Lord Venkateshwara’s “Pranayakopa” (anger in love) on Ananthazhwan…

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Once the ardent devotee of Lord Venkateshwara of Tirumala Hills , Swamy Ananthazhwan was engrossed in making garlands for Perumal . Lord sent for him through asuri voice and ordered him to come to the sanctum sanctorum at once. Ananthazhwan waited for sometime, completed the garland and entered the sanctum sanctorum. The Lord was unhappy  at the delay and asked  Azhwan  .. what  would he  do if he were to banish him from the Hills.


This was out of what is known in Sanskrit as “Pranayakopa” (anger in love) Ananthazhwan submitted before the Lord  Oh Lord !!!  Adiyen had come to the  Hills not to obey the Lord’s commandments, but in obedience to the orders of  adiyen’s  Acharyar Swami Ramanuja  . Oh Lord !!! the flowers would lose their fragrance  in case   of  adiyens delay as they  had to be strung in to a a garland before they…

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