This incident happened few hundred years back  near Mathura .
One day King Akbar on a routine check   goes in disguise  towards Fathepur Sikri near Mathura and   halts at Mathura.
  His servant   who wishes to impress his king wants to gift him something .
Knowing   Akbar  is a   lover of roses he  decides to get a rose garland for his King…


The servant anxiously    rushes towards the  local market to buy  the best roses. 
He finds one shop  displaying wonderful  colorful fragrant  roses. 
Walking ahead  he decides to take them and offer the same to his Master .
 He  finds a man  inside  the shop   already paying cash for the deal of buying  the same garland of rose  flowers  along with   baskets of loose flowers. 
(  as he  had an ardent desire to  make a huge bungalow of rose  flowers for the LORDSHIPS . ..) .
Akbar’s servant  is upset . He somehow wants the garland for his King  Being  adamant with the strong desire  to impress his King he   tells  the  shop keeper  that he would pay more for the same roses  that was given by the other customer .
Amused , the man looks  around and replies  to the servant  ,  how can you do that when I already purchased all those roses?
The discussion starts in the presence of the shop keeper ..
 Looking at the  new entrant , the  innocent man he was , he  asked him who he was ?
Akbar’s servant with much pride  on his face replied ….
Look !! 
I am the royal servant of King Akbar and ……..
you know  Jahapana Badhasha Akbar loves roses ….
 Being his servant …. My desire is to make  him happy  !!!
So please allow me to have them with the best price I can pay ..
A thought raced in the mind . …..
..When one servant is filled with so much of attitude  to  serve the king !!!
Why  should  I not be  filled with more attitude being  a  servant of Lord  who is ………
the King of The Kings in the world.
Braving himself he said to the shop keeper 
Look !  I would pay  any thing for the roses .. 
The bargain begun ….
Both started bidding, 1 rupee, 2, 5, 20, 50 Rupees….
The servant did not really have that much amount but kept on bidding, neither the  mathura man  had so much of amount.
However  ,  the bid finally  ended  for Rs 100 / – which was very big amount those days …
Akbar’s  servant vanished as he could not face the price …………………
 Now the same flowers was sold to  Mathura man for Rs 100 / .  As he  did not have that big amount with him ,  he   wished for some time  …..
He went back and  sold his  jewels, everything that was with him and  gave it to the shopkeeper  .
Pleased he  took those flowers and submitted to the Head Priest of Srinathjee Temple  and requested him for   decorating the flowers  in  the temple and  make a flower bungalow for  LORDSHIPS.
Out there  Santh Vithalnathi the descendant  of Acharya Sri Vallabacharya was serving LORD  Shrinathj decorating those fragrant flowers .
  The Lordships were adorned with fragrant flowers The darshan was splendid . 
The devotees thronged to have darshan of LORD in huge numbers ..
The time  for afternoon rituals arrived .

The Priest was about to  perform Mangala Haarathi  and he was amazed to notice  Lord Shrinathjis head bowed.

Priest Vithalnathji  was surprised . 
He silently closed the inner doors of the  temple altar and  with tears  pleaded LORD to forgive him …
and  pleads   pardon   assuming  that there could have been some pain  in  LORD’s neck which forced him to bow his head 
Lord Shrinathji replied
Yes ! My child …


Today I  cannot  bare the load of this  rose garland which was  honored by that innocent man . This  is the most expensive because its been purchased with so much of  love for me .
This  man from Mathura made me bow said the LORD ..
 Lord commanded to the priest …..Get that nice man here immediately …..  Vithalnathji asked his disciples to search for this man  at Mathura.

  The innocent man was located in the same flower market . He was requested to at once accompany them to the temple . The urge to have darshan of LORD made him literally run ..

With  his eyes filled with tears seeing the mercy and love of God towards him he  falls like an uprooted tree  under Lords  lotus feets. 


Lord Shrinathji picks him & hugs him for the devotion ..


Any material thing lost or sold is always in the favor of a true devotee. .
Only love towards the supreme Lord comes with us who leads  the soul to liberate from this mundane world..
.The real result is ecstatic love of  Lord Krsna: 
patram pushpam phalam toyam   yo me bhaktya prayacchati

tad aham bhakty-upahritam  asnami prayatatmanah

Adapted from a discourse from an advanced devotee
Adiyen Ramanuja dasan
Pics : Courtesy : Google images
Videos credits  : vayanamasi


  1. Hari Om!
    New wave – 9 times Vishnu Mantra – Really invigorating! “Karumbinaikk kanda kangal Kalippador Irai thannalae…..”
    – Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan – Jai Sriman Narayan!

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