Master !!! Should I let go the water in my palm looking at the clouds for the water ? ‘Uuyiya orey vazhhee Udayavar thiruvadi…’

Few hundreds year ago at Srirangam  inside  an Ashram , the  revered Srivaishnava  Acharyar Swamy Aaachaan was delivering a discourse to his disciples .


Trailokyai Ammal  happened to be there  hearing the Master speak .

Acharyar begun .. My dear children ……

The best means to salvation is LORD himself and to attain  is two fold .



One by Bhakthi or loving him with all the energy of ones own will and the other,  is Prapatti   loving him with all the force derived from the Supreme LORD himself …


When you resign from your own will and place all your hopes in the sweet will of the providence the process  of change begins  .

Many spiritual texts advises that surrender to the lotus feet of the Supreme is the best means to attain Moksha .  


The Taitriya Upanishad explores the  different paths and the effectiveness for attaining  Moksha ..

Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Kovil
Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Kovil

Satyam     Practice of Truth

Tapas     Reducing  bodily needs

Damas   Control of one’s senses

Sama   Control of inner senses

Daanam   Giving liberally

Dharma  Practice of duties

Agneyah  tending sacred fires

Agnihotra  offering to devas through fire

Yagna    sacrifices

Maanasa   meditation

Nyaasa   surrender


Among all the above paths Surrender is the Ultimate . Bhakthi needs to be practiced for a long duration until the prarabdha karma gets exhausted .


Bhakthi needs Jnana and shakthi and its a continuous sustained attempts whereas Prapatti is total surrender  to LORD in any state .


Trailokyai Ammal liked the  discourse  .

She sincerely approached  Master and requested him to allow her to attend classes . Acharyar allowed her for the dedication .

Ammal served the disciples and the Master with care and affection simultaneously listening to the esoteric truths ..


One day,  it was informed that a revered Acharyar from Tirumala had arrived .

Ammal loved Tirumala very much .

The hymn of Nammalvar on Tirumala always made her swoon in imagination  to the holy place .


She took  permission from her Acharyar to take blessings from the Acharyar who had arrived .  With great anxiety she met the revered  master .


Offering obeisances repeatedly she seeked a favor to serve him all the while  during his stay .The Master was none other than the great Swamy AnanthAzhwan who had spontaneously agreed to leave to Tirumala to serve Lord Venkateshwara as per Jagath Acharyar Swamy Ramanuja’s  command .


Days passed , Ammal was taking care of all the needs of Acharyar and had to take leave when Swamy proceeded back to Tirumala. 

Aaachan looked at Ammal and asked her ,

My Child ….


Tell me ….whether Swamy taught you  lessons which was not covered by me  past so many years.  Ammal responded ..

Yes ! Master …


I learn t the most important lesson from Swamy Anantha Azhwan. Seeking  refuge from the lotus feet of Acharyan. is ultimate , whereas your  honor  said we need to seek lotus feet of Supreme Lord .


She continued … trust at the lotus feet of the savior my Acharyar will give sure protection and hence decided to seek the lotus feet of Acharyar who she could directly see .

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She elaborated …Master !!! Should I let go the water in my palm looking at the clouds for the water ? Achaan agreed with her innocent talk  and praised her devotion …


Another incident took place  in Srirangam ….

It so happened a dumb and deaf person approached Swamy Ramanujar and appealed in a moving manner unable to utter a single word .

The ever merciful Acharyar was moved .

He  clasped his hand with the person and both proceeded inside the Ashram. He closed the doors of his personal room. All the disciples were wondering who could  be the new person  ? There was  silence ….


Swamy Kooresa arrived to find out who was the person Acharyar clasped his hands with Noticing he has gone inside the private chambers of Acharyar he felt he was a great Mahaan . It took some time .

Very inquisitively he peeped inside the chambers from the key hole.

Inside Jagath Acharyar Swamy Ramanuja in sign language was asking the dumb person what was his desire . It looked the person was holding swamy’s feet tightly with tears seeking refuge and pleading Acharyar to place his feet on his head and bless him . Acharyar with compassion placed his lotus feet on his head and blessed him .

jai jai

Koorath Azhwan observed this . He bemoaned that he was not as fortunate as the deaf dumb person to get that total grace of Jagath Acharyar Swamy Ramanuja…


There is a beautiful saying in tamil ……………………………….                              

 ‘Uyiya oreyy vazhi Udayavar thiruvadi’

meaning …..

..‘To achieve salvation the surrender at the  lotus feet of  Swamy Ramanuja is the only way’.

Swamy  Pillai Lokachariar  says in his wonderful work…..

” Sri Vachana Bhushanam ……….. ‘Acharya Abimaname Uththaragam’ –

meaning … 

“Acharyan feeling happy about his disciple  and  showering  his grace can be the Saviour of the highest kind”.



Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Pics credits : Google images/  Sri varavaramuni group 

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  1. Hari Om!
    Uyya orae vali Udayavar Tiruvadi. Acharya Abhimanamae Utharagam! Enough. One can face life crossing stones, needles, rocks, caves, rough & smooth……
    – Adiyen Ramanuja Dasi, Jai Sriman Narayana!

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