The Lord who obeyed his dear devotee Tirumazhisai Azhwar request .. …..”Sonna VaNNAm Seyytha Perumal”.

Thirumazhisai is a holy place located equidistant to Kancheepuram , Mahabalipuram and Mylapur in the present  chengelpet district ( Tamilnadu) . This place is very famous for  Lord Jagganatha Perumal temple . 

The holy place  has  cool streams  fruit and flower grooves yielding abundant fruits.  The  blossoming flowers all through makes it  a  perfect place for a  nature  lover .

Long Shot of Main Gopuram

Several seers , sages , nomadic saints , bhikshukas relax and perform penance at  this place for eternal peace .

sri Jagganathan

In such an wonderful place , Thirumazhisai Azhwar appeared  much earlier than the advent of Kaliyuga .( The appearance day being  ( Thai  Magam ) 

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 It is believed , Azhwar lived for almost 400 years glorifying the Lordships .

Thirumazhi Alwar

Thirumazhisai Azhwar was a junior contemporary of the foremost Azhwars Pogai , Pey and Bhudath Azhwar  who laid a solid foundation for vishistadvaita long long ago .


Azhwar was brought up by his foster parents at Thirumazhisai . It is believed Azhwar left them at a very young age  and practiced Ashtanga Yoga .


With the main aim of seeking absolute truth  he performed severe austerities and penances . 

He studied and practiced  all religious ideas  existed during those days  Jainism , Buddhism , Carvaka etc one by one until he got disillusioned with each of them . Slowly he came into the fold of saivism through a siddar and  started practicing their faith .  He was given a name Sivavakyar . However his search to the absolute truth was not finished . It so happened  by divine will he happened to see the effulgence of  Pey Azhwar  at Kanchipuram.

Thirumazhisai Azhvar Utsavar

Peyazhwar was maintaining a garden and  Siva Vakyar used to pass that way. Keen to know the secrets of the divine knowledge , both used to discuss about the faith they followed and wanted to conclude  about the ultimate truth . Peyazhwar decided to practically demonstrate the absolute truth to his friend .


One day Peyazhwar took a weak rope with knots and a pot with holes .He drew water from the well through this pot  and poured it to the  plants that he planted upside down.


Siva Vakyar  saw this  strange act and was surprised to see PeyAzhwar’s behaviour  . Peyazhwar asked him why  was he disturbed  . 

Thirumazhisai  replied   Holy Sire ! I am surprised with your strange act!  being so learned  ,  How will the purpose of watering the plants serve in this method , as the plant is planted upside down and the pot that contained  holes will water the plants?

 Peyazhwar  was glad  that he had started pondering over the truth   .Peyazwar told him that the rope was the example for his Atma which is searching through different faiths  to find the Absolute truth ,  but  has not succeeded in its search for the truth and still going on searching wasting precious time .


  Peyazhwar further explained , My dear young man , Our ancestors had explained in the following verse“ Thirumaal is like the root of the plant and is  the only ParamporuL.


From the root only , the  leaves, branches, flowers and fruits appear . Similarly all the demigods  took forms only from the root and so they might wither away at some time or other.


Hence it is poor understanding  to think that the other parts of the plant are superior to the root, meaning without the root the plant cannot survive.  “Persons engaged in the worship of demigods are not  clear , although such worship is indirectly offered to Me.” For example, when water is poured  on the leaves and branches of a tree instead  on the root, he does so without sufficient knowledge or without observing regulative principles. 

The process of watering a tree is to pour water on the root. Similarly, the process of rendering service to different parts of the body is to supply food to the stomach. The demigods are, so to speak, different directors in the government of the Supreme Lord. One has to follow the laws made by the government only , not by the others . Similarly, everyone is to offer his worship to the Supreme Lord only. That will automatically satisfy the different  demigods who are working under the  the Lord.

Peyazwar’s explanation put Siva Vakyar in deep thought. He realized that he was still searching for the true knowledge , but couldn’t find it. He requested Peyazhwar to accept him as his disciple.  Peyazhwar  named  him Bhaktisaara .



He started following vaishnavism and serving Peyazhwar  for more lessons  .


Later he took leave of Peyazhwar and went on divya desa yathra. After visiting few divya desams he went  back to Thiruvekka ( Kancheepuram) and stayed there. Kanikannan  a devotee , requested  Bhaktisarar  to accept him as his disciple. Azhwar accepted him as his disciple.


 It so happened  at Thiruvekka in his ashram an old lady used to come and clean his place, and perform small service to him. One day she prayed him that being old she felt that she may not be able to serve him longer and regretted for joining this pious service after becoming old.

Azhwar was touched with her devotion and sincerity and blessed her regain her youth .


One day the king of  Kanchi happened to see this lady who was so beautiful after Azhwars blessings. He instantly fell in love with her.

He married her and took her to his palace.

As years rolled by the king was becoming old, but his wife was as young as she was when he got her married. He asked her what was the secret and she  revealed about Azhwar’s blessings.


.She suggested the King to ask  the disciple KaNaikaNNan to request Azhwar  to be invited to the palace. . The king sent for KaNIkaNNan and told him to summon  Azhwar and compose a verse in his praise and to restore his youth.

KaNikaNNan  replied .. Oh  King …. Azhwar would never  compose verses praising mortals. Azhwar will only glorify the   Lordships and no one else ..and cannot  accept his request ..


 The King  orders both of   them  to leave the kingdom immediately. KaNikaNNan informs  Azhwar all that had happened.  Azhwar decides to leave the kingdom with his disciple . He submits to   Lord  to join along with them . He prays with the verse ….

kanikannan pogindran kamuru punkachi

Manivanna Ni kidaka Vendi Thunivudaya

Chennapulaven naanum Poogindren Neeyum

Undan Pinaga payeyi Churuttikoll…..

meaning … Kanikannan is going out of Kanchi O! Manivanna, You don’t have to lie here anymore. Since, as the fluent poet that I am also leaving with him, you also roll your serpent bed and follow me” And, accordingly all of them left Kanchipuram and  stayed at Orikai for one night.


Lo presto! What a surprise! The Lord obeyed his true devotee’s order, He got up and followed his devotees out of the city, folding His snake-bed and sticking it under arm.


The next moment the whole city  is plunged into darkness .. The king is  frightened  with the calamities about to happen . He quickly summons  his ministers for immediate remedy. The ministers explain his blunder in committing a grave offense on an advanced  devotee  and said  it was a grave sin expelling the saint .  


They advised there  was no other alternative, but to go and ask for his pardon and beseech him to come back.

The king along with his courtiers reached the place Orikai  where Azhwar and KaNikaNNan were staying for the night.  The King  fell at their feet and begged them to return to the city.

Azhwar forgiving the king accepts to return back . He once  again requests  the Lord to return….

Kannikannan pokoindan kamaru punkachi

Manivanna Ni kidaka Vendi Thunivudaya

Chennapulavan Nanuum pokoindan Neeyum

Undan Pinaga Payeyi Virithu Koll…..

Meaning …. ” Kanikannan has changed his mind and rescind his decision to leave Kanchi. Since, as the fluent poet that I am also returning with him, You may also return and lie down on your serpent bed as before.

All of them return accordingly and Kanchipuram regains its lost glory.

Since the Lord obeyed  as he was told by the Azhwar, he  is glorified as  ‘Yatotkari’ and ‘Sonna vannam Seitha Perumal’-meaning ‘the Lord who acted as told’

 From then onwards the Lord got the name Sonna VaNNAm Seytha Perumal and in Sanskrit Yathokthakari.  This divine incident had been glorified by Arunagirinatar and Kumaragurupanar both devotees of Paramasivan and Skandar in their works  .


The place they stayed for the night got the name…(Orikkai ) Oriravu Irukkai and at present is known as Orikkai where a Mani Mandapam is erected. 


Poigai Azhwar, Peyazhwar,Thirumzhisai Azhwar, Nammazhwar and Thirumangai Azhwar have sung in praise of the Lord here. KOMALAVALLI thayar is the consort. Sri Vedantha Desikar had composed his VEHHA SETHU STOTRAM glorified the Lord here.

 It is said , Swami Manavala Mamunigal gave discourses on Sri Bhashyam in this beautiful  temple for one  year.  Swamy  in  preaching posture graces the devotees .


 A special feature of Thirumazhisai Azhwar at the Jagannatha Perumal temple in Kancheepuram is that he is seen with a third eye.

Thirumazhisai Azhwar  later  moved to Thiru Kudanthai ( Kumbakonam ) and glorified the Lord there .


 Thirumazhisai Azhwar’s contribution to the Nalayira Divya Prabhandham includes over 200 verses (Naanmugan Thiruvanthaathi and Thiruchandha Viruththam) of praise. 

It is construed , Azhwar expresses after thoroughly convincing himself about the futility of all the other faiths of his first hand experience and affirms LORD  SRIMAN NARAYANA is the supreme and absolute reality .


The second composition “Thiruchandha Viruththam” has 120 pasurams which is included in the first thousand of the DivyaPrabhandam . 

The composition is so charming that the chanter is tempted to swoon himself to the lilting chants coming out naturally in the divine composition .

The rhythm goes like  tana tana tana tana tana tana Tanana…


Makhayam makare mase     Chakramsam bhargavodbhavam

Mahisara puradhisam     bhakthisara maham bhaje


Azhwar Thiru adigale sharanam
Sonna VaNNam Seytha PerumaL ThiruvadikaLe SaraNam!

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

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