At Tirumala …. Lord Venkateshwara Abhisheka vaibhavam …….. VenkaTAdri samam sthAnam brahmANDe nAsti kinchana …venkateSa samo devo …. na bhUto na bhaviSyati……..

Tears roll continuously ….

This day is very special for us , It was a prized darshan … distant dream come TRUE

Thanking LORD repeatedly for the mercy praying ardently hearing the vedic chants my eyes look at the divine beauty …
Am in a trance suddenly ……….the soul in me rejoices …..Before us stood the great Lord of Lords in all his glory . HE is like the sun which had just risen from the east. The divine face was as cool as the moon. He is as dark as the rain bearing clouds … The eye vision magnified …and zoomed…. and HE grew taller and taller and filled up the whole world space .. Now , the whole world was in HIM and several universes are in HIM

He is limitless , Imperishable , Omniscient residing in the ocean of my heart , the cause of happiness of the universe , the supreme end of all striving ( manifesting HIMSELF) in the ether of the heart which craves for HIM alone ………………………..Suddenly I realize I am in a body …..and watch through my eyes …………..

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 The Lord of the seven hills is the Lord of the universe. The special significance of Lord Venkateswara temple at Tirumala lies in the fact that it is the oldest religious institutions in the world where unbroken religious worship is being carried on for over 1,500 years by revered Acharyas and millions of pilgrims  reach the holy abode more than any other temple in the world .The temple is held in high  veneration by many devotees

The average number of piligrims who seek darshan is about 50,000 to 1,00,000  daily and on festivals double this .The emotional outpourings of the great Azhwars makes one rush to this sacred hills to have  HIS  darshan . Mere listening to the wondrous compositions of his noblest and humblest devotees, like Annamacharya  Tyagaraja  and Purandara Dasa suffices. They combine the quintessence of the Vedas and the Upanishads.

Everything begins and ends or is reduced to…

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