Mother !!!!! spoke Embaar the great disciple of Swamy Ramanuja …………………………………………….. When SUPREME LORD is in my heart and present everywhere , ever watching me , how can i feel lonely enough to be able to do any other work other than that of HIS contemplation and praise ?

Swamy Embaar appeared during the year 1026 in the month of Makara ( Tamil Month of Thai  under the the constellation of Punarvasu.


Embaars maternal uncle Thirumalai nambhi named him as Govinda Bhattar.

Govinda was the first cousin of  JagathAcharyar Swami Ramanuja .


Both of them attended the Academy of Yadhava Prakasha ( Yadhava Prakasha a  Advaitin ) at Thiruputkuzzi near Kancheepuram  for vedic studies .




The  unfortunate  design planned  by their Guru Yadavaprakasha to kill Swamy Ramanuja was foiled by  young Govinda. 
Seeing an early opportunity , Govinda advised  Swamy Ramanuja to leave the  group   during  the night to escape the danger .
As advised by  his cousin Govinda , Ramanujar did the same and reached Kanchi
( We  cherish  how our  Swamy Ramanujar was saved by Lord Varadar  and his consort from getting lost in jungles and had safe passage to Kanchipuram)
{ Even to this day the same event is celebrated as Salai Kinaru Usthavam .
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Yadhava Prakasha noticed Ramanujar missing and asked all the disciples to search for him. 
Govinda pretended to search  for Ramanuja  so that he should not be doubted.


All concluded that Ramanuja must have lost his way in the wild jungle and have been devoured by wild animals.
Yadavaprakasha  continued the sojourn to Kashi along with his  disciples .


Then on reaching Kashi , Govinda took dip and rose his palms , he saw a Shiva Lingam in his hand surprised , he showed it to his master .


His Guru commanded that as Paramasivan  is pleased with Govinda and it is his direct blessings , he must worship him.


Govinda worshipped the Lingam in Madhuramangalam ( even to this day you can see this Lingam) .

Later ,he dreamt Paramasivan of Kalahasthi beckoned him so he went to Kalahasthi and continued to worship in the temple .


Years rolled on .

Swami Ramanuja became the disciple of Thirukachi Nambhigal , Periya Nambhi, Thirukoshtiyur nambhi and had taken sanyasa .


Ramanuja needed some trusted lieutenant to assist him . He then remembered Govinda , whose timely advice saved his life.

Now the real problem was how to bring Govinda back into Vaishnava fold .


He requested his Maternal uncle Thirumalai Nambhi to explore the possibilities of bringing Govinda back to vaishnava fold .

Thirumalai Nambhi went to Kalahasthi and  met Govinda and quoted few verses of His Acharyar Alawandar’s Shostra Ratna Mala .


He impressed upon Govinda that worshipping Lord Sriman Narayana is the only way for path to salvation .

Govinda got convinced  took permission from Paramasivan  and proceeded along with his uncle to Thirumalai to learn Divyaprabhandam under him.

Meanwhile Swamy Ramanuja for learning the inner secrets of Srimad Ramayana from his uncle Thirumalai Nambhi  proceeded to Tirumala.


Once he finished his Srimad Ramayana studies under Thirumalai Nambhi , Acharyar and  his own uncle wanted to gift something to his student and lamented he did not have anything to give.


Seizing the wonderful  opportunity  Swamy Ramanuja   requested  Govinda to be  allowed to  join him, which Acharyar  Nambhigal readily agreed .


Swami Ramanuja and Govinda returned back to Srirangam via Kanchi.

He gifted him with a necklace as per elders version which is seen in the temple

Though he joined Swamy Ramanuja , Govinda was always sad that he was missing his Acharyar and Uncle .

Seeing the sad plight Swamy Ramanuja immediately asked Govindar  to go back to  Acharyar Thirumalai Nambhigals place.  

Overjoyed Govindar returns to Tirumala .


On reaching he understands even his  Acharyar is unhappy with his decision as Nambhigal ignores him .

He  advises Govindar  to return back and  quotes

  “Cow once sold or gifted in dhana cannot be taken back .


Govinda with humility  returns back to  Swamy Ramanuja , more refined, wiser and chastened.

Swamy Ramanuja  pleased with  his move and affection advises him to attend  all lectures, discourse, debates expositions and dispositions.


  Govindar gradually  becomes  a shadow of  Swamy Ramanuja and serve his master day and night.



Though Govinda was married, he never lived a householders life, and remained like a Brahmachari .  He wanted to take Sanyasa like his master Ramanuja. But his Mother was unhappy about this and she wanted the linage to grow.   She approached Ramanuja and expressed her  deep desire .  Ramanuja asked Govinda to spend some time with his wife in privacy .

Govinda respected his master’s word and spent time with his wife, but whole  night he  explained  his wife  about  Lord’s divya leelai and experiences becoming transcendental by absorbing the esoteric truths .

The next day his wife narrated to her mother  in law  how advanced devotee his son was and she was blessed to be in his company hearing the Lord’s divine pastimes .  

Mother was shocked ..

She summoned her son and asked  was there anything he had to say about  his loneliness  last night …

Govinda replied …Mother .!!!

When SUPREME LORD is in my heart and present everywhere , ever watching me , how can i feel lonely enough to be able to do any other work other than that of   contemplating on HIM ..

Swamy Ramanuja tested Govindas Celibacy in different ways and found latter was firm like a mountain and his aim was to become an ascetic.


He presents Govinda a Arch robe of an ascetic and  gives  his initiated  name  as “Emperumanar”

Govindar   informs  his master whether he  did  deserve this honor at all

Swamy Ramanuja  joins  the first and last syllables of his name and gives the name   “EMBAR”and thus  Govinda got his name “EMBAR” our most revered Acharyar

As commanded by Ramanuja , Embar taught Parasara Bhatta all that he learnt from his Acharyar   .

He succeeded in making the Parasara Bhatta the worthy successor of  Swamy Ramanuja to carry on the Ramanuja Sidhantha to the future generation.

During the year 1137  when our beloved Swamy Ramanujar shed his mortal coil and proceeded to Srivaikuntam , Swamy rested himself  keeping his head in Embars lap .


Embar composed the work called “VIJNAASTHUTHI”.

rAmanuja padhachchAya gOvindAhvAna pAyini |
thadAyattha svarUpAssA jeeyAnmadviSramasthali: ||

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan


Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

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