Thirunangoor Manjal Kuliyal darshanam Eleven Garuda seva Utsavam Feb 4th – 5th 2019


Offering  countless obeisances to Asmath Acharyar, Sri Sri  Mudaliandan Swamy and all spiritual masters ,  Adiyen wishes to share our  travel and darisanam experiences  at Thirunangoor done few years back . We had  attended this  great festival twice and  wish to share the divine experiences to all the devotees .


It will be a great fortune and mercy for the ones who will be attending this year festival  on Thai Amavasai  which is being celebrated from 04-02-2019 to 05-02-2019 at Thirunangoor and get the blessings of our Thirumanga Azhwar .

Watch the clip and get in that mood of devotion ….



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The remote  village of Thirunangoor near Sirkazhi reverberates with satsangh   every year Thai Amavasya and the succeeding 2  days are celebrated in a  very grand manner.



On Thai Amavasya, Thirumangai Azhwar  the great saint of  Vaishnava sampradaya is given Manjal Kuliyal  (holy bath with turmeric water) which is being celebrated in this remote village past  12 centuries .

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