Swamy Parasara Bhattar’s divine pastime…. Oh Yes , Adiyen would travel to Sri Vaikuntam and have the darsanam of Lord VaikuntanAthan to satisfy my curiosity …and If Lord VaikuntanAthan does not match up to my Lord Rangan’s glories …adiyen would return right back to Srirangam and continue to serve our Supreme Lord Rangan .

Today is Swamy Parasara Bhattars Apperance day

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 Swamy Parasara Bhattar was the son of  the great Acharyar Swamy Koorathalwan.


Once Swami Parasara Bhattar was going to have darshan of Lord Ranganathar at Srirangam. He saw few mendicants singing in the street and seeking alms.

Their faces were glowing with joy .


Bhattar thought how fortunate these mendicants were who could have the prasada left over by the vaishnavas that was offered to the Supreme Lord .(Shesha Prasada) .

He thought that there cannot be anyone more blessed than these people who were just under the shelter of the Supreme Lord always … 

He instantly composed a sloka whose meaning goes like this ..


A man even if he becomes a King Emperor , is not contented .  Thinking of the momentary ephemeral joys and expecting  that it would be better to experience permanent joys , aspires to have an earthy body  even in heaven . Further …

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