Lord glorified as Kallar –piran/Chora-nathar (head of thieves)

his temple Lordships is glorified by our Nammazhwar .The temple is one of the 108 srivaishnava divya desams .
The King was stunned to see Kaaladhooshakan .

The bewitching smile and the magnetic aura he carried made the entire court spellbound .The eyes carried a special effect.

The King was just watching his glowing face .Meanwhile , the minister questioned him for the reason his stealing .

The thief ( LORD ) said I have stole that part of the wealth which is as per dharma. Your majesty has not protected the dharma as a King and hence we had to interfere The temple is also classified as a Navatirupathy , the nine temples revered by Nammazhwar located in the banks of Tambaraparani river.

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Near Tirunelveli -Thiruchendur route at the northern banks of the holy river  Tambaraparani river , there is a glorious temple of  Lord Vaikuntanathar .


Lord rests on Aadhishesha facing the east holding a wonderful mace in his divine lotus hand .


In this small village few hundred years ago there was a thief ,kaladhooshakan .

He was a nice devotee of the Lord .

He used to visit the temple in the day and  pray Lord for a good booty in the night .

It was a one to one conversation. He made it a practice to offer fifty percent of  his loot for some service to the Lord. Though it was always petty thefts , he wished he somehow looted the royal chambers .

He ardently prayed LORD for his mission to be accomplished .He meanwhile worked with a plan to navigate the royal chambers for the d-day in…

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