At Tirumala !! When the screens opened by themselves……

 Innumerable  Emperors , Kings ,  Rich  , poor ,   people following different religions  have worshiped  Lord  Venkateshwara  at Tirumala  from times immemorial and have been blessed  with prosperity .  There is never  any person who had  darshan only once .The thirst to seek HIS mercy takes one to the Holy abodes several times . The Glory of  of the Lord of Seven Hills is vast and is beyond words to describe Every devotee will have a experience to share .

jai jai

The unique status of those blessed to have His darsanam at Tirumala is hinted by Kulasekhara Azhwar in one of the verses of  Mukunda Mala ……


  For him , who had the darsana sowbhagyam of  Lord Venkateshwara   , this wide earth is a small speck , the rolling oceans a water drop , the raging fires a mere spark , the shoreless winds a mere breath , the vast sky a pin hole….


O Lord! May Your unbounded Majesty excel !! ”

Azhwars advise in their pasurams, the purpose of this Life is  to seek HIS lotus feet in this birth without wasting time 


It was during the year  1839  the great devotee of Lord Rama   Sri Thyagaraja visited Tirupati,  on a piligrimage . A staunch Lord Rama’s devotee trekked the holy hills in the mood of seeking Lord’s darshan . Always absorbed in the divine pastimes of Lord Rama ,absorbing Lord’s kalyana gunas the devotee used to emotionally outpour the krithis which have become a prayer book to all of us . 


The trek was long as those days there was no proper roads and one had to cross  the jungles and stay over night en route.  . Thyagaraja was eager to seek Lord’s darshan  .He was told by several devotees about Lord’s magnificent appearance and the speciality of Tirumala . 


It took almost 1 full day to reach the holy shrine  and happened to be Friday. Thyagrajar walked uptil Swamy Pushkarani the holy tank besides the temple  and took a  dip .  He  quickly  walked  towards   Sri Varahaswamy temple and had darshan .


Overjoyed he proceeded towards Ananda Nilayam . The eagerness to have darshan of Lord was at its peak . Being Friday , Lord after having his ceremonial holy bath was being adorned with Royal clothes by the temple priests and hence the  screen  was put  .There were several pilgrims eagerly awaiting Lord’s darshan near the entrance  .


 For a moment Thyagaya was sad as he had to wait for Lord’s darshan . His eagerness to have Lords darshan was suddenly stopped by the  screen . He was always in the mood of Lord Rama’s glories …..

He mentally prayed  …Oh Lord Venkatesha … Every one says ,You are the Supreme LORD  gracing every one who surrender to you .

Oh Lord !!! I cannot  wait further without seeing your majestic form ..

He  emotionally bursts out with a  melodious kirtana which was specially sung for Lord !!!

“Teratiyagaraadaa” whose meaning is


Oh  Lord !!   Tirupati Venkataramana! Could you not remove the screen,

the screen of anger,  delusion ,arrogance and jealousy, which is  taking a firm stand within me,

Oh Lord ! that screen which  keeps me out of the reach of dharma and other  four Purusharthas Dharma ,Artha, Kama and  Moksha? 

Oh Lord !!! This screen which  effectively hides  me  from vision, the immaculate light of the lamp, Jnana.  And…………………

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My Lord !!! by the existence of this screen,  this  mind gets caught by evil, just as ignorant beasts are got into the Hunter’s net…….

Oh Lord !!!  I have been following you faithfully…….

Oh Lord   I pray sincerely ….. please please  remove the screen and allow me to have your darshan………..

The kirtan was so melodious and Lord was listening ..

It was the time LORD wished to see his devotee  .

Suddenly !!the screens fell  without any one attempting , much to the astonishment of all the devotees . 


Lord’s darshan to saint Thyyagaraja was just one to one .Thyagayya was shell shocked . With copious tears he addressed Lord with choked voice ..

Oh ! My Lord Venkataramana …. My saviour !!! What a magnificent darshan 

!! Oh Lord !! am blessed to see this wonderful form , I am immersed in that deep nectarine experience ……..


On that divine  forehead , I see the bright  Urdhva Pundram . The Peetambaram , the sahsranamamala  ,the nandakam , the lotus hand that is pointing your Lotus feet .My Lord  !!!  Your two lips shine in their redness like the ripe bhimbha fruit  and those lips sport a gentle smile arising out of Your  abundant  grace on me …

Oh Lord !!  May that beautiful face with such beauty marks  appear before my mind always ! ! Am blessed ..truly blessed to have this darshan …

and the great devotee of Lord Rama emotionally  sings ……………………………


“Venkatesha ninu sevimpa”………….. in his happiness on seeing the Lord.

Oh Lord!! To have this darshan !!! these two eyes are insufficient … I need few  more thousands of eyes my Lord !!


Oh Lord! Pankajaksha …. What’s my eligibility to have your wonderful darshan ..

Its your kindness and  mercy on me .. Else which mortal can be  here ….

Saint Thyagaraja had a unique combination of the  devotion of Prahlada, the music of Narada . The Pancharatna Kritis are the most representative of Saint Thyagaraja’s art as a composer. The Divyanama and Utsava Samprathaya Kritis composed  are melodies. The vanity of wealth or the pomp of power never tempted the great saint .Thyagaraja was constantly repeating the Rama Shadakshari mantra for  over 21 years and  had  completed almost  96 crores of Rama Nama. It is believed  Lord Rama appeared before him  in his dream and assured him salvation.

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan


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