footprints of the Lord on the dust of Nanda-grama. 


Immediately , with tears  he at once  jumps  on the  holy spot  of Vrindavana and rolls  about among those footprints  overjoyed and   expresses …

”  My fortune !!!!!  This is the dust from my master’s feet! How wonderful and blessed I am …


All together,  around  eleven  distinguishing marks are decorated  on the soles of Lord’s  lotus feet.”  (  Few scholars conclude there are Nineteen ) …


The  auspicious marks on the soles of Lords feet   bears the marks of a banner , a pot of ambrosia , an umbrella , a thunderbolt , a lotus , a  kalpavruksha , a conch  , the ankusa/spade, a fish , a rose apple   and  a disc  .

[p]  charama sloka

Similar feelings were experienced by the  advance devotees of Lord , the gopis of Vrindavana seing Lord  Krishna’s footprints in the dust.

  The gopis became overwhelmed simply by seeing those marks  imprinted on the ground.  

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 When Krishna went away from Vrindavana the Gopis could not forget their Lord . On the land of Vrindavana are the impressions of His footprints, that are the residence of the goddess of fortune.  

Just by seeing Krishna’s all-attractive footprints, the gopis  remembered many  divine pastimes with  Krishna.


The divine feet is the most important place for any devotee ….

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At several places Lord reveals this place pointing one of his lotus hands towards HIS feet hinting that is the place we need to seek salvation .

A sloka from Rig veda  glorifies …….


Tad vishno: paramam padam sadaa pasyanti sooraya: | 

diveeva chakshuraatatam 

Tad vipraaso vipanyavo 

jaagruvaagum sassamindhatae

vishnor yat paramam padam

   Acharyas have expressed the auspicious qualities of the imprints , viz: 

the conch bestows knowledge to the devotees ,

the disc ensures the Lord shall destroy the enemies and get rid of our sins ,

the kalpavruksha  fullfills all our wishes ,

the banner captures the attention of the devotees , 

the umbrella  protects him with shield from material desires ,

as a fish cannot live without water a devotee cannot live without LORD’s association ,

the lotus lends fragrance to those who seek succor at HIS lotus feet ,

the spade controls the elephant mind and bestows boons to a sincere seeker in his up liftment ..


In this manner, the Lord’s lotus-feet destroy all the inauspicious qualities of His devotee and confer  him  with supreme bliss.


Lord Srinivasa graces through   His lotus  Feet to  the devotees  by pointing His right Hand down and asks them to surrender for their redemption. Nammazhwar in his divine out pourings expresses  his  ineligibility ,  helplessness and having no one else to save and protect him. 

Having no qualifications, disability to pursue any other means  be it Jnyana Yoga , Karma Yoga , Bhakthi Yoga  and  realizing the eternal nature of being His servant  only always- seek HIS lotus Feet.


The lotus feet of the Divine are ageless and faultless, they eradicate all our misdeeds –

so goes one Vedic mantra …

caraNaM pavitraM vitataM purANaM yena pUtas-tarati dushhkRtAni. 


The steps that the Divine Feet took  are so great that LORD  is glorified  as ‘the Great Lord who measured  the whole Universe’  ulagalanda-perumAL (in tamil) details mentioned in the below  link …

.THE SUPREME LORD WHO MEASURED THE WORLDS……… Brahma kadigina padhamu …


Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

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