Long live all devotees , Long live the holy town Srirangam .. (adiyargal vazha aranga nagar vazha…)

It is revealed when Acharyar’s gracious eyes falls on a person , his salvation is for sure even if he is deaf or dumb , fool or wise , old or young , man or woman . Swamy Ramanuja was showering his mercy on all the mortal beings at Srirangam few hundred years ago .


The Chola King during those days was against the Srivaishnava sampradaya and did not like the citizens worshipping Lord Narayana . He was bent upon destroying the Sri Vishnu temples and prosecuting the srivaishnavas . The King who lived in Gangaikonda cholapuram was so bigotted and adherent that he adopted coercive measures to bring all the citizens into the fold he followed .


He was called Krimikanta Chola ( the worm necked ) . He embarked on a crusade of sacrilegious iconoclasm . He tried his best to ravage them but could not succeed .  His goal was to destroy Srirangam and the nearby temples  . His advisors told him that Lord Ranganatha  were of specifically mystically consecrated class and the thought of demolishment would be followed by his own death .


The King was pondering on any other method to adopt his nefarious plan . One general approached the King and reflected upon the device of appointing a competent sorcer who would make himself invisible by applying to his eyes a magical collyrium ,  thus unseen he would  enter the temple sanctum sanatorium.


From here he would extract the spiritual power from the deity and then destroy  them . The King was overjoyed . He commanded to assemble all the noted sorcers for the mamoth task and announced they would be rewarded in bounty .


The news reached Jagath Acharyar Swamy Ramanujar . Deeply upset with the Kings tyranny and grave concern for Lord Ranganathar , he quickly  marched to the Ashram of his Acharyar Swamy  Peria Nambigal.


With dejection he said …

Acharya !!


Am sad that the King who is supposed to protect the  temple and  citizens has turned out to destroy the legacy . Am afraid  what is in store for our Lord …

Acharyar was listening to Ramanuja with attention ..


No … Never … such things will never happen …No harm will enter this divine place . My child !

Listen …With mercy of Peria Perumal , let me provide a cordon of protection  …

Ramanuja he said …

. I need a disciple of your’s to come with me for this task



he should simply follow me with no questions .

He must be following me and obey my instructions . He  must be submissive  and well resigned as if he is my shadow without any iota of thought of self as having an independent will of his own ….

He must be a gem among the disciples .


Swamy Ramanuja was confused …  Acharya !! he said ..

Peria Nambi remarked ..

You have Kooresa a soul to be sure …

Swamy Ramanuja was immensely pleased .

He advised Kooresa to meet Acharyar immediately .


Both the great revered Acharyas walked all around the boundaries of the holy town of Srirangam on a full moon day in the night ,  marking with some auspicious powder  silently chanting  sacred hymns praying Supreme Lord to protect ……

Swamy KoorathAzhwan further sacrificed his eyes when the cruel King punished him for not  embracing the faith he followed .Read the divine pastime in the appended blog post


.Thus both condoned the entire town of Srirangam which resulted in our srivaishnava sampradaya flourishing ..


Adiyargal Vazha Aranga Nagar Vazha….
Adiyen Ramanuja dasan
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Day and night she doesn’t sleep , in floods of tears her eyes swim ….

  The most revered srivaishnava Acharyar  Swamy Parasara Bhattars  was conducting a class at his Gurukulam .

He was explaining the three stages of love to LORD …….


Recollection   ,  Trance    and Rallying … 

Recollection is recollection of all the past ravishment’s  of soul ..vouchsafed by LORD

Trance or Fainting is consequent on desolation at this recollection not yielding to the present enjoyment

Rallying is the sudden lucidity whilst in this state of trance which is considered as a  extreme advanced state  in devotion which our Azhwar’s possessed……..


Bhattar continued with an example from Swamy Nammazhwars hymnal 1000 verses called Thiruvamozhi dedicated to LORD Ranganathar of the Holy  Capital SriRangam ..

jai jai


Swamy Nammazhwars amorous longing and panting to see LORD found vent in a pasuram ( song ) of his in which Azhwar considers  himself to be a mistress in love with LORD and seized with deep emotions swoons .


The speechless heart at such juncture is however revealed orally  through  another person which Azhwar  himself adorns as a mother of the helpless daughter and describing the latter’s condition to her neighbors  are out poured  on the spot …..

Day and night she  does not sleep

In floods of tears her eyes swim

Oh Discuss …Oh Conch  she cries …


And clasping her hands , and bowing to them

Oh Lotus eye one…she weeps and reels

Ah !! how is that without you I can bear

She pants and feels all earth for HIM……………………………


Oh Lord Ranga …………………abiding where      waters abundant flow …

and where fish  maddened with joy all leap and dance……


How …and…… How with my daughter will you deal …


Bhattar meditated on this verse and with intense emotion placed both his palms over his head and shed tears  and felt   sad ……………………………..


Stone hearted  we are … …….

……..how are we going to realize the depth of Azhwar’s love as uttered in this divine pasuram …..


we who cannot realize  in the least of his sentiments ……..

we who cannot understand his heart ……. …

when  SUPREME LORD is eager to be with us …..




Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

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Video credits : HG Ranga  Padmanaban