Nava Garuda Sevai, the lordships Perumals seated on Garuda vaahanam. Swamy NammAzhwar seated on Hamsa vaahanam and his dearest devotee, Madhurakavi Azhwar seated on Pirangi Naarkaali (a chair) a divine sight not to be missed …. at Azhwar Thirunagari …

In Srimad Bhagavatha Mahapurana as part of a discussion between King Nimi and sage Karabhajana the advent of the Srivaishnava Azhwars appearance in the Kali age is revealed .

Vaazhi1nammAzwAr ” In the Kali age men devoted to Lord Sriman Narayana will be born in large numbers near the Dravida territory where in the rivers Tamaraparni, Vaigai , Paalaar the most sacred Kaaveri flows
nammazhvaar+007 True to the epic , both Swamy Namaazhwar and Madhurakavi Azhwar appeared on the banks of Tambaraparni river .

It is said that just after 40 years of the disappearance of Lord Krishna , Nammazhwar appeared . Periyazhwar and Sri Andal appeared in a place close to river Vaigai , the Mudal Azhwars and Thirumazhisai Azhwar appeared near Paalaar and Thodaradippodi Azhwar, Thiruppaanaazhwar and Thirumangai Azhwar appeared near river Kaaveri.

Thiruvallikeni 12418962_1039908092698424_7079268658380822918_o

The most holy place Thirukurugur “Alwar Tirunagari” is about 30kms east of Tirunelveli on the Tirunelveli-Tiruchendur highway off the Southern banks of Tamaraparani .Check this post for more details : Vaishnava divyadesam is located on the banks of the river Tamaraparani and is one of the 108 divya desams in Pandiya Nadu. This was later known as Alwar thirunagari after the great Nammazhwar’s appearance .DSC03134 Legends reveal there lived a pious devotee Kaariyaar an advanced bhaktha who was serving the devotees from his agriculture earnings .

Udaiya Nankaiyar from Thiruvanparisaram was his wife who was equally pious and served the devotees with all dedication . They had no progeny for a long time .401247_334307506677076_37990385_n

Their prayers were answered by the mercy of Lord of Thirukurungudi . Udaiya Nankai gave birth to a male child on Vaikasi month in Visakam star( who is considered to be the incarnation of Senai Mudaliyar the commander in chief of Lord Sriman Narayana) . His parents named him Maran ( being different from others ) and he also had other names Parankusa and Satakopan .

The boy was not an ordinary kid nor did he have an ordinary life .

He displayed none of the usual characteristics of a baby, neither would he cry nor attempt to drink milk.

Looking at the strange behaviour of the divine child, the parents went to the temple for divine interference.523590_402495403133968_133069990_n All of a sudden the child crawled and went under a tamarind tree inside the temple where he remained almost for sixteen years in yogic trance under the trunk . The divine incident became the talk of the town.

After many years one day a elder Vaishnava who was on a pilgrimage to Ayodhya observed a shining light emanating from a far off place .He followed the light and reached Thurukurugoor. As he enquired around the place , he was directed into the temple . He was surprised looking at the divine aura being emitted from the young boy and attempted to go near him .

More details of Madhurakavi Azhwar can be read in this appended linked post


He approached the divine boy who was meditating deeply with his legs crossed and hands in chin mudrai pose. Madhurakavi thought that the boy could be deaf and dumb. To draw his attention ,he took a small stone and threw it in the lotus pond nearby.

Bharat Kund,Nandigram3Lo presto ! the boy opened his eyes and Madhurakavi could see the divinity in his eyes with golden hue.

Madhurakavi wanted to test the boy further whether he could reply.

Thus he asked a question

Seththathin vayitril siru kutti pirandhaal etrai thindru enge kidakum?

A divine voice was heard with a smile

“Atrai thindru ange kidakum”.

The answer to his question made the madhurakavi ponder about the divine presence of the boy and the esoteric reply.


The peripheral meaning of the question…

“If a small one is born into a dead thing, what will it do ? and where will it be”?

The reply was “It will eat that and stay there”.

Nothing could be understood if not for our great achaaryas who had provided us with the inner meaning of this important quote


The inner meaning of the question:

“Seththadhu” – body,

“siru kutti” – soul.

“vayiru” – stomach.


The inner meaning mentions that when a soul enters a body, the body gets life and the soul forgets its true nature , thus thinks that the body is everything The soul enjoys and suffers everything through the body.


It eats and lives on whatever the body earns as sin and virtues . Once the body is dead, the soul departs. Till the time the soul is present, it has to suffer and enjoy all the feelings of the body.


But once the soul realizes its true nature that it is the servant of Lord Sriman Narayanan and surrenders , the soul gets liberated from the cycle of births and deaths.

Swami Madhurakavi azhwar was amazed by azhwar’s knowledge and fell at his feet and pleaded him to accept him as his disciple.

Azhwar agreed and asked him to help him in composing his divine works. Thus came out the fountain of divine out pouring of Lord’s kalyanagunas .

Madurakavi Azwar wrote all of them in Palm leaves which were called ‘ pattolai. The divine out pourings were

  1. Thiruviruttam (100 verses)
  2. Thiruvasiriyam (7 verses)
  3. Periya ThiruvandhAdhi (87 verses)
  4. Thiruvamozhi (1102 verses )


A grand festival is celebrated for ten days marking the appearance day of Azhwar at this holy place every year ending with a holy bath ( Abhishekam ) and ‘Theertha vari’ on Vaikasi Visakam day .

The Vaikasi Visakam celebrations are being held past 500 years or more .

The temple at Thirukkurugoor was under the direct administration of our revered Acharyar Swamy Manavala Mamunigal.


Adiyen is recollecting the wonderful darshan we had few years back at Azhwar Thirunagari



The most important day for Srivaishnavas is Swami Nammazhwars Thirunakshatram ( Apperance day ) which happens to be on Saturday 21 ,2016 this year .

Nava Tirupathi is a cluster of Nine temples of Lord Sriman Narayana.

Nava Tirupathi is part of the 108 Divya Desam temples .

Located around the banks of the River Thamarap arani, the 9 temples of Nava Tirupathi are Thiruvaikundam,



North & South temples of Thirutholaivillimangalam,



Thirukolur and



This otherwise a calm village is overcrowded with devotees for the 10 day grand festival.

Almost all the chathirams, Ramanujar koodams and houses were packed with devotees who come to witness the Nava garuda sevai from long distances .

Azhvaar being brought

A big mandapam in front of the main temple known as ‘PANDAL MANDAPAM” is decorated for the grand festival to happen .

This pandal was built by an ardent devotee Sri Pandala Ramaswamy Nayaakar during 1807 .He took initiative in starting this wonderful Nava garuda Sevai utsavam and made arrangements for the mandapam and other paraphernalia .

In honour of his devotional service the mandapam is named Pandal Mandapam.


All the Perumals ( Lordships ) of the Nava Tirupatis come to

Thirunagari to grace our most beloved Nammazhwar .

Swamy Nammazhwar had darshanam of all the 108 Divya

desam perumal staying in Azhwar Thirunagari itself .


In the pandal “ Abhishekam for Azhwar is done with due honours by the recitation of vedic hymns being watched by a large groups of devotees .


Meanwhile ,there was an alert by the bhagavathas that the Nava Tirupathigal Perumal have already started from their temples “ Thirukolams “and after crossing the beautiful Tambaraparani River are arriving at Pandal Mandapam.


We rejoiced to see Perumals coming from different directions with a troupe of Nadaswaram goshti and the recitation of pasurams by Elders.

154167615.SGeUb1Ek Thiruneermalai

All Perumal started arriving to Pandal Mandapam. Every Divyadesam Perumal arrive in a well decorated palanquin with full temple honours.


Here Azhwar receives the Perumal and does Pradakshinam to Perumal thrice. Azhwar is then blessed with satari, peedambaram and prasadam which were offered to the Perumal.


After this, managala haarathi is given to Perumal and Azhwar and Perumal enter the main temple. This procedure is followed for all the Perumals. This function takes place for about 2 to 3 hours.


All the Perumals alight inside a huge mandapam inside the temple. Parallel arrangements like decorating Peria Thiruvadi ( Garudazhwan ) for the evening function is done for the Garuda sevai.

The villagers share a wonderful hospitality inquiring about the details of stay, food etc of all the visitors . Most of the Thirumalagais are eager to serve the devotees with Prasadam.


The same evening around 5 P.M., Thirumanjanam ( Abhishekam ) would start for all the Perumals. Several groups of devotees coming from far off places assemble and chant azhwar pasurams with music. At 5 P.M the Vedic Pundits carrying silver kudams filled with holy water arrive . The water for Neeratam is brought from the river Thamparaparani with full honours (an umbrella, Nadaswaram)


The holy abhishekam “ Thirumanjanam” for all the Perumals are performed at the same time. Thirumanjanam is performed for all the Perumals inside the mandapam. It takes about 2 to 3 hours for the alankaranam to get completed.


Around 8 P.M. the much awaited garuda sevai starts

In the Nava Garuda Sevai, the lordships ( Perumals ) are seated on Garuda vaahanam. Azhwar is seated on a Hamsa vaahanam and his dearest devotee, Madurakavi Azhwar is seated on Pirangi Naarkaali (a chair)


Azhwar waits just outside the Maha dwaaram of the temple to receive the Perumals from all the Nine Divya desams . The temple doors are closed and Azhwar along with his favourite devotee Madurakavi Alwar wait for the Garudaseva Utsavam to happen.The Mahadwaram doors are opened amidst the mangala Nadaswarams .


Azhwar is the first to have darsanam of Perumal. Perumal is given Mangala karpoora aarthi and managalasaasanam done to the particular Perumal by the Azhwar . The recitation of the Mangalaasanams with the divyadesam pasurams by Elders drives one to spiritual ecstasy. Similar to Srirangam, Araiyar sevai is followed tradition here


The sevai is a special treat to the eyes and fill LORDs grace unlimited . And being among-st our Azhwars and the advanced srivaishnavas its sheer bliss


The order in which the Perumals appear in Garuda vaahanam along with the paasuram number is mentioned for devotees sung by Azhwar is given below:Thiruvallikeni 12418962_1039908092698424_7079268658380822918_o


1) Sri Adinatha Perumal of Thirukurugoor 3106,3116
2) Sri Vaikuntanatha Perumal of Srivaikuntam 3571,3575
3) Sri Vijayasanar Perumal of Natham (varagunamangai) 3571
4) Sri Kaichinavendan of Thirupulingudi 3473,3568-78
5) Sri Mayakoothan of Perungulam(Thiuukulandhai) 3561
6) Sri Devapiran of Irattai Tirupati }
7) Sri Aravinda Lochanan of Irattai Tirupati } 3271-3281
8) Sri Bhoomipalar of Then Thirupperai 3359-3369
9) Sri Vaithamanidhi of Thirukolur along with Madurakavi Azhwar 3293-3303,3473


After this, neivedyam is offered to Perumal, Azhwar and Madurakavi Azhwar and Perumal leaves the place . All the Perumals assemble at East Mada street and from here all the Nava tirupathi Perumal are taken in procession in the 4 mada streets of Thirunagari with the Nadaswaram troups for each perumal , Veda goshti .


The devotees burst crackers and lit the roads with dazzling light. The local residents receive Perumal by sweeping the roads and decorating the roads with kollams etc.The zeal in their offering fruits and karpooram at the time of Perumal’s oorvalam is a great blessing. Almost the entire village are well versed with Perumals arrival. This procedure of waiting near the entrance, offering karpoora aarthi and rendering mangalasaasanam on that particular Perumal is followed for all the Perumals.


By the time the ninth Perumal Sri Vaithamanidhi of Thirukolur leaves the place, Adinatha Perumal of Thirukurugoor who left first comes back to the temple. After all the nine Perumals assemble, Azhwar pays his deep respects to all the Perumals and all the Perumals get inside the mandapam. Madurakavi Azhwar who has organized this function, payshis respects to Nammazwar who is pleased with his disciple.


The function concludes around 4 A.M. The next day morning, all the Perumals leave to their respective temples gracing all the devotees and Nammazwar accompanies them till the entrance of the temple as a Royal guest . Nammazwar ‘s hamsa vaahanam is placed in such a manner that he looks at the proceedings until Perumal leaves the temple street

Temple Perumal Thayar Distance from
Srivaikundam Vaikundanathan
2 KM
3 KM
Erattai Thirupathi Srinivasan
Alamelumangai 10 KM
Erattai Thirupathi Aravinason
Chenthamarai Kannan
Karunthdankanni 10 KM
12 KM
Thenthiruperai Maharenedun Kuzhaikaathar
Niharilmukil vannan
Kuzhaikaathu valli
Thiruperal Nachiyar
10 KM
Thirukkolloor Vaithananidhi
Kollor Valli
8 KM
Aadinatha Nayagi 5 KM


The Perumals leave the Mandapam around 7.00 –7.30 AM . Only after the sight of Perumal completely disappears, Nammazhwar leaves inside a bit sad due to the departure of the perumals to their respective divyadesams.


All glories to the devotees who are at Thirukurogoor seeking the grace of Azhwar and Perumal ….

Prostrating vaishnavas ,Azhwar and Lordships for their abundant grace adiyen silently walk behind Azhwars Palanquin asking for forgiveness and his grace in attending many more Satsangs…

Adiyen Ramanuja dasanPics courtesy : Google images , web site ; heritagetown .orgVideos : Thanks to Sri Govindarajan

Lord moved by the Vatsalya bhava of Varadaguru calls him ‘Amma’ – my mother….( the divine play where Acharyar Varadaguru is rechristened to Nadadhoor Ammal.

Lord Venkateswara Himself announced to the temple authorities that He Himself fed his dear Ammal and his disciples and that they should receive Ammal with all temple honours who will be arriving shortly . Swami Engalazhwan was Acharya of Nadathur Ammal , who was the direct disciple of Thirukkurukaippiran Pillan .

Swamy Parasara Bhattar’s divine pastime…. Oh Yes , Adiyen would travel to Sri Vaikuntam and have the darsanam of Lord VaikuntanAthan to satisfy my curiosity …and If Lord VaikuntanAthan does not match up to my Lord Rangan’s glories …adiyen would return right back to Srirangam and continue to serve our Supreme Lord Rangan .

Today is Swamy Parasara Bhattars Apperance day

Bhaktha Siromani .. Matrusree Taarigonda Vengamamba.. who offers Mutyala Harathi at Tirumala

At Tirumala , ………………………….

Lord Sri Venkateshwara’   awakes with Annamayya’s melukolupu,

and follows the day’s rituals, ends with the great saint poetess  Vengamamba’s Mutyala Harathi



Mutyala Harathi’,  is the last ritual performed during ‘Ekantha Seva’  to   Lord Venkateswara in Tirumala .

This seva  is symbolic  gesture of the Lord’s love for His devotees.


The ritual was started by saint-poetess Tarigonda Vengamamba and for almost  the last three centuries is being performed on par with ‘Lalipata’, ( Lullaby)  introduced by  another great devotee Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya….

                     Performing both the rituals during ‘Ekantha Seva’  to  the Lord is remembering these great devotees who had surrendered to Lord .

The speciality of   Ekantha seva  is  glorified  as…..

‘Tallapaka vari Lali, Tarigondavari Harathi’ among the  devotees.


The song goes like this ….



also  called as Jaya Mangala Geetam .


The meaning  of one verse of  the song  in English goes like this ..

To HIM who dwells on the Top of the Pannagadri Hills

To HIM who dispels the darkness of sin…


To that LORD and to our dear Alamelu Mangamma ( the goddess)  who is ever present with HIM

To the LORD par excellence  who grants boons to all those who seek refuge in HIM to Alamelu Mangamma who constantly reminds HIM to bless the devotees


The song  has around 12 verses glorifying our Lordships to bestow his grace on devotees


           Along with this  mangala haarathi ,  the lullaby song composed by another great devotee Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya   is sung  which is relished by the LORD before he goes into Yoga Nidra ..


 The great devotee Tarigonda Vengamamba  appeared at a place near chittoor  around the year  1750 and  was  serving   Lord Tarigonda Narasimha Swamy   . 




Their parents  admired her faith in Lord but had their own doubts about her future.Days rolled to months and months added to years.

 The parents had mixed feelings of joy and fear in such situations as her devotion was going in leaps and bounds .

Featured Image -- 4298

Due to divine will  Vengamamba   became a child-widow. But   with her strong upbringing and spiritual outlook , she  considered  Lord Venkateswara as her husband and  refused to part with the customary beliefs  of a married woman (Punya stree ).  

With the blessings of Lord Narasimha of Tarigonda , she ascends  the  Tirumala  Hills and  starts  serving the Lordships with utmost devotion .


She stabilised  her stay at Tirumala and continued  with her divine service to Lord in solitude in the evenings .

 As per temple legend, on the divine instructions of Goddess Padamavathi Devi, the then In-charge of Hathiramji Mutt, Mahant Sri Atmaramdasji  offered a small thatched hut in the present Rambhageecha gardens to Vengamamba.  

The Saint Poetess used to perform penance under a tamarind tree present opposite her hut.

During every Nrisimha Jayanthi (which usually falls in the month of May) she used to serve mahaprasad to  scores of pilgrims who visited Tirumala during this period in the premises of her residence for ten days.

Seeing her charitable activity some devotees  donated  her “Dana Patras” (donations) between 1785 AD to 1812 AD with which she carried out her Annaprasada Vitarana till her last breath. Since then she became popular with the title “Matrusri” since she took care of the visiting pilgrims as a mother.


 When she entered Tirumala  she initially  stayed at Gogarbha Teertham  and meditated on Lord .

But as flow of people  disturbed her spiritual practices ,  she shifted to Tumbura Teertham and continued her austerity. With constant attention on her devotional practices she moved to Tirumala.


 She used to collect flowers  and make them as a garland and present it to Lord venkateswara every day .

One day as she offered Tulasimala to the deity  she  was criticized for her offerings by the main priest there (as a widow is not allowed to worship the temple deity  those days).


 The Priest removes the garland away. But   Vengamamba could have darshan  of Lord  appearing wearing her tulasimala . 

       With all humility she starts   composing poems and literary essays on Lords divine leela .


Moved by her devotion, it is told that Lord  allowed her to enter the temple after temple hours to listen to  her poems and songs.

        Vengamamba  used to recite  poems in presence of the LORD  and  offered ‘harati’ to  the Lord each night along with  pearls as a mark of devotion .

Observing  the pearls in the sanctum sanctorum   over a period of time, the temple  priests were agitated . They politely informed that  Vengamamba must not be allowed to enter the temple .


She was under  exile in  a cave  at  Tumburakona near Tirumala .

The legend  reveals that LORD out of his love to his devotee  created a  secret pathway from the cave to the temple which was used by Vengamamba to continue her devotional service in private .

The practice of  night harati continued for 6 years.

Eventually, the priests realized their folly and recognized Vengamamba’s devotion and dedication, and  pleaded  her to return and  allowed to participate in Ekanta seva .


 However , the divine services to LORD was generally offered by Mahants and  Priests inside the temple .


All of them felt  that though  she was a great devotee ,  a widow who was excommunicated by her community who doesn’t follow tenants of customs must not be allowed to continue such divine service  along with them which  is a serious  offense .

They told her sternly about their unhappiness and polluting the temple .


Vengamamba accepted their decision and continued to serve the LORDSHIPS at her house located in the Mada streets beside Sri Tallapaka Annamacharyas  descendant’s  house .

The next day happened to be the day of the car festival .


In all the splendor and glory the temple car with the LORDSHIPS moved .

However as soon as it reached Vengamambas house it stopped suddenly and any effort to pull the cart  was  becoming difficult . It was getting delayed .

govindaaaaa-10The Chief Priest understood the main motive of the Lord to ignore their plea . All of them rushed into Vengamambas house and begged repentance for their offence . They requested her to pray LORD for HIS approval .

Vengamamba rushed out with tears and all humility offered camphor harathi with devotion .


           The temple car started moving slowly from then .

This camphor offering which was started by Vengamamba has come to be known as Tarigondavari Haarati OR Mutyaala Harathi which is continued even today .


A silver idol of Tarigonda Nrusimha Swami , fixed in a plate made out of an alloy of five metals is decorated with one of the ten incarnations of Mahavishnu with pearls mixed with vermillon and rice powder .


A small vessel placed at the middle of the plate with camphor is lighted and offered to the LORD everyday which becomes the last ritual of the day .

Every Car festival the camphor waving would be offered duly that comes as a token of remembrance of the great  devotee Tarigonda Vengamamba .

               Pilgrims , even to-day, visit the Tulsi garden, offering  worship at the samadhi of Venkamamba, go round it, sprinkle water over their heads and feel gratified.
Full moon day in the month of Phalguna is considered an important day to bathe in the Thumbur Theertham about fifteen miles to the North of Sri Venkateswara temple.
Pilgrims go there on this  day in groups, bathe in the theertham and visit Sri Venkamamba’s cave.

            Vayalpad is a village about nine miles from Tirupati. There is a temple named Tarikonda Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple.

way to guptgodavari cave

       Those who have heard of Venkamamba visit this temple and worship her and get their wishes fulfilled and return happily.


Matrusri Tarigonda Vengamamba Jayanti  is celebrated   during the month of  May-June .

At Tirumala during the morning flowery tributes are  presented at Vengamamba Brindavana in Tirumala  and later in the evening   Lord Malayappa along with both consorts  come to Sri  Padmavathi Parinaya mandapam in the Narayanagiri gardens where unjal seva takes place. The  celebrations is  conducted  with  prominent music exponents singing sankeertans penned by Vengamamba.


All Glories to Mother Vengamaba.


Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

video credits : Shri Ramyagiri, Ravichander Iyer

Photos credits : Google images , Advanced devotee friends


Taket ( Nasik ) and Thiruputkuzhi……….Jatayu Moksha kshetram

On few festive occasions, Lord Vijaya Raaghavan goes on street processions mounted on his ‘Horse Vaahanam’ which looks like a real Horse, (with its jumping stride and movements). The devotee created this horse specifically for Lord Vijaya Raaghava was asked to make another horse. He refused to recreate his magic for anyone other than the Lord .

…. ( Bhaagavatha Apachaara) …. Azhwan submitted , with tears . Will.. Lord ever forgive us for this great transgression for which he was a mute spectator………..

Azhwan submitted , with tears ………………..

Will Lord ever forgive us for this great transgression for which he was a mute spectator………………

RamanujArya divyAgya … vardhatAm abhi vardhatAm……

It was Namperumal’s divine plan to make Swamy Ramanujar leave Srirangam for a short time , and purify other places by placing his holy feet in Melnadu and retrieve Thirunarayanan who was worshipped by Sri Ramar and Sri Krishna during Tretha and Dwapara yugas .


Peria Perumal thus created a difficult situation by which Swamy Ramanujar had to leave Srirangam after taking Peria Perumal’s consent and thus proceeded towards north accompanied by Sri Mudaliandan Swamy.

After many days of travel and undergoing various hardships following the course of Kaveri, Swamy Ramanuja finally arrived in Karnataka where the local tribals served them.

En route he met his disciple kongu piratti and graced her


Check the url below for kongu piratti divine pastime with Swamy Ramanuja

Later he moved near Srirangapatinam.

The local people who were averse to Swamy Ramanujar conspired a plan to do away with him.

Swamy Ramanujar learning their evil intentions ordered Mudaliandan Swamy to place his feet in the drinking water pond in that area now called saligrama near Thondanur , which he politely obeyed.


At salagrama ,by partaking this Sripada theertham, the minds of the evildoers changed miraculously and they fell at Swamy Ramanujar lotus feet seeking forgiveness. Such was the greatness of Swamy Mudaliandan .


Ramanujar named this place as “Saligramam” which is near to Melkote.

Even today this pond is maintained by the archakar family .

There is a small temple opposite to this pond in which Swamy Ramanujar’s lotus feet are worshiped.


Swamy Ramanuja had a large number of disciples at Melnadu .

Vangipurathu Achi , Vangipurathu Nambi , Thondanur Nambi , Marudhur Nambi, Malur Nambi , Anathazhwan were some of them in the large group of disciples he had at Melnadu.



Thondanur Nambi was a great bhagavatha , a saint and most respected scholar as he was close to the Royal family .

Thondanur Nambi , during his pilgrimage to Srirangam was attracted to Swamy Ramanuja .

He loved his approach and the simple teachings which leads to self realisation that takes one to godhead. He was one among the 74 Simhadhipathees .


Thondanur was the summer capital of the Hoyasala kingdom ruled by King Vittala deva who was a staunch follower of Jainism .

They were tolerant to other religions too . The King had a daughter who was possessed with an evil spirit .

No treatment could cure her illness . She was always under the possession of the evil spirit which made her do unnatural things .

She was almost dressed like a madwoman and was a big embarrassment to the Royal family . There was another tragedy , during a war the King lost his finger.

This earned him the name Bitti deva .


The King was very upset due to the deformity and the new worry of his daughter that took shape .

No treatment either medicines or tantric rituals could cure her .


The Jain monks also tried their best but nothing seemed possible to relieve her from the evil spirit .

Thondanur Nambi, the disciple of Swamy Ramanujar suggested to the queen that his spiritual master who arrived recently and staying at Saligrama was capable of restoring the princess to normalcy.


The Jain king pleaded Nambi to invite Swamy Ramanuja to his palace .

He even promises that If his daughter is cured he will adopt Srivaishnava faith and surrender to Swamy Ramanuja..


Thondanur Nambi goes to Saligrama and surrenders to the lotus feet of Swamy Ramanuja and briefs him about the Jain Kings intentions .


It was a wonderful opportunity to grace the King and his people and induct them in the great srivaishnava sampradayam .


Swamy Ramanuja and Thondanur Nambi look for an auspicious time and leave to Thondanur to the Royal palace .

The Royal couple have the divya darshan of JagathAcharyar Swamy Ramanuja .

Both of them fall like uprooted trees looking at Swamy Ramanujas divine aura .

They welcome Swamy to their Royal chambers .

The whole Royal family pay their obeisance’s to Swamy Ramanuja .


The mad princess who was irritating the members few minutes back suddenly leaves into another room when Swamy enters the chambers . With some cajoling the princess who is shabbily dressed is brought before Swamy Ramanuja .

Looking at the pitiable state of the princess , Swamy gives the holy water that was offered to his Lordships and applies the holy turmeric paste offered to Lord on her forehead .


The moment she sips the holy water and makes an eye contact with the great Acharya the evil spirit vanishes and she almost faints before him .


The princess is slowly brought back to senses by sprinkling some water on her .

To everybody’s surprise she gets up , looks at herself feels shy and runs away to her chambers . She dresses herself elegantly and offers obeisances to Swamy Ramanuja amongst all the people .


The Royal couple are amazed with the sudden happenings . They accept that the great seer who is with them is a very pious soul who has incarnated to uplift them . Instantly they surrender to his lotus feet and beg to be taken into his fold .


Swamy Ramanuja asks them to offer prayers at Nambi Narayana Temple and meet him there .


At Swamy Nambi Narayana temple , Swamy Ramanuja conducts a discourse attended by many people . The King along with his Royal family too attend the discourse which speaks about the ultimate purpose of life as a srivaisnava .

. Attracted to his simple teachings the entire crowd adopt srivaishnavism . Amongst the citizens the King , Queen and all his family members are given Panchasamskara initiation .


The King is given a name a Vishnu vardhana after due initiation by Swamy Ramanuja himself . The celebration among st the citizens is multi fold .

All the citizens hail Swamy Ramanujas discourse and accept him as their Jagath Acharya .


Somewhere down the lane the Jain monks are upset with the happenings .

All of them march to the Royal Palace and argue with the king for taking such a foolish step  

They convince the King that their proposed debate with Swamy Ramanuja will prove Jainism superiority and he must agree to their command .

Mudali Vaibhav

The King knew very well that such thing can never happen .

However he along with the Jain monks in huge numbers walk up to the Yoga narasimhar temple located on a hillock as Swamy Ramanuja was staying there .


The Jain monks along with the King meet Swamy Ramanuja and invite him to a debate on the esoteric truths . All the Jain monks assemble and start posing questions .


The euphoria around makes Swamy Ramanuja to command his disciples to surround him with a curtain . Almost 1000 jain monks shoot questions on him without any break .

                                              It is was ONE vs ONE THOUSAND 


The divine incident of Swamy Ramanuja taking over one thousand Jain monks was relished by the disciples . Inside , Swamy Ramanujar was covered by a curtain and with his original form as Adisesha with 1000 hoods, he answers every question of the monk with patience and clarity .


Thus he defeats all the 1000 Jains at a time. One monk was inquisitive to find out why the curtain was put .He slowly managed to peep inside the curtain .


To his shock he could see JagathAcharyar’s viswaroopam and fainted . The Jain monks had no reply and were forced to accept defeat and adopt to srivaishnavism .This incident happened at Lord Narasimha swamy temple in Bhakta nagari (presently known as Thondanur).

Swamy MudaliAndaan who gave us the nectarian sloka DHAATI PANCHAKA in praise of Swamy Ramanujar at this place. This place is on the way to Melkote(about 16 kms) from Srirangapatinam.

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The wonderful opportunity given by Swamy Ramanuja to Mudaliandaan is remembered even today . “Dhati Panchakam” speaks of the victory of Swamy Ramanuja over other philosophies – both those that accept Vedas and those that don’t – and his establishing the Visishtadvaita philosohpy that was built by Azhvars and Purvacharyas.


As the name suggests, it comprises of five slokas The word “DHATI” means “attacking” – as this work shows the attack that Ramanuja carried over the other philosophies that were widespread at that time, it is an appropriate name for it.

Swamy out of his love composed a wonderful composition on Swamy Ramanuja called “DHATEE PANCHAKAM” which starts with the introductory sloka ..


Our  Varthamana swamy descendant of Swamy MudaliAndaan was kind to recite this sloka at our residence during his recent visit , a clip presented below and the sloka

Click to access SreeMudhaliandanThirumaligai-DhattiPanchakam%20-%20English.pdf

Our moksham is not guaranteed only with the sambandham of any other acharya – but Ramanuja”.

Our daily chant is ” RamanujArya divyAgya vardhatAm abhi vardhatAm. ”


It is only he who can command and all our acharyas and we follow his command .

Swamy Ramanuja is the only acharya who was referred with respect and followed by all other schools in vaishnavism like chaitanya, vallabhacharya, Swamy narayan as the margadayee .


Uyya Ore Vazhi Udayavar Thiurvadi!

(only way for spiritual up liftment is to take refuge in Yathiraja Padhuka)



Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

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Penance, austerity and knowledge are fruitless without humility……

A  true seeker of LORD will  always respect the devotees of Lord . 


He  will never distinguish  about their inheritance  of  birth and caste while seeking their association  .



A devotees glory  can be seen with  that deep  knowledge and  practices  which takes them nearer to LORD .   

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Elders advise us that It would be a boon serving such advanced devotees .


Sastras  command that

 ” Even if one is born in a  lower caste and still  follows  the Nine  types of  devotional services  and  surrenders to  Lord unconditionally , he automatically becomes  very  close to Lordships  .

  Consuming such  devotees  Sripada Theertham  ( charan theerth)  is a great blessing  and  serving him is most pleasing to LORD   .


The most advanced devotee Nampaaduvaan sang in praise of  Lord Thirukkurungudi Nambi .

Check the divine pastime in the appended blog..

  and ….

with abundant compassion  granted the fruit of the song sung by him to LORD  to a Brahmin turned BrahmaRakshasa –

SomaSharma and  thus converted him back into a Brahmin.


Was it not a singer of the so referred low caste who rescued a  upper caste Brahmin?

 The great devotee Guhan ( boatman )   was accepted by  Lord Rama as  his own brother . 


Lord Krishna preferred  to stay with  Vidhura to any other when He came as a messenger  to meet the kauravas .

Though  having  many friends and Elders  he preferred Vidhura   

Hence status is no criteria to decide one’s Bhagavad Sambandham.


Lord Rama left Ayodhya – the land of the learned  scholars to join with the innocent  monkeys .


He embraced  Hanumanji  lovingly and accepted  Sugriva and Vibhishana as His Brothers. The  funeral of dasi putra  Vidhurar was done by  Yudhishtra ,  bird Jatayu by  Lord Rama and  Swamy Alavandar’s disciple Maraneri nambi  ( a low caste born ) by  Acharyar Periya nambi.


In the Rajasooya yaga the Agrapooja was done to Lord Krishna.

At Thirupuliyur, the Priests  performed Agrapooja to Thirumazhisai Aazhwar who was brought up by a woodcutter.


  Kurumbarutha Nambi was  a  great devotee  of Lord Venkateshwara and he stayed at Tirumala. For his devotion to LORD  he was respected and glorified by the revered great king a  Kshatriya  Thondaiman Chakravarthy.


JagathAcharyar Swamy  Ramanujacharya learnt true knowledge   from Sri Thiru Kachhi nambi who conversed daily with  Lord Varadarajar   at Kanchi.


At Srirangam the temple  priest Lokasarangamuni  carried Thirupannazhwar on his shoulders into the temple sanctum as commanded by LORD  .  

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During daily rituals to Lord , ( Thiruvaradhanam) , Swamy  Ramanujar  used to hold the hands of Sripillai Urangavilli Dasar as Kayasuddhi.

After Thiruvaradhanam, Sri Nampillai used to receive Prasadam from Pillai Eru Thiruvudaiya Dasar.


During Graha Pravesha, Sri Vadakku thiruveedi Pillai asked Sri Pillai Ramanuja Dasar to enter His house first thus proving devotion is supreme .

Once Sage Durvasa   met the King Ambarisha who was observing Ekadashi Vratha .

The next day  was Dwadasi and  in order to  honor the sage  and due to constraints of time to break the fast without any iota of offense ,  the king sipped  Sripada Theertham

The sage became furious. He pulled a hair from his matted locks  ordering  a  fierce demon to  harm  the King  .


The King obediently folded his hands and surrendered . At the same time Sudarshan disc  destroyed the demon and started chasing the sage Durvasa .

The Sage who went to all the worlds seeking protection finally surrendered to Lord SrimanNarayana who replied …..


aham Bhaktha parAdheena: hyasvatantra iva dhvija
sadhubhi: grastha hrudhaya: bahkthairbhaktha jaanpriya:

O Great Sage ! I am deeply attached to my devotees.

In fact , I am controlled by them …….


Therefore I am incapable of doing anything
out of my own volition in such cases involving  any offense to my dear  devotees .

My love for my  devotees  is greater than that for Myself or My consort ,
Maha Lakshmi ……

Oh sage  !!!…

Penance  austerity and knowledge are fruitless without humility……


The ones who do not understand the quoted  simple truth remain as  decorated corpses. There is no discrimination for devotees in the eyes of the Almighty.

He is waiting for those who have devotion in their minds.

HE accepted the coarse grains  offered by Vidura.

HE protected  child Prahalada in the house of demons. 

At Pandharpur , HE helped  Rohitdas to dye clothes.


HE helped the great saint  Kabir to weave clothes ….

As Vittala  HE helped  Sajan, the  butcher selling meat.

HE helped   the great devotee in Maharashtra Sawata Mali in petty agricultural operations.

HE helped  the great saint  Narhari in performing chores of a goldsmith.

HE helped Chokhamela by grazing  his cattle.

HE drove  the chariot of Arjuna.

HE accepted   with great love the  beaten rice  offered by Sudama.


In the homes of milkmen HE  undertook the task of maintaining cows.

HE acted  as a doorkeeper for King Bali.

HE repayed  loan of Santh  Yekoba.

HE drank that  glass of poison for  Saint Meerabai.

HE transformed as  a low breed person to pay off loan of  Santh Damaji.

HE carried earth for  Santh Gora Kumbhar.

HE repayed  loan of Santh Narsi Mehta. 


HE is Our Lord Vittal 

HE  who  is still standing on a brick for all of us ….


 Adiyen Ramanuja dasan

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videos : Thanks todevotees who have uploaded in social media