“Harer nama harer nama harer namaiva kevalam khalauv nasthyeva nasthyeva nasthyeva ghathiranyatha”

The old man pleased with the youth , addressed the gathering ,

my dear children,

It is said in Srimath Bhaagavatham 12-3-52

“KruthE yadh vishnum ththrEthaayaam yajathO makai:

dhvaaparE paricharyaayaam kalau thath harikeethanaath”

The result that one yields in kritha yugam by doing dhyanam (meditation),

the result that one yields in thretha yugam by doing yagnam,

the result that one yields in Dwapara yugam by doing archanai (pooja) ,

the same result is derived in this kaliyugam just by chanting Lord’s Holy Name.
Aadi aadi agam karaindu isai paadi paadi kanneer malgi’…………………..
‘Naadum nagaramum nangu ariya namo narayana yenru paadu’………………..
‘Harer namaiva namaiva namaiva mama jeevanam … na gatir anyata’……………..

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More sweet than all other sweet things; more auspicious than all other auspicious things;

the greatest purifier of all purifying things—————-

———————-The holy name of Sri Hari alone is everything…………..


There was a  temple of Lord Krishna in a village . The temple was always flooded with several devotees. The mood in the temple used to be festive always . Continuous Hari naama sankirtan made the place vibrating with devotion .The  devotional  Hari nama tunes took one into  a serene mood asking for more . It was a continuous flow of elixir .

.facebook_1515242832243.jpg1749211073.jpgThe continuous chants made the mind swoon into devotional fervor and nothing else was remembered .There was no hunger or thirst .No desire except for just being there and feeding the soul through these ears the elixir that was abundantly poured . It was sheer bliss .

FB_IMG_1459098166176 A young man  lived near the temple  who had no…

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