Salvation is won not by bargain but by grace alone .. a divine pastime …

To reaffirm the faith of HIS devotees,  LORD conversed with  HIS devotees  time to time . There are three incidents which our Elders keep saying about the compassion of the LORD in temples .


At  Tirumala – Tirupathi,  Lord Venkateshwara  used to converse with the King Thondaman Chakravarthy .  In Kancheepuram, Lord Vardarajar used to converse with his  dear devotee  Swamy Tirukachi Nambigal who used to fan him daily .


Similarly at Srirangam  Lord Ranganathar used to converse with  “Tiruvilakku pichan”the temple servant who used to light the lamps in the temple . It is a general practice all the devotees surrender to LORD and express their gratitude pain and love for the LORD in this material world.   Few devotees develop extremely intimate relationship with the Lord conversing   freely  and interact almost daily  treating him as a  human friend.


Few decades ago , in the holy shrine of Tirumala there lived a devotee by the Chinnaya .He was a favorite devotee of Lord Srinivasa .He  used to enter the temple sanctum and sing  songs  with devotional fervor which was liked by Lord .


He wished LORD would dance to his tunes as done in Krishna avatara  and the  songs had that depth to invite LORD to dance .

His prayers were sincere .

He wished to have darshan of Lord Krishna dancing .


Lord out of abundant compassion appeared and granted him his desire .HE  danced to the tunes of the singer . Chinnaya was overwhelmed with Lord’s  kindness .He continued to  sing hymns and enjoy the divine time with Lord  .

Swamy Ramanuja came to know about this ardent devotee through his disciples  .Once it so happened ,he  met him  near the temple .He inquired about his welfare and  asked  Chinnaya  to kindly ascertain from the Lord whether he ( Swamy Ramanuja) may hope for Moksha ( Liberation ) .


Channaya agreed .

The next day Chinnaya  walked inside the temple and sang  a wonderful composition ..and Lord arrived , and  reverently  submitted  Swamy Ramanuja’s petition.

Lord  answered

Certainly !! he shall be saved …

There was a another question …

And I …Lord ?asked Chinnaya …….with more confidence ……..


NO!………………… My child replied the LORD


But ..Lord !!! Have I not sung to Thee all these days ?

Lord smiled and replied ……………………………………

True !! and so I danced to the tunes too often as you sang ..

Lord ! Then I am undone … Pray …Show me the way of salvation …


By no means I can imagine to miss salvation ..

The Lord answered …….

My child …………………

Submit to  the Acharya who made you ask  me this question ..

Our Ramanuja and seek HIS holy feet for your salvation …………………….

He is the  Acharyar who can grant you salvation .


Chinnaya rushed to the Ashram and seeked  Swamy  Ramanuja’s lotus feet …


This incident illustrates that Salvation is won not by bargain but by grace alone ..

Our daily chant is ” RamanujArya divyAgya vardhatAm abhi vardhatAm. ”

It is only HE who can command and all our acharyas and we follow his command .

Swamy Ramanuja is the only acharya who is referred with utmost  respect  and followed by  all other schools in vaishnavism like chaitanya, vallabhacharya, Swamy narayan as the margadayee .

 Uyya Ore Vazhi Udayavar Thiurvadi!

(only way for spiritual upliftment is to take refuge in Yathiraja Padhuka

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

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