When anger turns to friendship by praise even among men , how much more is LORD won by dependence and devotion …….

In the Gurukulam at Srirangam , the revered Acharyar  Swamy Parashara Bhattar was explaining the incident in Srimad Ramayana the scene about  the Ocean King  .

When Lord Rama decided on coercing the King of Ocean to put in his appearance by driving a shaft into his bosom , the  ocean king was stuck with terror .He forthwith offered humble obeisances to Lord Rama and offered apologies for ignoring his call.


Lord was  pacified but said that  the bow is never lifted in vain .Once lifted  its fury must vent somewhere and so as pleaded by the Ocean king the arrow was fired at northward direction where the Abhirakshas lived .

jai jai jai

Thus Lord pardoned the king and transferred the punishment prepared for  him  to  his  enemies .

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There was a new disciple who was not looking convinced with the explanation  . Bhattar  understood the mood of his disciple and thus related with a comic anecdote.

He said , my child Listen !!  There was a  land owner whose head was bald . He was busy measuring out the new harvested paddy on his land .

A beggar approached him and said …Sir ! How are you ? and How is it you are busy with grains while your fine locks uncared for ?   He praised the landowner  repeatedly ….



The landowner was glad to hear  him .. as it was music for his ears and replied ..

How is that friend,  you came so long and what brings you here ?   The beggar replied … Nothing particular ..I just came to simply see you my master …..


The landowner was pleased .He  offered one sack of grain and placed the same on his head . The beggar was pleased and  en route when a wayfarer inquired about the unusual  full sack of grain being carried by him , he  replied …

Look …there that bald headed man gave me this .

The wayfarer went to the landowner and told him the impolite way the beggar spoke about him .


The landowner became too angry . He gave the beggar a hot pursuit .

The beggar turning around said .. Oh Master !!     Listen …..

What makes you run this fashion thy fine locks so dancing ?

The Pride of the landowner was flattered again and forgetting his own baldness said ..

My friend………  I just came to remind you that you were supposed to take one more sack of grain along with you ..

When anger turns to friendship by praise even among men ….

How much more so is LORD won by dependence and devotion …

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

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  1. Hari Om!
    Varadan you have rightly answered Adiyen’s Question under “Recollection Trance Rallying’ – That Lord is won by Devotion & Dependance. Fine! Nothing else Adiyen need to lead this solitary life.
    – Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan – Jai Sriman Narayana!

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